Shattered Windows, Broken Glass

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A tragic fairy tale (a la Brothers Grimm) with a thrilling twist and a bittersweet ending.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Once upon a time, there was a princess. She had long, auburn hair and gray eyes that sparkled when she spoke. Suitors came from all different lands to meet the young princess. Although suitors came regularly, they left just as quickly.

There was something wrong with the princess, you see. Sometimes it was like there was a switch in her brain that would flip unannounced. She went from being a meek and disconnected girl to spiralng into another, angrier and more desperate version of herself.

Her parents feared greatly for their daughter. However, no medicine seemed to help the young princess. The queen grew desperate one day and gave the princess the most expensive and powerful medicine the doctor would allow. Her temper tantrums grew severe due to the change. The king locked her in an empty room to try to calm her down. Being left alone only infuriated her more.

She broke the window with her bare hands until her fingers were covered in jagged cuts and blood. The king unlocked the door and came in. He found his daughter crying and screaming in what seemed like another language. Her father went to her to wrap his arms around her. Typically, it was the only thing that would relax her, but not that day. She lunged at the king's throat with all the force in her body. Having heard the racket, the queen and the doctor came in to find the young princess choking her father.

The doctor pulled her off the king, who began to gasp the air in. The queen could tell that this was no longer her daughter. She had her locked in her room once the doctor had brought her back to her senses.

One night, while everyone was asleep, the princess began writhing in pain. She tried to fight her switch, but it was slowly destroying her. She grabbed her music box off her armoire and smashed the window with it. The princess looked at the ground below and turned to the music box in her hand. It's sweet melody twinkled in the night air, calming what ravaged inside her. She set the box down beside her and leapt out the window head-first, smashing her brain on the pavement below her.

The doctor came to her room the next morning to check on her. Upon seeing the broken window, he sent for the king and queen. He knew the princess's fate. They were devastated. A funeral was arranged. The princess was dressed in a pale yellow gown with her hair in perfect curls. She was placed in a mahogany coffin, music box in hand. The casket shut and the princess was finally at peace.

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