Hannah's story..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short story of how a young girl who is abused by her mother ends up being confronted by death, but also by the life shes always dreamed of ~

Hannah stares at her father’s grave.  Its been three years since he passed away. Three years of complete and utter hell. It was said to be a heart attack, which devastated the young child even more. To think of her daddy hopelessly gasping for breath as he witnessed his last seconds fly by. It was horrifying. All the poor eight year old girl could do was being grateful that she didn’t have to be present to see him in such trauma. She would have never been able to cope. 

Why couldn’t it have been her mother? The alcoholic and drugged up abusive woman served no purpose in Hannah’s life at all. Ever since Carl had died her anger progressed so badly and the mere school girl was scared. If she dared so much as to talk to the woman she would be screamed at, hit and even burnt. Over time Hannah had gradually gotten used to this hideous treatment however there were certain nights when heather would punch her so hard her lights went out. The child would wake unconscious on the kitchen floor surrounded by discarded and broken bottles that fuelled her mother’s addiction. ‘why am I so weak and useless to mother?.... why dose’nt she love me?’ such questions played havoc with the innocent childs mind so occasionally Hannah would pluck up all her courage to attempt to communicate with the woman but this would never end well. The addicts daughter had the bruises and scars to prove it.

Today though, was not just any day. No, today was the 19th of December, the exact date of which the chaos all started. Hannah had come to pray to her daddy. She had a bad feeling, worse than usual and needed him to protect  her for mothers raged grieving. “please father, lend me your bravery, let me be strong, let me live to see tomorrow”, the girl stuttered shakily on her knees. Little did she know how unnecessary her prayers would be.  When heather got angry, there would be a thin chance of the eight year old surviving the night without at least being left in a fatal state and tonight was no exception. Tonight heather was livid.

Creeping up to her front door slowly, Hannah inched it open quietly sliding inside. As she shut herself in, she waited for a second. The faint sound of her mother’s weeping fills the child’s ears. Dammit… she had to check on her, even though she knew how risky it was. The sobs were echoing through the house, becoming almost hysterical, it was a heart-breaking sound, one that sent shivers down her spine causing her to tremble with fear. Carefully, the girl peered into the kitchen where the woman was usually hunched over her alcohol.. but it was empty. ‘Hmmm… Where could you be… maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all’, she hesitated remembering the inevitable consequences of braving her mother on a night like this.

It was not until Hannah entered her own room that she found her traumatised grieving mother. She was crying heavily whilst trashing her daughter’s room, tearing up her schoolwork and burning her belongings. “what do you want you little bitch?!”, Heather questions menacingly, “I’ts your fault I’m like this you know!! Carl left me with such an annoying little brat! I’m going to fucking kill you!!” Hannah swallowed hard. A lump was building in her throat and before she knew it she was fighting to hold back her tears. At first she thought her mummy was just agitated as usual but then..then it happened.

“come here you disgusting wretch!”, the woman ordered with a tone so sharp it could make anyone scream with terror. “I’m going to get rid of you once and for all!”, she adds, grabbing the childs neck and slamming her against a wall. ‘no  this cant be right’, thought Hannah as she winced in pain. ‘she wouldn’t actually kill me… or would she?...father, where are you now?!’ Heather’s grip tightened around her throat. The school girl gasped desperately for air but it was no use. All of a sudden it was becoming clear that she may have taken her last breath. Sequences of memorys flash before her eyes, happy ones, back when her daddy could care for her and heather’s episodes wer’ent half as bad. All around her, her things were burning up and this lead the girl to wonder if she too, would later become nothing more but ashes. Unmissed by the world, as if every trace of her existence had wasted away…

‘daddy…’ tears trickle down the girls inflamed cheeks as she strains one more time to get free yet only to hear her mothers final words to her. “stop moving bitch! I told you, you’re finished!!” ‘all I wanted was to help you mother…’

That was the last thing she heard before her delicately fragile life was taken that night. As the world faded away into darkness however only one thing was on her mind. ‘Father…why didn’t you save me?’ the question toyed with her head making her feel truly worthless as she awaited her fate. Little did the girl know however, that her prayers had not gone unheard.

“ huh…where am i?”, Hannah mummered as she awoke puzzled, “I’m dead..?” she appeared to be laying in some kind of beautiful garden surrounded by colourful flowers and enormous greenery which towered high above her. There were people too. So many people, all laughing, drinking and having fun. ‘could I be in heaven?’ it’s true the child had never imagined such a word to represent this form but this was certainly no hell, nor any place on earth. It was too beautiful, too pure. The air smelt sweet, the grass was an incredible shade of green and the sky eve seemed to sparkle magically. “I guess I’ll have to try talk to some people..”, fretted the girl. Although she was allways brave it seemed, to face her mother, Hannah was actually unbearably shy with new people.

Ever so discreetly, as if not to disturb anyone she clambered to her feet and started to make her way over to a group of young girls. They looked about her age, not so daughnting as the others, friendly even so it was a shame she did’nt ever reach them. “HANNAH???”, a voice practically bursts her eardrums as she’s spun round to face a young flustered looking man. “HANNAH MY DARLING YOU’RE FINALLY HERE!, he exclaims in a mix of exhaustion, shock and relief. Startled, the school girl cowars backwards. Who is this man man? How did he know her?... wait.. his eyes. They were so familure.. and that voice.. though much younger it was clear…

“dad…?”, Hannah wispers in disbelief…”is that you?..” the man nods, tears staining his cheeks, “oh my dear, I’m so glad you’re okay..” his voice is calming, comforting, supportive. But how …? “but why are you so… young?”, she thinks out loud. “ Hannah sweetheart, this Is the afterlife! Only good people come here, those who don’t hurt others or cause trouble. As a reward for our faithfulness in life, we are all automatically transformed back to the state in which we desire to remain. Look, your wounds, they’re all gone!”, carl explains whilst taking her hand in his.

‘jesus… this is a lot to take in…’ “however, there is something I must come clean with you about… before you say another word to me. I’ve been watching you so closely these last three years. I coul’nt stand seeing you suffer. It broke me. I know things were’nt good at school aswell as all that hell you had to live through at home so that’s why… that’s why…”, “daddy, please tell me… it’s okay..” “that’s why… instead of saving your life… i… I killed you and your mother”  silence… Hannah takes a deep shaky beath and holds it for a second. It feels like someone had hit her with incredible force and then kissed her cheek and made her smile again.

“I did this for you my darling… toonight… just toonight, I took control of heather’s mind. I made her set fire to your room.. and then I forced her to strangle you to death and commit suicide herfelf in the fire afterwards. I did this to stop your suffering and also to stop that wretched woman from having anymore children and putting them through the same pain. I know it dosen’t seem like it but.. all I wanted was for you to be happy”

“daddy…”, Hannah gasps , letting go of his hand and hugging him tight, “ that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me…”

In such joyful relief of his daughters mature understanding, carl wraps his arms around hannahs tiny shivering body and wispers… “now you really are my angel” ~

Submitted: December 25, 2013

© Copyright 2022 savemysoul. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

It's ironic that having her killed would be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her, but I can certainly understand why considering her life was a living hell. I thought this was an innovative look at life. Well written.

Sat, January 11th, 2014 10:37am

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