Meet Cute

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This was a piece of work I had to do for a creative writing class. Its a 'meet cute' but in different circumstances than your usual rom-com.

Submitted: March 09, 2007

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Submitted: March 09, 2007



"Eliza it's time for your session love" Came the call from the nurse's office. Suddenly self conscious she removed her hand from Richard's and stop stumbling slightly against the side of the couch. Instinctively he reached out to help her but she twisted like a cat out of his grasp, shot him an apologetic look and made her wall down the hallway to the therapy rooms. She could feel his gaze burning into her back and the sensation made her smile but also panic at the same time.

The therapy room were stuffy, bars across the windows and badly beaten up chairs, that held the memories and fists of a thousand patients. Dr Smart sat hunched over a clipboard and busily scribbling away. Eliza slid through the cracked door and plonked herself down heavily in the chair opposite the doctor. The Thorazine made her feel like she had concrete in her bones.

"Eliza I see you're back with us again" that doctor said looking up from her clipboard. Eliza shot her a sneer and removed the battered cigarette packet from her trousers. Dr Smart looked up at the laminated sign ‘No Smoking' on the wall. Catching her glance Eliza smiled and offered her the packet, sniggering slightly before putting the packet back into her trouser pocket.

"You don't seem very happy Eliza, would you like to tell me what's wrong" The doctor asked pleasantly.

"Hmm where to begin" said Eliza throatily, shooting a stream of smoke up at the barred windows "Firstly Thorazine is shit and I wish you quacks would stop injecting me with it"

"You were violent and unresponsive Eliza, what did you expect us to do?"

"I'd expected to actually do it this time, not to be taken back into this nut house AGAIN" she spat, turning her head away from the doctor to blink away to tears.

"Eliza, we had a good working rapport last time, talk to me, and well at least tell me, do you still want to kill yourself?" she asked softening her voice and offering Eliza a tissue. Eliza looked surprised.

"Actually no I don't" she said, finally looking into the doctors eyes.

"Tell me why that is"

"A guy" Eliza said sheepishly, pulling the wet tissue between her fingers.

"Really? Where did you meet him, work?" Dr Smart said with interest

"Actually here" she said, not daring to meet Dr Smart's eyes.

Finally Eliza looked up and saw Dr Smart looking her pleasantly, instead of giving her the lecture about inter-patient relations.

"Give me one of those" she said holding out her hand to Eliza who thankfully passed over the pack of cigarettes if it delayed the inevitable, but she was to be surprised again.

"Tell me about him" Dr Smart said inhaling deeply and blowing her smoke into a plume above her head.

"You serious? I thought it was against the rules?"

"Humour me, tell me about him. If he's stopped you feeling suicidal then I want to know all about him and not about the rules"

Eliza grinned sheepishly and settled more comfortably in her chair.

"I met him in the lounge, and I tell you Susan he's bloody beautiful"

"I'm sure our taste is a little different! "Said Dr Smart with a short laugh, leaning forward to note the animation and light in a patient who she was sure was an almost terminal case.

"Yeah you look your snooty doctor types I'm sure, but you know with him, we are both in this place, and we know we're not perfect so there's none of that bullshit pretending to be. I don't know how many guys I've pretended not to be a fruit loop to and its bloody hard work. He's different, Richards different" Eliza said almost dreamily.

"Richard? I think I know who you mean" said Dr Smart tensing slightly.

"Yeah the addict"

"Well yes, but I'm not supposed to discuss that with you am I. Though" she said conspiracy brimming in her eyes "He does have something about him in the looks department"

"He doesn't have any romanticised views of what its like to be here, and he knows me, we're two of a kind. I really think this could work Susan"

"Don't invest too much into this right now kid, you've just met him and like you said, he is an addict, with an addictive personality" Dr Smart said with a look of concern etched across her face.

"Smart, I couldn't invest myself in life, I was ready to give up the ghost, and this guy has given me something to invest in. Give it a chance, let's see how it goes huh" she looked into her friends face, pleading and apologetic all at once.

"I'll keep on eye on you Liza just be careful. It's good to see you this happy though kid" and with this Dr Smart grinned and stubbed out the cigarette.

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