Complete... Facts(?) About SavvyApple as of 11/18/13

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Lets do this again, shall we?

Submitted: November 18, 2013

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Submitted: November 18, 2013



A - AVAILABLE: it's complicated? yes, very, very complicated.

B - BIRTHDAY: ...October 24th....

C - CRUSHING ON: A person of many names 

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD:Does the soup I had for dinner count? If not. Um. Milk. With cereal. For breakfast. Ha, that's not good.

F - FAVORITE SONG: Owl City. Still. But The Script is getting kinda catchy, guys.

H – HOMETOWN: ***** *******

I - IN LOVE WITH: ALl the amazing people in my life because they deserve it. Not that you guys arne't deserving of love. I mean like. Okay. Nevermind.

K - KILLED SOMEONE: Theoretically, Sims, or physically?

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: 8 hours. I think. It seemed that long, at least... But recently it was like a 5 hour car drive and I was sitting in the middle and I was like, my butt freaking HURTS.

M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: what? my what?


O - ONE WISH: Be able to make everyone around me positively without a doubt happy. Impossible, yes. Of course, whatever. 

P - PERSON THAT CALLED YOU LAST:  I accidentally buttdialed my dad. Oops. Though, my friend (Let's call him Hater) JUST accidentally called me on skype, that was kinda awkward LOL.... (Okay guys so it's the next day and Hater read this now and he wants "a cool nickname" so let's call him Awesome Friendship Bracelet Hoody Chuckling Jamie Hater Awesome Cool Guy okay? So apparently he still doesn't like that name so we're going to go wth Exaggeratedly Awesomely Cool Guy okay? Sorry.)

R - REASON TO SMILE: When a good song comes on. When you rip out a sheet of paper perfectly perferated and it's just so magical becasue that never happens. Friends. Family. That sound when you're handsharpening a pencil. Cleaning your room for the first time in months. Those moments when everyone's laughing and you look around and you realize that yes, at times, life can very well be perfect.

S - SONG YOU LAST SANG: Bottle It Up, Sara Barallies

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 6:50: screw that, went to bed. 7:01.

U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: just for the heck of it, you know what? okay. Blue. x)

W - WORST HABIT: Procrastinating and lying, but come on, that's like, every single high schooler.

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: no idea

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio 

Spell your name without vowels: Svnnh
What color do you wear most?: Blue. I think. I think.
Least favorite colors?: Red. It makes me lose the game. Excluding that, red, or a really bad throw up type green.
What are you listening to?: The sound of my computer heating up... heh
What is your favorite class in school?: Orchestra and English. Both teachers are ust so amazing and so funny they're just so wonderful oh my gosh I love them.

When do you start back at school/college?: 8 hours 52 minutes approx.

Are you outgoing?: when it is advantageous or necessary
Favorite pair of shoes?: FLIPPITY FLOPPITIES. Flip flops. Sandals. No. Flip Flops. or my converse. yeaaaah..
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: nope. but that would amazing.
Cross your eyes?: ...yes
Walk with your toes curled?: yup. Wait, how is that hard?

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: After obsessing about Doctor Who (hello Whovians), yes. 
Do you believe in miracles?: Yup
Do you believe in magic?: Depends on the situation
Love at first sight?: not really... But I believe in that click when you first meet people.
Do you believe in Santa?: No, I do not believe in a fat, bearded creeper in red, fuzzy tights that visits children's house's in the middle of the night. At least not anymore.
Do you like roller coasters? As long as you don't go upside down I'm good.

Have you ever been on a plane?: yeah, many times.
Have you ever asked someone out?: no... not really...
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: Yeah, I got asked to homecoming this year
Have you ever been to the ocean? Yup! So fun.

Have you almost drowned in the ocean?: not drowned, but I really freaked out because I couldn't tell which way was up. But I've almost drowned in a pool. T'was not a pleasant moment.
What is the temperature outside?: 60 F. It's 11:14.
What radio station do you listen to?: ....itunes! XD But I wake up to Radio Disney.. Reminds me of the good old days.
What was the last thing you bought?: Um. Skiis? (Rental)
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: Erm, Harry Potter 2
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: Selfies with Naomi


Ever really cried your heart out?: nope. close though.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: many times.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: On October 5, 2012
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: ...Maybe...
Do you cry when you get an injury?: I don't particularly.. well it depends on the situation...
Do songs make you cry?: Fake cry, totally.
Are you a happy person?: I suppose.
What is your current hair color?: black

What are you wearing?: Friendship bracelets, extremely messy hair, hair ties, cat socks, sweat pants, and a pj t
Necklaces?: Yup yup yup!
Bracelets?: I wear friendship bracelets now! I have like 18! And everyone's like "does that mean you have a lot of friends" and i'm like "...I made them myself..." Way to make me feel bad guys. Whatever.
Your eye color?: Really. Dark. Brown. Like, can't see the pupil dark brown.
Short or long hair?: I think it's getting kind of long...


Hope you guys enjoyed... The fifth installment of Complete... Facts (?) About SavvyApple!


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