Beete Lamhon Ke Saaye Mein

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don't even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It's time to put an end to this. It's time for us to let ourselves be loved...!!!

Submitted: March 28, 2015

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Submitted: March 28, 2015



I was busy at my desk, at the tenth floor of Red Chillies Animation Office at Mumbai preparing for a book cover graphics that was proposed two weeks back. I was working as a graphic and animation designer in the Shahrukh Khan’s Company since 2005. Something since the morning has been insisting me to go to the office today; for the day which was the worst and most hectic day for me to recall since the twentieth century job approval. First the heavy road traffic blocked me for about an hour, then a small argument with an auto rickshaw driver for whom my beautiful pulsar got a dent near its front wheel, then the consistent phones by my boss who has been deliberately disturbing me to complete the given project fast so that he can allot more work.

“How can one work so much with the same salary”, I mumbled to myself. I had to miss my lunch completely to complete the Photoshop work of the final draft of the cover. As I completed my assignment within next three hours, I prepared to give myself a nodding break. Involuntarily my eyes floated on the folder named ‘Bare past’ on the third local disk. As it was locked, I typed the password and opened the folder. It had hundreds of her pictures on it along with few screenshots of old conversation.

My heart grew heavier for the pics being opened after about a year. The sadness that was locked in some part of the body started to leak and that was clearly felt. When we were together in the photo, love was like a flower that we allowed to grow. It was bad idea of coming today I thought while starting the slideshow of all the available pictures. Outside it was drizzling and few drops had already shown its existence on the office glass walls. I felt her presence by my side as I hovered over the thumbnails. I wanted to see her right away at the moment. Abruptly turning back to the glass walls, I found nothing but saw dribbles of rain ticked to the glasses. She liked a weather like this, more of gloomy and cloudy than to rain. Without waiting for another second, I started the slide show of hundreds of her lovely pics- each that had a signifying yet a stupid story to tell……


It all started years back when I joined Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation. I came all the way from Mumbai to Kolkata for studying in my dream college chasing my childhood dreams. The circular benches with about hundreds of students literally confused my senses to remember all of their faces and names perfectly. So at a way, I found it good for myself that I hadn’t been one of those who had to remember the faces of everyone in the campus.

It wasn’t until the fifth month that I opened up when, during the recess, the entire class was at their own place discussing about the tour to Delhi that was to commend the next week.

Not getting any empty seat, a girl of just twenties struggled as she hovered over from one position to the other and passed by me and found the opening seat beside me to be empty. She didn’t say anything but looked upon my face dreamily. I gestured her to have the seat as I had no problem with it. She had something different within her. She was the one my eyes had indifferently chosen to fix the gaze at.

“Harry Potters…” I abruptly spoke up on the round where everyone was to suggest the name of the group by which they would be known as the first year students. It was similar to the ‘James Bonds’ that was named by the second year students. The next moment, the entire batch looked up at me. “Professor Snape’s” someone, a girl from the other corner shot back. “It’s better with an apostrophe s.” The debate went on until the girl sitting next to me fixed her voice, “I think Potters is the best… Harry Potter.” Her eyes fled back on me with a broad grin on her face. I too passed a nodding subtle grin over to her as the counter chat proceeded.

The rest of our story was stranger than fiction. It was more of a fairy tale with small fights and irritations and at the end of the day, we were again found together. We named each place and each person with different fictional names. The funniest part was, it was so easy to talk about them even in their presence.


Rain drops had already stopped by the time I ended up deciding finally to leave. Only a few of my acquaintances were present with me who had to travel by bike. The motorbikes parked at the parking lot were already drenched with water. Ultimately, I had to please the security guard to give me a newspaper to spread it over the seat and have a ride back to my residence as fast as it was possible. The daily bike ride generally half an hour, that day flashed something indifferent to my mind. I recalled the days sitting with the same particular bike with Priya, travelling miles on the long routes knowing all of the shortest methods to spend more time with each other. At a glance, I recalled the short pulled brakes for which the girl would stick to my back for few seconds. Remembering the memories of the past always had an indifferent spices added to it.


“I…I really love you Priya”, I was in my knees in front of the entire class during the recess. I did not really care about what the people around me would comment or poke but I really did the thing that my heart signaled me to. “Would you please get up, Ranveer?” she gently spoke. Her cheeks and nose were completely watermelon red by the time I urged to stand up, rubbing off the dust from the jeans. “I have to think about you, Ranveer. I need time”, she declared at last. The next moment, after I OFFICIALLY proposed her, the entire class broke out in making odd yet romantic sounds, commenting and few suggesting out loud to Priya to definitely accept me. The same night she called me up and asked me, “Would you ever marry anyone else if I die?” “Never thought of losing you and why should I even think of that?” She didn’t utter anything. “I didn’t get my answer, Priya” “You already know my answer to your proposal, Ranveer... Good Night” she said and cut the phone.


Passing through the Santa Cruz, I recognized at once what the re-arrival of dark clouds really meant. Rain, again. Caring for nothing, the speed-o-meter increased its rate of speed. A Modern High School bus took its stand beside me on the signal jam, by the time it again started drizzling in a slower manner. Looking up absentmindedly into the school bus, I found a little girl, of about ten years of age, continually staring at me. At following my gaze, she passed a short smile and then moved her gaze. I found Priya, after five years, in her. Her eyes, her complexion, her face was at some point similar to Priya’s. She had an unknown attraction power that pulled me towards her. I again stared at her and found her too looking at me. She again smiled and I winked at her over my covered helmet. The start back of the engine made me realize of the open signal as the bus flurried down the streets overtaking me.

After five years of break-up, I found Priya within an unknown small girl…

Did she leave me, or I did?


“It’s over, Priya… We had been fighting with each other since the last two years and now it is heights.” I annoyingly thrust her feelings while crossing argument over each other.

I was sipping a cup of coffee in the Cafeteria few hours after our fight. “What the hell did you do to her; she is unconscious and was found in the washroom.” Akash informed me. “Why, what happened?” with the heart beating twice of its speed, I asked him. “She was found in one of the washroom locker. Her vein of the left hand has been severely struck by blade.” He whispered, controlling his breathings. “Don’t you dare to go to the hospital, Ranveer... Her parents would come soon. They will sue you for this.” “I don’t care for what will happen.” I fearlessly stated, piercing my gaze straight forward avoiding his eye contact. My eyes had already turned moist by then. My brain only commanded me to see her, at least for once for it didn’t care about the latter consequences.


Going straight following the same path, I found the same yellow meagerly rusted bus. The girl hobbled down, splashing a pinch of water that had just foiled. I realized that the man standing in the bus stand was her father. When she was playing with water that had just foiled, a moving car, perhaps at a speed from which it was hard to strike the brakes, hit her sideways as the father screamed at his top level of voice. The car didn’t wait for a second as it escaped more furiously. I parked my bike in one corner of the road.  My heart pounded faster than usual as I hurried down to the father, who ran across to get to his daughter, who lay in the drenched road, abstracting blood all over her that was continuously gushing out from her. Waiting for no more minutes, I called up a taxi that was passing by and helped the father in lifting the girl to the cab. I instructed the driver to hurry to City Hospital as soon as possible and advised the father to keep holding the wound with my handkerchief that I provided.

I stayed in the corridors of the City Hospital as she was taken inside. The white office shirt of mine was already stained with heavy amount of blood. I was confused what to do next. Being a non-believer of god, the day, I found god existing inside every soul surrounding me. The last three hours, really felt like the last five years of my life since we departed from the knots of each other. The corridor to the OT was long and dark enough for me to make myself comfortable in the chair. Yes, I had already experienced this earlier in my life. I had already found myself sitting at the chair in the corner before today, five years ago.


“We need O positive blood for the patient” the nurse in-charge of Priya announced. Akash was sitting beside me, drenched in sweat of what had happened. Particularly he was more tensed than me. “Shall I go?” I abruptly asked him in a low voice keeping in mind that my blood group was the same of Priya’s. “Have you gone mad? Her parents will really sue you” He replied back.

The coordinator of the college stood up and moved forward along with the nurse to another room adjacent to the reception. “You must go now, they will arrive any time.” He tried to push me out of my seat though I didn’t want to leave my seat. After several explanations by other friends of mine, they were finally successful in fetching me a cab and sending back to the campus hostel. Little did I know that it would be the last time I would be talking with her.

After several months of her retreat, she pretended not to know me. She forgot me completely and later moved in to some other college with a transfer certificate. When I tried to call her, she rejected it. Few days later, I was called up in the Bidhanagar Police Station. She launched an F.I.R on my name with the reason that I disturbed her by calling. I was strictly ordered not to call her anymore or I would be jailed. Later, I never met her again……..


My chain of thoughts broke down acknowledging the doctors arrival. The doctor confirmed that the small soul was out of danger. Later I heard the girl’s mummy was on a flight and was coming back to Mumbai from Kolkata on hearing the news of the accident. Apparently, she was at her mother’s residence.

An half an hour later, when the father was called to fill up a form, I joined him to the reception to keep my consolation hand over him. Something attracted my eyes, my heart and my soul when I saw him filling up the form before the departure of the corpse.

Father: Rakesh Singhania

Patient: Roshni Singhania

Mother: Priya Singhania

Yes, I was correct. I found Priya in that girl. I don’t know how she came here all the way from Kolkata. All I know now is the Almighty planned and helped me to get a look at Priya after so many years of our separation…….




© Copyright 2020 Satyadeep Bal. All rights reserved.

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