She Drowns

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A very short piece about suicide.

Submitted: March 09, 2007

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Submitted: March 09, 2007



She walks through the snowflakes, a figure in black against the little pinpricks of white which whip across the road. Her ashen throat and face are the only rest on the eye from her funeral veil. She trudges on determined, determined to get away from him, them, the voices in her head. Stopping, she raises her head to the sky and lets snowflakes melt on her full cherry lips, like deceit. She lets the snowflakes kiss her face and eyes like the lover long departed, the melting snow mixing with her tears. Shaking her head sadly she continues on down the road, keeping her eyes on her feet, moving forward with purpose.

She reaches the waters edge, and looks out across the river, the wind whipping her hair but all she has is sensation and not emotion. Staring across the black oil water, she removes her coat like the unveiling of a secret and lets it drop to the cold ground like old skin. The raw burst of air makes her skin recall and closing her eyes in desperate ecstasy she peels away her clothing until she stands naked and shivering in the moonlight.

She walks down to the shore, the pebbles scattering and rolling under her feet like children in a playground. The water comes up to meet her, caressing and bidding her feet, then calves and thighs welcome. She walks forwards until the water envelops her thin shoulders like a cloak. There is no fear, just a burning coldness that envelops her limbs and claims them for the water. The soft lapping against the pebbles is a lullaby, and the pull of the water a cradle, which rocks her slowly into sleep against her bodies last desperate bid for survival, the cold squeezing the last desperate fluttering of her heart, bearing her away from all those things she simply couldn't bear to feel anymore.

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