Finally Safe At Last

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A domestic violence experience at age 19 that will forever be a part of my life.

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



The door was double locked. I knew you were home. You must have sensed I was leaving or you wouldn't have been there. You were scheduled to work, but I guess that changed. Well, I thought it could stillall be simple. I would get my things and go. No discussion, no delay. Just a goodbye and it would all be final. To my surprise you quickly turned vicious just scaring me so. I heard the click of the lock behind me. My heart skipped a beat knowing I was trapped. You reached out and grabbed wouldn't let go. I just wanted my things and it could all be done. You had to make it difficult. Your grip got tighter each time I went to move. I thought I knew you. Boy, was I ever wrong. I found what little strength I could to push you away. I went for the balcony door. You beat me there to my dismay. Screaming at me and telling me not to go. The decision had been made. I already told you so. Then I saw the glimmer as you stood by the door. It was as though you had polished it just before.It was up and aimed directly at meyet I was no longer scared. Anger had taken over and I was not going down without a fight. I think you realized that. The gun slowly dropped as you stood before me. Dorothy was coming as she was just running late. There was nothing you could do. I tried to remain calm and did the best that I could. When you went to grab me again, I let out a yell. It must have startled you because it was then that you swung. You caught me off guard, I think that is why I fell. I felt the burning sensation all along my face. I could taste the blood so I knew it was bad. I could not hide the pain. You went to comfort me, yet I pushed you away. I just needed to escape. I needed some air. I crawled to the door and stumbled out the balcony. It was then that I heard the police sirens. Were they coming to help? Someone had called the police from all of the commotion. It was all going to be okay. They took you away in handcuffs and said that I had time. To do what I had planned and to take what was mine. It was all over. I was safe at last. You could not hurt me ever again. I put this incident and all those before it buried deep in my past.

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