Love Of A Woman

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The short story is about the love of a man towards a woman. And the love a woman towards the man...however, the woman are different, and their love for the man is too.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




Love of A woman.


On a cold evening, just few miles away from the magnificent palace, Outside of a dense jungle, a man was hurrying somewhere. He was running as if he had a burden with him, and wanted his salvation. He held just a piece of a ragged cloth with him, and was running as fast as he could.

It seemed as if his body had suffered enough already and yet he kept pushing himself on the way. It was evening and the sun was nearly going to set. All he wished for, at that moment, was to stop the sun. He had to catch his breathe and had to pause for a moment. His heart raced and the sweat drips from his forehead ran like water. He took several long breathes and wiped his sweat. His body resisted any temptation of moving ahead.

A side of him started talking.

‘Don’t be foolish, stop and go back. It’s impossible to make it to the palace.

She is out of your reach. She can’t possibly fall in love with you, a monster and hideous person like. Don’t joke to yourself. Be real..’

But, He was in love; without listening to his other side; he started slowly running to the direction.

Right now he could only cherish the birth of love in his heart. All he could think of at the moment was the beautiful face of his love, the princess. He could smell her fragrance, and feel the touch of her hand. He could hear her sweet voice that meant everything to him. He had to reach the palace before the night fell upon. He knew nothing else, and he started running as fast as he could. Bitter, Bitter was the pain that he endured during his breathless marathon, and faster, faster did he ran towards the palace.

As he passed through the dense jungle, his other side started talking again.

“Come on don’t be so naïve. If you run backwards, you can reach to safety before time. You don’t have to do this. This is outrageous, this is suicide. Wild animals are howling and they will feed upon your blood and bones in minutes. If the animals lay mercy upon you, the ghosts in the forest won’t and they will tear you apart...”

“Nonsense!!” Yelled out the man, “Love never dies. It is like the moon that lives for ever. I would run all my life, if I have to, to have just one glimpse of her marvelous sight.”

The night was nearly upon, and the road to the palace seemed daunting and almost impossible. The other side was quiet, and he started visualizing his love.

He imagined the laugh of the princess that he fell in love with, and what mercy she will show when he would reach and bestow upon the token of love that he had carried. His fascination ran wild, and it fueled his movement, and he ran faster. He was not going to give up, not now, as he was too close to quit, and too far to undo his doings.

As he reached the palace, he was pleased. His love was victorious. He ran across the soft Moorish Carpets, and opened the door of his princess. Though his body was no where near to withstand, he bowed in front of the princess and proudly exhibited his token of love that he had held with him in his ragged cloth.

“I have brought to you, my princess. My token of love which fulfills your answers and your conditions”


The princess, beautiful as she was, and so charming as a princess could be, was disgusted. She took a quick look at the man, his smelly and sweaty body. All she could see in front of her was a Monster. Partly angry and partly scared, the princess ordered her guards to throw the man out of the palace, and make sure he won’t see the next sunrise. She took one last look at the crazy person with horror and anger, smirked at his cursed luck, and then left the room.


Disappointed…Shocked….Cheated….Humiliated…..The man was out of words and out of any imagination. His other side started yelling at him… “I told you. I told you, you should have listened to me. She only played you …You should have never told her how you felt…and never should have agreed to her conditions. You are such a fool, and now your foolishness has brought death upon yourself.….”

His whole body now started to tremble, but he still could not believe that his only life’s desire, his love, would do such a thing.

What he did, was for her, to get her love…He was just completing the conditions that she had put, to satisfy her, to prove his love towards her. He had been faithful all along…but why?. Why now when he has done so much….Why..?

As the guards, held him by his throat and dragged him down the stairs, he tripped and fell to the ground. He hit his head on the stairs and blood came streaming down from his busted forehead.

A soft voice passed the hall of the palace, at that very instant

“Son, ….Are you Okay??”

Inside the ragged cloth, his token of love, his mother’s heart, covered with blood, now………… stopped beating.

An exchange for the Heart of the princess, he had brought the heart of someone who loved him the most.


( The original story was told to me by my mom while I was young )

Author: Satish Muni Bajracharya


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