Corpus Delicti

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A vampire kills her family but leaves her sister alive. Emotionally and physically damaged she can not move on with her life and decides to track her demonic sibling down. A story of sacrafice, vampirisim and families.

Submitted: March 09, 2007

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Submitted: March 09, 2007



When a vampire is born, they rarely think about their own mortality, choosing only to bask in the mortality of others. In fact they are masters of it. They are able to give life to other vampires or take life to sustain their own. He was different; to him mortality was a niggling itch that he just couldn't reach to scratch. Immortality loses its taste and becomes an abomination to the vampire who spends it totally alone. This is how Eliza first tasted the night, because of the loneliness of him.

Her new power had come to her quickly and effortlessly, almost like an instinct, learning to live all over again. She had become perfectly in tune with her demon body, much quicker than he ever had. After his siring he had tried to return to his old life, but the bloodlust was an inconceivably strong pull. He made up for this in Eliza. He had taken away her humanity, had broken her and built her back up again piece by piece, to a killing machine, without remorse or regret.

Eliza had been a young woman when Peter had sired her. She had a family; parents and a twin sister. It was her blood that had called to him, sweet and hot it coursed with untapped feelings. She was svelte, pale and Peter knew that he must have her.

A musky summer night, the scent of a thousand things surrounded him, like a velvet cloak around his senses. She sat outside in the long grass, the dying embers of a cigarette between her long pale fingers. She wasn't hard to take, unawares and weaker than he, she fell to his sway. He pulled her body against his, feeling her startled heart beating a tattoo in her chest. Sweeping her long hair away from her neck he smelled the perfume of her skin, it was intoxicating. Languidly he swept a pink tongue across her throat and felt her shudder in disgust. Her fingers were digging into his skin, trying to push away from his body, he smelt like the earth, like the grave. The feel of her nails driving tiny crescent moons into his skin was sweet agony. He plunged his teeth into the side of her neck, feeling the first pull and then the skin giving away to him. Blood spilled from his mouth, trickling down her back and down his throat, luscious and powerful.

She struggled against him even as he was draining her, something that almost made him fall in love with her. Connected with her like this, he fed on her blood memories; the sensation of her body's every synapse in his brain. She weakened eventually, slumping against his body, her terrified eyes beginning to dull. She had seduced him, and the thought of leaving her to die in the dewy grass seemed abhorrent to him now. Laying her down he knelt to her and bit into his own wrist. The gentle pattering of his blood now seemed as soothing as summer rain to Eliza and everything within her pulled to go to it. Even through centuries of evolution, humans are still born of instinct, and it was instinct that won out. The blood of ages stained her mouth, dripped down her throat and allowed her another life.

It wasn't just as easy as Peter taking her there and then. The vampire's blood is parasitic, like a cancer it destroys within the body but unlike a cancer it begins to build the body back up again. It is not a simple process, explaining why vampires do not overwhelm the world. A vampire does not have the patience or the sociability to take another and teach them, and spend their centuries together. Peter left her outside her family's house, outside her old life and waited for the changes to occur. Eliza teetered on the brink of death during the next day, but the vampire's blood is parasitic and Eliza's blood began to boil as the new moon took residence in the sky. As the saying goes, blood will out.

* * * * *

Jade heard their screams every night as she tossed under the sheets, the memory bright and real in her head. It had been many years since the slaughter of her family, by the hands of her sister, but not something easily forgotten. Jade technically should have died with them on that night and sometimes she wished she had. No daughter should lie semi conscious with the remains of her mutilated parents. Even the doctors thought it a miracle that Jade had survived. She had lived, but the encounter was literally etched across her face. Jade's face was a mask of angry scars, livid against what was once alabaster skin.

She had watched her sister; her kin, her old childhood playmate tear into their parents as if they were rag dolls. Her inhuman, feral face twisted into a grimace of glee as the warm blood began to spill. Jade watched her, frozen to the spot, wondering how she had changed from the sickly girl in the bed, to the demon of hell at their parent's necks. She would find this out first hand, but spend her whole life trying to understand it

Trying desperately to escape the screams, she swung her legs off the bed and stumbled into her bathroom. Steadying herself against the cold sink she turned on the fluorescent light, it flickered once before revealing her ravaged mask in the mirror. Tentatively she touched it and recoiled at the feeling of it under her fingers. Her face crumbling in grief, Jade threw all of her weight into the punch and watched the mirror shatter, as her childhood dreams had done so long ago.

Jade could not move on, sleeping pills couldn't stop the dreams, and faith couldn't will it away. Like when so many bad things happen to good people it is the ‘what if's?' that drives the victim insane. Jade played it over and over again in her head, wondering if there was anything she could have done to have stopped the carnage. Maybe there wasn't anything she could have done then, but she knew what she could do now. The only thing to rid her of this, to exorcise these dreams was to seek out her sister.

* * * * *

Eliza had seen more than any mortal life could ever have afforded her. Together she and Peter had travelled the world. Eliza loved the hunt; she loved the high of the blood lust and the gratification of blood. Over many years she had developed many games and ploys, to enjoy her victims to the very last drop. Her favourite was the seduction. It was also Peter's favourite to watch. She strolled down towards the prey, hips rolling languidly, and a little smile formed on his face every time.

The sky was red like a split wound and dappled with the bruising of oncoming night when they had emerged for the hunt. Eliza mostly liked to hunt in the dark and seedy places of the city; it was easiest to blend in. She used to wait and survey the herd of humans out for their evening entertainment, taking her time to pick one.

Standing on the edge of the pavement she picked the perfect prey. He was dark and dishevelled, heading out of an adult book store. These were the easiest, they thought they were God's gift and so a beautiful woman approaching them didn't seem suspicious. He caught her eye as he approached, flashing her something in-between a smile and a sneer. Covering her fangs demurely she looked down at her feet and waited for him to approach. He could never have seen the murder in her bright opal eyes.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing in a place this like this on your own?" he said, rather too loudly. His voice and cocky manner had already begun to grate on her nerves. She looked up at him from behind her mane of hair. She was beautiful, unkempt but innocent looking, a deadly combination which allowed her to lull her victims into an almost lustful stupor.

"I'm meant to be meeting someone here but it seems they've stood me up," she purred, almost on the brink of tears.

"Say, its okay. Come on. No matter. Come for a drink with me." She allowed him to take her arm and lead her up the street. Humans disgusted her. It was why she always preyed out in the open, the thought of having to dispose of them, to touch their flesh always made her shudder. They were just a means to an end.

She pulled him into an alleyway. The man gleefully thinking he had scored began to pull at her clothes and her hair in an attempt to turn her on with his kisses. She allowed it for a moment, before her true colours were exposed. Turning his back to the wall in faux sexual dominance she suddenly pinned him against it and shook off the feeling of him, almost like a dog. She was no longer a demure baby doll but a vicious creature, with the strength of ten men and the remorse of none of them. She hardly noticed his struggles as she leant down to his throat.

"No please," he managed to stutter out. She laughed then, guttural and fearsome and pierced his throat easily. She sucked lovingly at the wound, like a nursing child. She pulled all the life force from him drop by drop until he was limp and broken in her embrace. She let him slump to the floor, and felt nothing as she looked down into his cold dead eyes.

* * * * *

The next night Peter stopped her before she left. There was no warmth in his face, which there normally was when he bade her a good hunt. Before she could ask what was wrong he slapped down a newspaper. ‘Mysterious deaths plague city' stared up boldly at her from the table.

"Oh," she exhaled

"Oh indeed. You did it again didn't you? We move, you kill in the open, we move and you don't learn. You leave bodies in the street and wonder why we have to keep moving. Eliza how do you think I've spent this long without being caught out? I'm careful, you are stupid and reckless. Tomorrow we move again, go out and feed". He stalked away from her, not giving her a chance to answer.

* * * * *

The thought of her twin sister, Eliza had become all consuming for Jade. She wanted to know what had happened and why it had happened. She had read so much in so many libraries until her eyes burned and her head swam with rituals of the occult. She had researched the alleged vampire attacks of East Prussia in the 18th Century. She read until she thought her brain would burst about studies of the hematophagous creatures of the world. She read until she couldn't read anymore and all of this information didn't change the fact that her family was dead. She had to track down her sister. The sister she now knew she was a monster, a succubi, a descendent of Lillth, a vampire. She didn't know what would happen when they met up again, but she did have a plan.

She had started her search in the darker continents, the old country, seeped in myth and folklore. She had learned a lot there, before starting her search in the Western world. She had tracked newspaper articles and word of mouth had led her to this newest city. She sat now nursing a drink in a dark bar. It gave her some solace from people looking at her scars, but she hardly noticed anyway, so great was her agitation. It didn't matter much longer; she had almost succeeded her quest.

* * * * *

Even though she was distraught at Peter's words she needed to go attend to her needs, and then find a little fun to wile away the rest of the long night. A bar always threw up some good sport. She knew one in town with such a varied clientele she would not be suspected. It would seem it would be her last chance until Peter moved them on tomorrow night. She took herself into the depths of the bar, among the smells of cigarettes, alcohol and the sweetness of sweat. It was a sheer cacophony of smells for a vampire, and Eliza's heart quickened accordingly. However, there was something strange about one of these smells though. She felt something that was a little like home, so familiar it made her nervous.

The smell brought back a thousand memories of a musky summer night, of familiar blood and the screams. Always the screams. She knew exactly whose blood had called to her; it was the same blood that flowed through her own veins. Pushing roughly against the crowd she made her way through the throng desperately scanning the faces. Finally she found the rough scarred face of a part of her past she thought she would never see again.

* * * * *

Eliza backed away through the crowd, the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke now starting to turn her stomach. Breaking out into the cool night air, she sucked in a lungful of biting, cold air. She knew Jade was right behind her and tried to steady herself, chastising herself for being so foolish, so human. By the time Jade emerged from the darkness, Eliza was composed, cool, calculating and very confused.

"I hardly recognized you." Eliza said softly, running her eye up and down Jade's scarred face.

"Really? I thought you would have recognized your own handy work" Jade spat.

It annoyed Eliza that there was no fear in Jade. She was used to being feared and Jade's attitude was knocking her off guard slightly, making her feel like she had as a child. She had always been inferior to Jade. Jade was beautiful, determined and well liked. Eliza on the other hand had been a strange child, much preferring her own company to that of others, and making that fact well known. Jade's popularity and beauty had always made her a bit heartsick. As a vampire she should have the upper hand, she was powerful and almost ethereal in her new beauty, but she felt like an angry child faced with her sister again. No remorse, no regret.

Trying to banish away all of these swirling thoughts, Eliza reacted spontaneously. A trait Peter had been trying to eradicate for years. Spontaneity had got them into so much trouble through so many towns, it was a dangerous trait. Eliza lashed out catching Jade a full blow to the side of her head, knocking her to the cold ground. She kicked her hard in the stomach.

"Why don't you fight back!" Eliza screamed down at her prone figure "Why are you so good? Do something." Eliza pulled Jade up to face her with Jade's feet dangling helplessly in the air. "Why don't you do something? I hate you." Eliza whispered into her sister's face. Jade tried to smile through her pain.

"You hate me?" she coughed "You hate me. Because I killed your family and left you mutilated with hardly a life left to live?" The passion was back in her eyes along with her pain. Eliza dropped her unceremoniously back to the floor.

Jade had been waiting for this moment for most of her life. She had searched for years, before finding this city of two dollar whores, junkies and creatures of the night. Eliza's anger disgusted her, but she had to lure her into the trap, to make this nightmare end forever. She pulled a long ceremonial knife out of the waistband of her jeans and watched Eliza's face light up. This was more expected, something she could deal with.

"Perfect." Eliza murmured. Jade lunged forward at her sister, catching the top of her arm. The give of her skin made Jade feel physically sick, but as Eliza's blood began to fall she knew it was almost over. The sharp pain was something very new for Eliza, but it seemed to sharpen her senses. The anger was easier for her to deal with.

With something akin to a growl she thrust herself forward, throwing all of her weight into Jade's body. Both sisters's toppled legs and arms tangled. Swiftly Eliza straddled her sister, her knees digging into the tops of Jade's arms, pinning her to the floor with her weight. Jade didn't even try to struggle, just looked up at her sister, eyes flooded with grief.

"Do it," she whispered to the animal perched on top of her. "End it." Eliza managed a smile, reminiscent of the girl she had been and leant down to her sister's face. Jade felt her hot breath and shut her eyes. The first nip against her soft throat was pure agony; after her sister had clamped down onto the wound she stopped feeling the pain, only the flow of her blood. Silently one tear dropped from her cheek and mingled with the spreading blood.

"You always were a fool." Jade whispered into Eliza's ear. She felt the feeding vampire stiffen against her, and gasped as she clamped much tighter to the wound. Jade let out a gurgling laugh and managed to mutter "You really don't know do you."

Eliza pulled her fangs out of the wound, clumsily wiping her mouth.

"What are you going on about?" Jade had been sure of Eliza's natural curiosity, a trait she had not lost in her transformation.

"I researched you and what you are. I found something very interesting." Jade winced as she swallowed, the pain in her neck unfathomable.

"What? What did you find?" The rage was building in Eliza. She hated games; she hated being taken for a fool. Roughly she shook Jade, demanding an answer.

"Twins." She murmured, the blood loss making her weak and dizzy. "We have the same blood. Drinking the blood of a twin is the only cure."

Eliza reeled back, her face a spectacle of shock. Her impatience and her pride had led her into a trap. Through her research Jade had learned of the legend. If a vampire fed on the blood of a twin, the effects of their vampiric nature would be reversed and turn them back to a human. Even though the vampire was feeding on her own blood this didn't change what would happen to the victim.

Eliza looked into her sister's face, saw the pain there and finally understood what had happened. Her sister had sacrificed herself, there was never to be any vengeance, only absolution. Eliza felt the first burning pains, way down inside herself; she slumped to the floor, next to her sister. She felt like she was dying, and the thought entered into her mind, what did happen to a vampire when they died? It wasn't like in her human life where she could just have absolved to God and everything would be fine. Even in so much pain no doubt slid into her mind that God would not have wanted her anyway.

"Who would ever have thought that our lives would have bought us to this point?" She smiled at Jade, her fangs being the only image that was in contrast to the face of a sacred girl.

* * * * *

Jade crawled over to her sister and held her hand; she would stay like this until the transformation was complete. She did not know if her sister could face the fact that she had ended so many lives and she did not know if she could face the life that was now in front of her. What had once been a satiated fullness in Eliza became waves of nauseating sickness. Her stomach constricted and blood coursed from her in torrents. Through her pain she noticed the beginning of the sunlight.

"Oh god no," she whispered through a mouthful of blood "Jade, Jade we have to move you"

"No leave me here." Jade said in difficulty.

"You don't understand." Eliza shouted, panic tinting her voice.

"I understand perfectly." Finally Eliza realised, her sister may have sacrificed her blood for her but she was not going to become a monster she despised. A sob escaped Eliza's lips

"I'm not going to let you do this" she shouted at her prone sister. With difficulty she pulled herself to her feet, her stomach still constricting the sticky blood from her stomach

She grabbed Jade beneath the arms and tried to pull her, she didn't realise how weak she had become. The smell of burning flesh began to fill her nostrils, putrid and sweet. Desperately Eliza gave one last tug of her sister, feeling the give in her sister's flesh as she pulled, her hands sunk wetly into the skin. She heard the crack, bone separating from tendon and muscle. The skin gave more and both fell backwards. Jade's severed body lay upon a stunned Eliza. A scream was forming somewhere within Eliza, but as the sun peaked over the sky, Jade was gone. The flesh peeled away, turning to dust before her eyes. Remaining ash stuck to the skin, eyelashes and bloody clothes of Eliza; the rest began its dance into the morning light. Eliza lay in the bloody pool of both sisters combined and the scream gradually took form.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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