when it rains blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a short story about the struggles and differences that a girl goes throug when she knows she is not human and her strange visitor knows it two.
it ends in a cliffy and im not sure if i want to continue it or not.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



Her once white tank top was now stained red. Her once pale hands were now stained red. A few splatters of crimson adorned her face and hung in her flowing black hair. Staring

down at the body before her now void of all life, she clenched her fists and the blood seeped through her fingers and dripped to the pavement, seeming to linger in

the space in between.


Outside, the rain beat down without mercy, the heavy grey clouds never seeming to let up. Hekate looked out into the onslaught from her window. It always appeared to rain here;

she didn't mind though. She loved the rain, but Gertrude would never let her go out in it. Even so, she still enjoyed it. The orphanage was been where she had lived

ever since she can remember, but it has never been home. The other children are afraid of her, and most of the little staff there avoid her at all costs. The only one she finds comfort

in is Gertrude, and sometimes even she abandons her. Honestly, she can't figure out the reason for their fear. Perhaps it's just an instinct embedded in the minds of humans,

including herself. It's on rainy days such as this she only finds solitude. The tears of the sky comfort her in a way no human can. She doesn't know how but, in a way, the rain is her

only friend. A knock came on her door and the timid voice of Gertrude reached her.

"Hekate, it's time for dinner."

"Not hungry." she responded emotionlessly, still staring through the glass.

"Well, um, ok then. If you get hungry, just come down to the kitchen." After her reply, Hekate could hear her rapid footsteps grow faint thendisappear from her world of sound

completely. She then sighed heavily, 'Even she is frightened by me.'

As she watched the water race down the window pane, she noticed that a few droplets differed from the others. Unlike the rest that were clear, crystal, and transparent, these were

deep, solid and crimson.They became more and more so until the rain became a downpour of blood and hate. She shut her eyes tight at the bloody sight then snapped them open

again. Her eyelids lifted to reveal rain, simple normal rain. Hekate sighed and turned away.

'All I ever see is red, my world is bathed in the crimson blood of the universe. Lately, I have been finding myself down allies or behind buildings, standing over a person I never knew

soaked in what can only be my victim's blood. The night finds me here and guides me back to my stony room...' Lost in thought she didn't notice someone slip inside her


"The rain. It entrances you, doesn't it?" Hekate spun in her seated position and uncrossed her legs prepared to kick somebody in the gut.

"Calm down. I am not here to harm you. I only wish to chat." He didn't sound like he cared either way really.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my bedroom?" Hekate demanded of the intruder through her hair, her spin had whipped her long black hair across her pale face.

"As I said, I wish to speak with you." He stated completely ignoring her first question. Unable to stem her curiosity, she calmed herself and sighed brushing her hair from her face.

"Yes it does."


"The rain," she explained "It does enchant me."

"That's good." was his strange reply.

"What, how so? What does everyday rain have to do with anything?" she inquired, throughly confused. Looking at him she realized just how handsome he was. His perfect brunette

hair fell down around his face obscuring his eyes just enough which were, at that moment closed. His arms were crossed in front of his leather clad and muscled chest. Lesser

females would be swooning over this guy, but she was better than that. As if sensing her gaze, his eyes snapped open. She did not openly flinch or gasp, yet she was internally

shocked just a bit. His eyes were an icy blue, no, not icy, they were neon. A neon blue that penetrated through her grey eyes and pierced her very soul as blue stared into grey.

"Why the rain has to do with everything." he responded.

"Look at the rain." Hekate did as told and turned to gaze out the window once more.

"Ask yourself why the rain falls. Some believe it is to wash away our sins. Actually it is quite the opposite. The rain falls to awaken the sins of the past and let them run through your

soul as the rain awakens the dirt and turns it to mud to smear across your heart. And just like sin in all it's glory, you are awakening." She turned to question him once more but he

had already disappeared. leaving no trace that he was there save for the door still gently swinging on it's hinges.


"Hekate wake up! Breakfast is ready!" footsteps faded away into nothingness and she sat at the window again, already awake.

"It has been three days and still he haunts me. Those eyes staring into my soul stare into my dreams and pierce my mind. How did he destroy my defenses so easily? That strange

man who came to my room not so long ago. He couldn't have been more than eighteen and yet those eyes felt so old, and so young like he has seen more than one should. The

way he held himself was as if he thought he was inferior to everything, and yet he had an air of superiority about him. His words invade my dreams and at the same time they

comfort me in a way, as if what he said is a relief. 'I am awakening?" what did he mean, like sin and rain I am awakening. The words confuse me and give me strength to carry on

through these days at this orphanage. His words spoken through his piercing blue eyes gave me hope than soon I may be leaving this retched place for something else-"

"Hekate time for breakfast, get down here!" Gertrude cut her thoughts short with her shouting. Sometimes Gertrude could be timid but knew when she needed to be firm.

"Coming." It came out as a whisper so quiet Hekate doubted she heard it down the stairs. She sighed and lifted her body from the small window seat looking out over the forest. Her

room was in one of the highest floors of this old castle. The girls tower was facing the west towards the forest that she loved to walk. She turned from the window and pulled herself

across the squeaky floorboards. The mahogany door of the room felt heavy in her cold hands, it dragged across the area carpet on the floor with a harsh brushing sound that

she never noticed before. It scratched at her ears and made her wince. The grey, stone cold stairs appeared before her and she begun the spiraling decent to the kichens.


Hekate placed her foot on the last step and stopped. She could hear a familiar voice issuing from the small closed off kitchen, although she could not make out what it was saying or

from where she knew the voice. The smaller kitchen was completely separated from the dinning hall and the main kitchen. This kitchen was used mostly by Gertrude, whose voice

issued from behind the door. Hekate brought her other foot down and let her footsteps echo on wooden floor in the hall as if to warn the stranger. She cracked the kitchen door open

just enough to peer through, then the door swung ajar as her hands became sweaty and the handle slipped from her grasp. The owner of the voice she had heard leaned against the

counter with his arms crossed in front of him.

"Oh, good you're here!" Exclaimed a female voice that could only be Gertrude.

"You have a visitor."

The stranger lifted his head and electric blue met stormy grey once again.

© Copyright 2020 Savanna Jade Harris. All rights reserved.

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