To Sir with Love

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in celebration of world teacher's day

Submitted: January 07, 2015

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Submitted: January 07, 2015



“Hey sir”, one of the scouts called me while I was seated on a bench looking for the cub scouts so as to climb up the rock next to school. I could see one after the other was coming towards me with their loaded luggage.

“Good morning, sir”, another greeted me with honor and respect. So did I.

“Have they all come?”, I asked the cub scouts while I was counting one by one with care for it was my sole obligation to take care of them all.

“Except Timira, all the others have come”, one of the cub scouts told me while he was looking at the main entrance of the school.

“We should chase him away, sir”, suggested self-interestedly with anger for not being able to climb up the rock just before the sun set in.

“Stupid”, I failed to control my anger.

“May be idling over there”, another added losing his patience at all.

“We’ll wait for another five minutes and make a move”, I told the rest despite being unable to do so as a teacher. I had a look at the high in the sky just to see whether it would be rainy or not.

“Sir, time’s up. We can’t tolerate anymore. Let us bounce”, the boy standing right in front of me told me keeping no absolute trust on Timira.

“He’s been unable to realize that it’s scout’s prime duty to be punctual otherwise he has no existence”, I told the rest to make them understood the basics of scouting.

“He’s made you a joke”, another told me so as to make me angry knowing my true nature.

“A joke? I’ll show him who the joke is”, I replied him with irritation. My patience was no more. I had the intention to leave him behind and make a move, but I could not for I was bound for duty.

“Why should we waste our time for one person?”, a cub scout asked me with big disappointment.

“But that’s what collectiveness is all about”, another backed him. I was happy over his utterance for he had been the best scout right at the moment. An hour was almost over, but there was not any sign of his arrival.

“Is he the leader of yours?”, I asked one of the cub scouts.

“Of course, he’s”, he replied with ease. “He’s no more the leader. You can take over your team”, I appointed the boy standing right in front of me. It was a simple lesson for being late, but it would be a big lesson for Timira.

“Thank you, sir”, he was overjoyed.

“We've wasted over one hour”, two cub scouts told me with frustration.

“Let’s have our breakfast here”, another suggested, but I could not give him a valid answer.

“I wish Timira could have never been a cub scout”, I told the rest.

“Let’s make a move for his presence is doubtful”, another proposed while he was having a glance at the school main gate. “There he’s coming”, he shouted at me. I could not control myself. I felt as if I was being burnt by the flames of anger.

“Blame him”

“Assault him”

“Chase him away”

“Where the hell you have been to?”, I asked him losing my equanimity at all.

“You are good for nothing. You can’t be a good cub scout, Timira”, I went on shouting at him as if I had gone mad.

“Sir”, but he could not proceed ahead.

“Stop it. You can’t talk. You've spoiled everything. You've not realized your role as a cub scout yet”, I went on adding angrily. “Please”, he begged me, but I was not in a position to listen to him for he had ruined our schedule.

“It’s world teachers’ day. Thus, I wanna buy you this”, he went on telling me while he was giving me a Parker pen. It was unexpected. I was so shocked that I could utter nothing. My tears gushed out. My heart got broken.

“How much insensitive I was?”, I was ashamed.

“Very sorry, Timira”, I said while I was asking for his forgiveness, because I could have never put the blame on him. He was such a sensual boy.

“Take it easy, sir. Let’s make a move”, he simply said while offering chocolates to the others blissfully. He had no grudges. He was not hurt either. He walked ahead as usual mischievously as if nothing had occurred.

“Indeed, you’re the best scout I have ever produced”, I told myself with my tear-filled eyes.

Saumya Aloysius

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