Santa C

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Four Year Old kid's fantasy of Santa Claus visiting his home with a gift....

Submitted: September 21, 2013

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Submitted: September 21, 2013



“He looks like my Grand Pa only if he had a bit more of a belly”

“No!!  I have seen him, he don’t have a white beard and never have I seen him in a good mood as Santa”

 It’s 23rd of Dec the day of double blast, last day of school before a vacation and no classes today for Christmas celebration, everyone is in a great mood, as it’s the last day(of any where you have been for some long time,  tenure differs to idiosyncrasy) of the life sentence (tomorrow we will be liberated from this prison).


Bhavya was among the kinder garden students who were mesmerized by the tableau of Christ birth, the small and dexterously crafted sheep, shepherds, camel, angels, beautiful face of mother Marry, shinning stars, small bushes around the corner of the lake with fingernail size ducks afloat and Baby Jesus covered in a basket was taking their fancy.


They all wanted to be the part of the event in front of them and have fun in their own way without knowing or telling anyone, some wanted to kiss the cute little new born, few wanted to sit on the camel or play with the sheep jumping with joy on all four feet.


“This is quite same to what we have in Krishna Janmastami at my home” one recalls as his flight of fancy got Jesus and Krishna connected.

“Only think is lord Krishna was born in a strong Jail (not in a small hut) with my Gi-Joe guarding the gates and a train running around”


The evil has always been evolving from those funny looking executioners wearing even funnier black bandages with eyes popping out of it, to these muscular six pack Gi- Joe with all modern accoutrements, not changing since eternity is our omnipotent God. 


This bring back the others from reverie, now all eyes were looking by the side of the entire tableau setup, at the wooden crucifix, a wounded guy with inscription of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, Christmas and Santa Claus none was able to connect the three to come up with the story and none wanted to be-fooled in company of peers (even though one has a kinder garden conscience).


 The enlightened one of the bunch who got the Krishna connection to Jesus spoke with confidence “Santa is the nice guy, a Hero like krishna who killed Kaans, Santa C saved Jesus from goons”

Others- “but we celebrate Birth day of Jesus”

 Enlightened one- “So do we celebrate your Birthday in class but no holiday as you are not so famous as Krishna and Jesus”

Others -“Why was Jesus Famous”

Enlightened one-“Because he fought with many goons”

They all scratched their heads and turned to figure out who’s the goon in all those tiny little figures?  Everyone seems to be the decent guy in the setup.

Other- “who’s the goon?”

Enlightened one- “They are not allowed to be part of the tableau, because they are many in number” 

Others-“And why was Jesus been beaten by goons” 

Enlightened one contemplated for a while and decreed with a heave “Because he was best friend of Santa Claus”


He he “Santa looks like my Grand Pa” one recalls and other still doubted him.


 None had the doubt about Santa C as he was the core of revelry and reason for their belly full of Christmas cake, pocket full of candies and not waking up early and taking showers till the vacation lasts.

TRRRRRRRNNNNN rang the bell, and all came to the reality of school and the end of  fancy dress competition  going on for the pupil of  higher consciences, hope they got their facts for the goons  the devils  and role of Santa to save humanity by saving his best pal  Jesus.


Now is the time for reminder to everyone from Father, teachers and staff to have a great holiday and MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Father the Principle on the podium, felt that his duty to Christ is to make everyone know about HIMand HIS supreme gift to humanity. But the mob was more interested in Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho which comes out on an interval of 30 second by watching the clock and best part is he had a cushioned chair to sit on center stage.


With all the Though Tough Thy That Holy Spirit and Son of the God Father concluded to have a great holiday and be good so Santa C brings gift and remember to hang the new shocks, watching and waiving his fist with index figure out to the kinder garden section of the mob with a beaming smile.


Now was the time for the prison break but institutionalization held them back they still formed a Queue had their share of reverence on the face for the occasion and walked to their classes for bags and bottles.


 HOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW came the orchestrated sound from the larynx of all level of conscience,

What a relieve, end of the misery, we are a free man now


Few even kicked stray dogs (with looks of I don’t react much) ran with his tail under its legs, to make them realize YEEEE holiday has begun.


Bahavya was walking down home with all his thoughts and his fists in actions, as if, Santa C fighting many goons and knocking them down with his belly and every resonating laugh sending many to faraway places (never forget to laugh with interval of 30 seconds) with Krishna and Jesus helping him to clear the mob of Goons on his back, with a message “let’s play a fair game no back stabbing please”.


 Santa C is the new muse of his life with all those curls of beard and happy disposition of tranquility. A walk of just a road cross to home from school was like taking a time travel, with all new possibility of action and more of heroism from new idol SANTA C.


He climbed to the gate, opened it took a swing as a customary act of I Am BACK HOME (Statutory warning), small bush of More Pankhi (Oriental Thuja) adjacent to the gate was now awake with the collision.

 Mother came exactly the time flight was preparing to land on the porch shot her first QUESTION “What all they gave you to eat you as lunch was called off for today”


“Only Cake”

“Do you know Santa C is the best friend of Jesus, they have fun together like me and Shadab. They also fight goons, which still we need to learn!!

“So on our Happy B day we can have holiday. Krishna and Jesus were born in a similar manner they were very verrrrrrry small like I can hold them in my palm.”


“Ma have Santa C ever visited our home” Ma was confused with the question.


“Tell na”

“No I haven’t seen him as we sleep on time, I think he comes late in night. Now you change I have made your favorite Pulse and rice”


“If I be good and do whatever you say will Santa C visit me, he recalls the father’s last word of wisdom”


Ma was ok with studying in catholic school but her apprehension on getting his son converted over whelmed her. “Even in prayers they say o Lord, rather than God to make it more secular” she thought.

“No Bahbhu Santa C goes to homes of Christians because he belongs to them”

“But I like him, how can we invite him to our home you can talk to Father Principle I think they are friends, he was sitting next to him”

“Now change up fast I need to get the house in order, your granny is coming in the evening”


Yieeeppee!!!!! first Santa C now Granny It’s the life changing day.


 Her sari’s hem was a safety zone to all the misdemeanor and repercussions that followed (don’t know what happens to mothers when child feel like Wow! that was fun!!)


Granny came home at 9 in the evening with her old brown magic case and conjured few new clothes, sweets, a wooden elephant, and a pair of very small clothes to which mother blushed and shy away.


“Granny are these clothes for Jesus, you know his birth day is day after tomorrow”


“You and me can make same tableau in home as in school, so Santa C can come to our home and brings me a tricycle just like Shadab have”


Granny all imbued in the infant’s curiosity, confusion and innocence kissed him.

“Yes!! Santa C comes to all who are good and listen to their parents and elders”


Now it was final first it was Father Principal and now it’s Garny to confirm, that being good is the way Santa C comes.


 “Granny you know it’s too late lets all sleep, I have to wake up early to do my vacations home work”

Is every think ok expression catch hold of mother’s countenance, Granny again kissed him.


“Good night, we will make sure Santa C visit you”


“Yeee and we will make a great Christmas tree also with lots of ornaments and very very big star so Santa C can see us from faraway”

“Sure dear Good night now”


 Mother-“Santa C would you like to have some more cookies”

Santa C-“No my belly is already full Ho Ho HO”,“How has been Bhavya doing when I was not here”

Granny-“He behaved very nicely, doing his home work and no naughty act”

Santa tried to pull some think out of his bag but same was stuck, more he tried hard more it got stuck, it was something red shining

Bhavya-“Shall I help you”

“HO HO HO wait a minute”


Santa C still struggles with the gift, now Bhavya’s neck had some itching, Granny went out to the voice of vegetable vendor, and mother disappeared to the whistle and vapor of the presser cooker. Itching was not subsiding and reached a shouting point.


“Maaaaa  Ieeeeyaaa”

Mother came running “what happened”

“Why did you go to Kitchen Santa C was here”

Ma with all her morning freshness hugged him.

“Now get out of bed, have made you nice cutlets with red souse”


The motto-- “Today is the day to show the world how good I am”


Without much ado teeth were brushed and breakfast eaten with not a single crump left, plate was cleaned as if nothing at all was served.

Now it’s time for the home work- pencil was scrupulously sharpened and held in hand, now Leonardo-Da-Vinchi is ready for “Monalisa”.


“Granny when are we going to make the Christmas Tree”

Granny-“In the evening, you go and play now Shadab has been calling you since morning”


Kreeeaaannn opened the door of the store room. Granny searched for few item, old ribbons, tinsels, electric garland and a diwali’s Star shaped chandelier  etc left out of the old function that would have taken place long before as a planning to bring  Bhavya to this world.


The small bush of More Pankhi (Oriental Thuja) adjacent to the gate (the landing strip ) was now alive with the long forgotten items. Star shaped Chandelier flickered yawning, now awoke from a long sleep and slowly gaining his mood back. With those small pulsating lights, tree looked like a smile of a newlywed bride and wooden elephant guarded the tree.


Bhavya noticed the woodpecker on the guava tree feeding his young ones and he had a strong desire to climb and say hello, which he was religiously doing since the mother woodpecker moved in. His motto made the day for the woodpecker too.


The night came full of joy, apprehensions, good food Granny style, fruit custard and baked cakes to make it a Christmas affair.


Now was the time to sleep, but who wants to, but one have to THE MOTTO…..


“Granny are you sure Santa C will visit us”

“Off course he will you have been very nice”

“Hope he comes with my cycle and don’t get stuck with it somewhere”


Bhavya laid, sleep was nowhere near.


He started to think— “Where would Santa C be right now? Is he still with the Father Principle or have gone to meet the others”.

“How is he gonna find my home and what I require? All day I was not able to think of it”


“Granny surely would have some answers to it”


Then he saw Santa C coming in tricycle with hundreds of children running around but he stopped in front of his home.


“ BHHHAVVVYYAA you have been doing good so I have come to you, here this is for you and only you Ho Ho HO”.


A simmering red cycle with a horn and chrome handle, white strips on black wheels


Peeepooooo Peepooo!!!! horn honked and cycle ran surpassing every vehicle on its way. Santa C was flying next to the cycle with his Ho Ho Ho every 30 seconds, Bhavya synchronized his horn honking to HO HO HO, the orchestra sounded better than 9th Symphony.


 The thoughts were turned to dreams…


25th Dec 6:30 morning 

The sun came out, the retiring night left its sweat as dew, cool fresh morning breeze flowing over the dew makes one shiver.


Bhavya woke up with his heart pounding with joy, curiosity and suspense.


He prayed! “God hope!! Sorry!! O lord (as its Jesus B day and they are best friend) happy Birth day, hope you would have send Santa C to my home”


He slowly moved towards the tree,  giving some more time to Santa C, if in case he is late and is on work or I am liking this suspense so why not to linger on to it for few more moments.


The gate of the house was open and he could see the bush with Christmas star being melted away in dew. But no sign of Santa C and the Red shining cycle he felt a lump in his throat.


He walked to the bush, and as much as he can, with both his hands he deplumed leaves along with tinsels and ribbons, the gate disturbed the full view of the quotidian bush, who was unable to perform his simple task of conveying to Santa C that Bhavya lives here.


With all his power he tried to push it, the gate succumbed to the utter frustration and Bhavya fell upon a red cycle, standing invisible due to the gate and bush, on the seats of the cycle laid a Santa C cap.

“Grrrraaannnyyyy Santa C forgot his Cap”

And Tears rolled down.





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