life, death and mystery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
what happens when she is the only one who understands something, the only one who can see what lies beyond what most people see. but this is only because she is one of the missunderstood

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



This place, no one comes here anymore. To most it is vacant of all life but I see it differently. To me this place is full of life, it is not a life that you can see, it is the kind of life that you

feel. Even though the ground is ashen and the trees are dead, there is life all around. All of us have the potential to see it but no one ever tries hard enough, no one ever

looks beyond what their eyes can see. The wreckage lays everywhere in the small clearing. The scattered pieces reflect a tragedy. I sit atop one of those pieces, my legs

dangling over the edge. Everyone tells me to never come here, they tell me that this is a wicked place. The thing is they refuse to tell me what occurred here so long ago. I have

always come here. When I was old enough to walk I felt it calling me and with my little toddler legs I waddled into the forest behind my house. It was then that I stumbled

into this place and met my best friend. Its not like what you are thinking. This is not a person, I found a friend in the wreckage, in the death and in the life and in the mystery of this

clearing. Ever since then I have always found comfort here. Once in third grade I brought one of my friends here hoping to share my happiness with her, but when she

saw where I took her she stared at me with fright in her eyes and ran away from here and ran away from me. I could not figure out why she could not see what I saw here, but I have

never tried to bring anyone else here.

Now I am sixteen and I still feel the life here. I stare at the blacked ground from my perch not seeing the mangled earth. Remember when I said that the friend I found wasn't a

person, well that wasn't exactly true, even if the friends I found aren't really people. They are spirits, lost souls, or Devine beings. The souls of the people in this accident

whom have ascended into the other worlds that surround us, they can come and go as they please, from this world to the next. Why they chose to spend so much time in this one, I

don't know; I know I wouldn't. Sometimes I feel as if I am one of them. This can not be true no matter how I wish it to be. Still, I can't help feel like this is the day that my wish will 

come true. Call it fate or destiny or pure instinct but I know it and though I know it not to be, I can't deny my hearts screams that tell me that it is so. I feel as if the logic in my mind

should defy my heart but alas they are parallel with each other, leading me to believe the impossible. The ghostlike beings before me wander, not aimlessly but with a

purpose, all of them keeping an eye on me like they wanted to protect me. Usually they speak to me to or just leave me alone to bask in their glory but now they look like they wish to

approach but are frighted to do so. In their eyes I can tell that they all wish to ask me the same question but I can not tell what it is, I know that it is important. Then one chooses to

glide over to my side. He looks to be a wise man in the past life, with knowing eyes behind narrow square glasses. He speaks to me in a knowing way just as I saw in his eyes.

"You question us don't you? You are in conflict with yourself. You wish to be one of us and your heart tells you that you are, but your head tries to convince you otherwise and tells

you that it is impossible."

Once he had come to speak with me all the other Devine beings had gathered and were now listening intently. The one with glasses ignored the others and continued

"Can I tell you a secret? It's not impossible."

At that my head snapped up and my eyes focused on him. "What!"

"You are in fact one of the higher beings, you are one of us." My heart yelled I knew it!! But my lips were doubtful.

"But- how? It's n-not possible."

"Didn't I just tell you that is was and that you are. As for the how, it's quite simple really. In the crash you were still just an infant and your soul was not ready to ascend with the rest

of us. So your spirit naturally latched onto the nearest living thing it could find, and that happened to be a nearby baby in that house you have been living in for the past 16 years.

Your soul dominated the infant's soul and you took her body. We didn't want to ascend without you but we had to, so we came back to this world many times, waiting for you to

mature and waiting for you to be ready to become a higher being. And now you are ready. "

"Hold on. I don't now how to handle this, why don't I remember you, you talk as if you know me."

"I suppose you wouldn't have any memories, after all you were just a child but I did not know you in the previous life I lived, we were just fellow passengers on a alien ship to

nowhere. We didn't want to ascend without you because when one becomes a part of the Devine that is exactly what they do, they become a part. You see now, we are

all very close as one being yet separate. So we waited."

"Wait wait wait, I'm not ready I need to think!" I protest.

"Of course." he responds. I don't want to be pressured with all of them staring at me so I decided to run. Run into the forest. I hear the shouts of the man.

"If you return we will know your decision!" I know what he meant, it meant that if I go back that means that I decided to ascend.

I stop and lean my back against a tree then sink to the ground. All in all, it is a pretty easy thinking process with a kind of easy deciding outcome. I realize that he was right, I have

always known that this world was never my place and I realize as I lay my head on my knees that I am ready, just as he said.


One of them greets me as I approach. A small petite girl around 17 years in age, when she was caught in this tragedy, black dress scraping along the dead scraps underfoot. Her

flowing blonde hair surrounds her face, floating and twisting in the non- existent wind that only caresses these ghostly friends of mine. She silently takes my hand and leeds me

though the dust and fog to take my place where I truly belong.

© Copyright 2020 Savanna Jade Harris. All rights reserved.

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