The Story of Lost Love

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It was about 8 AM Morning in Raipur. The date was 10th February, 2012. Rahul was sitting all alone by himself. He was thinking hard and was trying to decipher that where did it all went wrong. Why was he not able to savor his relationship with her?
He had a cup of tea in one hand and a Dark Fantasy biscuit in another, which used to be his favorite among all of the biscuits. The day being Sunday, Rahul was relatively freer than the other days. Though he worked for 7 days a week but still on Sundays the pressure remained a bit less. While his eyes were winking through the pages of the newspaper, he seemed to be lost in some other thought.
Since that very day, 3 years had passed by. But still Her each activity, Her each characteristic, Her each minute detail was so much clear in his mind still now as if it was a yesterday’s thing. Her everything... yes everything was so much amazingly fresh in his mind.
He was lost in some profound thought. His mind recalled the days they had spent together. As time had passed he missed her love, her affection, her care more and more. He missed her really very dearly. Rahul had tried every bit in this world to forget her but just could not. All his efforts in forgetting her had been proved futile, which included joining Yoga Classes, Morning Meditation, Brahmkumari Ashram etc. None of these were able to return him - his Peace.
No one had ever loved him the way she did. To him, Her love seemed the truest of all in this world. The thoughts of the ever occurring fights in their relationship also could not escape his mind. He always used to think that how a person could love him so dearly and at the same point of time fight with him always. But yes she loved her very passionately, she could fight with anyone for him and yes she fought a lot with him too.
Tring.. Tring..
Tring.. Tring.. Tring..
Tring.. Tring..
Rahul’s mobile was ringing for the past 2 minutes but he was so deeply engrossed in his thoughts that his mind failed to comprehend any other thing.
A voice spoke almost freezing Rahul. “Sir, Your mobile is ringing.” It was Raju, his servant. He used to work there. He used to stay with him in his flat at Raipur. He brought the mobile to Rahul.
“Oh Sorry!!! I was actually thinking about something . That’s why I was not able to hear the mobile ring”, Rahul said embarrassingly.
He received the call. As usual it was a call for an Interview. As he used to be less engaged on Sundays, so he organized all the Interviews on this day only. He provided the candidate with his office address and asked him to come at about 9 AM for Interview.
Their separation had affected him terribly. It had induced him to soak himself deeply in work more than ever before. His daily routine comprised of just working, eating and sleeping. His relationship had almost terminated with everyone else – his mother, father and sister, who were the closest to him among everyone else. He intentionally used to keep aloof from everyone as they in one way or the other used to remind him of her.
Though Rahul and she had loved each other too much, yet their relationship succumbed against the odds. The problem was that Rahul’s first priority had always been his business. She had never been able to deal with this fact. As a result of this clash between their thoughts, they used to have frequent arguments between them which totally spoiled their relationship. But one day it all ended when after a heated altercation between them, she had just left him and went somewhere from where she never returned back. As they say, we realize someone’s importance only when they leave us or are no more with us. As the days passed by, he craved for her badly. He had almost his whole family close to him, yet he always yearned for her, for someone who could love him like her, for a soul mate. Rahul had tried finding her but failed in all his attempts. He had tried contacting her via all possible means – mobile, email - but he was not able to get through to her. He could now make out the importance of her in his life. He understood now that to have a lovely life one has to have a True Lover greater than all the Friends.
“Babu. 9 baj rahe hai.”, said Raju. “You’ll need to get ready fast. Otherwise you won’t be ready by the time the Interview candidates will arrive.”
Rahul had a look at the clock. Yes, he was really late. Now he needed to get ready fast. He completed his tea in just one sip.
Rahul ran to the washroom. He took a bath as fast as he could. He got out in just 10 minutes. Sundays used to be the days when he preferred wearing casuals. So, he put on a Polo Assin. Jeans and a UCB T – Shirt. Though not a brand addict, still he used to favor brands when wearing casual wear.
Even though Rahul had insisted on staying solitarily at their Raipur home, his family had forcibly sent their trusted servant – Raju to stay with him in Raipur. Rahul had been adamant in living alone. But it was her sister Aditi who had stopped him from going alone. She used to love him and care for him a lot and even he in turn used to listen to her a lot. She had forced him to take one of their oldest and most dependable servants – Raju - along with him at least so that there be would be someone to take care of the daily chores. That way they would feel somewhat relieved that there is at least someone to look after him. He could not win against her and finally had to succumb in front of her wish.
Rahul entered the cabin. Candidates had already started pouring in. “Raju, Send the candidates one by one”, ordered Rahul. Raju had already bunched their CVs and had arranged them on Rahul’s desk.
Rahul’s company name was Infogen Systems Pvt. Ltd. The company was engaged in Software Development. Another office – his Head Office was in Kolkata which was now mainly manned by his staff and was also very occasionally visited by him. Though it had just been 4 years since the company’s inception, still by virtue of Rahul’s unparalleled dedication towards work, the company had achieved a lot. They had managed to put on names of many Big Players which included several MNCs on their client list. Rahul had given his everything to his business. He had nurtured it like his child. His over indulgence in his business had been the sole reason for their break up.
A candidate knocked on the door. He asked hesitatingly, “May I Come in Sir?” Rahul asked him to come in and then within 5 minutes completed his interview. There were 6 candidates altogether including him. Rahul carried out the rest of the Interview Process in just 10 minutes. He found none of them to be adequate for the job.
Their split-up had made Rahul loose interest in almost everything. But still his love for the junk food remained as it is.
“Bring a Corn Potato from Upper Crust”, said Rahul to Raju. “And make it fast. I am literally dying from hunger.”
The store was nearby. Raju brought it really fast in just 10 minutes. He served it to Rahul. No sooner did Rahul started having it, someone entered the cabin and said very sweetly, “Sir. Sorry I got late by 30 minutes. But it was because of a problem in the bus which I was traveling in. Actually the bus’ tyre got punctured. And so I had to wait for another bus…and then…”
Rahul rudely said, “Its ok. You don’t need to explain it any further. Just wait outside until I complete my breakfast.” He used to hate even a smallest bit of disturbance while taking food.
She was called in after Rahul completed his breakfast. Her face was as beautiful as her sweet voice. Rahul just glanced through her CV. She was an Engineer – a pass out of this year, June.
She said “Sir. I am desperately looking for a job. You may go through my credentials. I have always been good in academics. But I did not get through On Campus Interviews as I could not sit for them due to my broken leg. You may just take my…..”
Rahul felt fed up of her habit of unneeded talking. Signaling her to sit, he irritatingly said, “Ok. Now let us begin with the Interview.”
He started with technical questions. To his utter surprise, she answered all the questions quite convincingly. He then went on to ask some personal questions like her hobbies, her aims and all those kind of stuff. He also gave a small introduction of the company’s work profile to her and a brief of the role to be played by her in the company in case her joining gets confirmed. He even discussed the remuneration details and the office timings. And finally he asked her the most awaited question for her – “So, When can you join us Ms. Priya?”
She had been jobless now when all her friends had already started working. It had been more than 3 months since she completed her graduation. With nothing much to do in the recent past, she felt quite homesick. She just felt over the top when Rahul spoke about the offer. She immediately answered, “Sir. I just want to start off my career like anything. I’ve been dying to work since last 3 - 4 months. I would like to join from tomorrow or if not tomorrow then as soon as possible as per your convenience.”
Rahul congratulated her and wished her best of luck for a new journey that had just dawned in her life. “Ok. Please join from tomorrow only. But I must say that I have a lot of expectations from you after I’ve taken your Interview. You were at total ease throughout the technical round which was just extraordinary. But I would request you to show more sincerity towards work which I feel is lacking in your attitude. You talk just too much. ”, said Rahul to her.
Priya replied embarrassingly “Sir, I’m really sorry. I assure you that I’ll make an honest effort in future to not to give you any reason to say this ever again.” Rahul could see the confidence to make something big in life in her sparkling black eyes.
She asked Rahul, “Sir, May I leave now?”
Rahul replied, “Oh Sure!! Well again Best of Luck for this new phase in your life. See you tomorrow.”
She sweetly thanked her, “Sir. Yes Thank you. See ya tomorrow. Bye.”
After she had left, Rahul logged on to his facebook account. He was just glancing through the updates of his friends. He always used to open his facebook account once in a day in order to keep himself updated about the happenings in his friends’ and relatives’ lives.
His eyes just stopped suddenly. He saw something totally unexpected. He immediately scrolled the mouse to that place. It was – “Pragati Goel and 2 others likes this.”
Rahul was in a state of shock. He whispered to himself, “I cannot believe what I am seeing. Is this really true??”
Rahul immediately clicked on the name and tried to checkout her pictures. He had a look at her display picture. But he could not make out anything as she had uploaded a celebrity’s picture as her display picture. She had no other photos uploaded on her profile.
Pragati Goel was the name of his wife. They had just separated. They had not divorced. Still now they were Husband and Wife.
Rahul begged to the God, “Oh God Please!! Tell me that this profile is the profile of my Pragati. Please. Tell me that I’ve found her!!! ”
His mind had already started calculating things. The celebrity’s picture that had been used in her profile used to be Pragati’s favorite celebrity. His eyes were scanning her profile details – her school, her college. He clicked on the - Mutual Friends Icon.
A smile formed on his face. He was as happy as a clam. Yes. He had found her. He was feeling overjoyed. He was trying to locate her contact details, her contact number, her email id. But he was not able to find anything of use. His excitement was slowly fading into helplessness. He could not understand what to do now.
Just then a thought arose in his mind. “Where did I saw Pragati’s name?”
He went back and saw that it was – Abhay Agarwal’s wedding pictures. Abhay Agarwal was Pragati’s one time office colleague and he also used to one of her best friends. They used to pretty close friends. The friendship between them grew stronger after Rahul and Pragati’s marriage. This was because of the frequently occurring fights between them. She used to confide most of the times in Abhay as Rahul used to have no time for her. He used to be too much busy in his business to have time for her. But Pragati and Abhay were nothing more than friends.
He realized that in order to reach Pragati he needed to get through to Abhay who’ll be able to help him locate Pragati.

Rahul was really desperate to see her. He had even started thinking that how he would apologize to her for each and every mistake he had committed. This time he would promise her that he would always be by her side, that he would never let her feel sad and alone, and last but not the least, that this time he would not break any of his promises. He would tell her that how he needed her badly and that he would leave everything to be with her.
His mind had already determined what he needed to do next. He needed to talk to Abhay. Among all the persons Rahul had known, Abhay was the only one who could help him trace Pragati. Though he knew that Pragati and Abhay used to be just good friends and nothing more, still he had always disliked that person because of the close proximity between the two. But he never portrayed his feelings in front of either Pragati or Abhay.
Rahul instantly picked up his cell phone. He once thought of giving a try at Pragati’s number. He dialed her number with a hope somewhere inside his heart that this time she would definitely pick up the call.
It was ringing.
Tring.. Tring..
Tring.. Tring..
Tring.. Tring..
As usual she did not pick up the call. The phone kept ringing for some time after which it got disconnected.
Rahul mumbled sadly,”I knew she would not pick the call. She is trying to run away from me. But I know that it must be really difficult for her too to live without me. Now she would not be able to run from me for too long.”
He promised to himself, “Come what may. I’ll definitely find her.”
He finally dialled Abhay’s number. It rang for sometime after which someone picked up the call.
No. it was not Abhay. A female voice spoke from the other side, “Hello. Yes please?”
Rahul asked, “Hello. May I speak to Abhay?”
The voice politely answered, “Yes. Sure. But actually he is in the washroom. It would be really great if you could call him after 5 minutes. Or please tell me your name. I will inform him.”
“This is Rahul. I’ll give him a call after sometime.” replied Rahul. He also asked, “May I know whom I am speaking to?”
She introduced herself, “Oh sorry!! I totally forgot to introduce myself. I am Abhay’s wife.”
“Ok. I got it. I’ll give him a call after some time. Bub-Bye” said Rahul.
He disconnected the phone.
He had already contacted most of Pragati’s friends after she had left him. But Pragati had not informed any of her friends about her whereabouts. So, none of them were able to provide him with any relevant details. He used to call her friends after regular intervals to find out if they had heard anything about her. He had even called up Abhay many times but he had straightaway told him that he had no idea about her. Though Rahul had doubted the statement of Abhay but it was little he could do as he had no proof that they had been in contact with each other. He knew that Abhay would have definitely known about her.
And now he had a damn proof. Now Abhay would be left with no other option but to tell him about Pragati’s contact details. Yes, he had a proof now. There was a picture in Abhay’s wedding album uploaded in Facebook in which Pragati was standing with Abhay and his wife. They would have been in touch otherwise how would have Abhay invited Pragati on his wedding.

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  It was about 8 AM Morning in Raipur. The date was 10th February, 2012. Rahul was sitting all alone by himself. He was thinking... Read Chapter

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