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Two old friends meet up for lunch and recall a childhood event with varying discrepancies.

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008



Gette (Jetty)

Brigette Bush is a crazy person. I’ve known her since kindergarten. I met up with her recently and it only confirmed her fruitcakiness. Turns out she’s in grad school right down the street from where I’m in grad school and so we went out to lunch. It was at this very lunch where I had hot wings and she had hot wings and a caesar salad that she lamented the she lost her virginity because of me. Bullshit. Hold up one minute hussy. I haven’t seen this girl since 9th grade graduation – that was a good fourteen years ago – and she has the gall to start throwing around accusations all willy nilly. Brigette was always a little fast. She was the one who first started French kissing in the 6th grade. With my cousin Damieon no less. This man has had the voice of Barry White since the 4th grade. I swear to god. It was like one day his balls decided to hang extra low. I just talked to him yesterday. Sixteen years later and he’s still asking about Brigette Bush. But all this woman could talk about – besides that lost virginity lie – was she was still in love with her baby Lloyd Evans. Lloyd Evans, ooo la la. Yuck! Lloyd Evans was a year ahead of us in elementary school. He was athletic, average build-height. He had a nice shaped head, no real corners, round in the right places. Not real big or too small. He had smooth skin like hot chocolate with heavy cream. It looked soft, too. But Lloyd had a jacked up grill. It wasn’t just that his teeth were all jumbled in his mouth. It was that his dental plate in and of itself was crooked. It was like an isosceles triangle when it should have been a half moon. But Brigette could care less. That woman was in love. Actually, she probably Frenched Lloyd first. He was in the 6th grade when we were in the fifth. And it wasn’t until Lloyd left Dunbar Elementary to joint he bigger pond at Clark Jr. High that Brigette settled on Damieon. Brigette was always a step ahead. Even though Mr. Norwood our 7th-9th grade science teacher outted me as a sex fiend in the 8th grade and made me stand in the doorway of his classroom as punishment for my dirty mouth, it was Brigette and the rest of our crew who were the worst. It was I – the scapegoat – who habitually got caught red mouthed. But it was 8th grade and I never had even been close to kissing a boy. In truth, I kinda still thought they were disgusting. Remember this is the age where everyone’s still trying to figure out hygiene. But of course I had lied to my friends and said that I had kissed Terence Leonard – an old boyfriend from Dunbar who had conveniently moved to Atlanta. But I hadn’t done squat and it would be a full year before ¾ of our crew would start lying and say they had sex and hadn’t. And a good 9 months before some of the crew actually did have sex. But this was 8th grade so we were all still virgins even if for most of us it was a technicality. It was in Mr. Norwood’s classroom – the very classroom that we watched some white lady from the 70s give birth on 8mm film like some Zen cow – that Brigette brought up the subject of blowjobs. We followed Lloyd right to Clark Jr. High. He and Brigette hooked back up in the 8th grade and he was in the 9th. And now he wanted a blowjob. A knob slob. A hummer. Or like a former female boss would inappropriately say to me 10 years later – fire cap. Remember, he started kissing 3 years ago. He was ready to move to the next step. Advance their relationship to the next level the blowjob level. This was 15 years ago. Jr. High school activities weren’t like what they are now where kids are just giving blowjobs away for free. I never even thought blowjobs were a black activity. I thought they were something white women did on Cinemax on the weekends or on Beverly Hills, 90210 or at Belleville East High school in the suburb next door, but not at Clark Jr. High in the middle of the hood. Blowjobs were something that you never did, and if you did do it, you were tricked into doing it and if you were ever asked about it, you lied. Brigette Bush had broached this taboo subject and was actually seriously considering doing the deed. Me and Mim Goree looked at this girl like she had plum lost her mind. “Brigette, you nasty,” Mim said as she turned her nose up at her while simultaneously sporting a smirk. Brigette looked at me and I couldn’t help her. My nose was turned up, too. I had no words for her. And Brigette didn’t say anything else because if she did Mim was ready to pounce with a joke of ridicule. Brigette had crossed the line. She was going to have to figure out whether or not to blow Lloyd on her own. I’m pretty sure she had already done it when she asked. But what I am quite sure of is that I did not cause that woman to lose her virginity. Anyway, she’s a Jehovah now. I’m surprised that the kingdom hall didn’t crumble down around her when she walked through the door, but that’s another story. Turns out she just wanted a ride home for Thanksgiving anyway.

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