My Unborn Child

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Experience of a miscarriage at age 23(Written June 19, 1997)

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



I don't know where to begin or even where to start.

I hae so many questions in my mind, so much pain in my heart.

I found out you were there only four days before.

Then you were gone - How can I go on anymore?

To know you were inside of me and to know you grew.

Then to feel your life shatter - How do I make it through?

I wish I could have done something, but the doctor's said I couldn't.

I want to blame so many things, even though I know that I shouldn't.

"There are reasons" for your death they all say.

I understand all that, but the pain does not go away.

You never had a chance - never got a name.

My life will never again be the same.

So as I go to sleep at night I will pray that God will take care of you my unborn child....

Until I see you one day!



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