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Stelanie was desperate. That fight she had just had with Sam, oh, she didn't mean for it to go that far. Sam took it to seriously and left her in the dust - his best friend. Stelanie was begging for his forgiveness, and she would, if only she could reach him. This wasn't supposed to happen, fights with best friends weren't supposed to happen, especially if that best friend was the guy you liked too. But it happened, and Stelanice's desperate to get sam to forgive her.

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Sam, please! Wait up!" Stelanie called from down the hall. Sam hastened his pace, trying to reach the elevator before she could catch up. "Sam, please! I just want to talk!" She ran, weaving her way through the tens of people in the hall, making a couple of peers drop their books as she pushed past. "Sam, stop!"

Sam stopped walking without thinking, then, before he realized his mistake, Stelanie had caught up. "Please," she said, tears filling her eyes, "talk to me." She begged. They were the only tw standing still in the halls. People walked around them, giving them a look of annoyance. "Please." She repeated.

"There's nothing left to say." He said, not blinking. This was hard for him too. But after that fight, he didn't think this friendship was worth it. "Leave me alone." He argued, trying to push past her, only to have her block his way. "Move." 


He grunted. "Stel, there's nothing left to say. You can't control me anymore, I'm my own person, always have been."

"You can't just be leaving me, we're best friends." She argued, a small tear coming out of the corner of her eye. I wish we could've been more though. She thought, but she didn't say anything like this.

"Well I am. We're leaving for Ireland next week. We could've kept contact, but no, you just had to be a control freak again." Sam said. "I'm leaving for six months. That's how long you'll have to think about what you've said." 

The warning bell rang, telling the students to hurry up and get to their next class, but Sam nor Stelanie moved. "You can't... Please Sam, just forgive me. I'm sorry, okay? Forgive me. I'm begging you." The tear ran down her cheek and caught onto her jacket, but she didn't seem to notice. She wasn't one of those people that cared if people saw her crying or not.

"I want to, Stelanie. I really do. But you know what... I can't." With that, he finally pushed past her and took the elevator to his class a couple floor below. Stelanie said nothing. Just stood there crying while people stared at her with annoyance. Eventually a teacher came along, and saw her standing there. He put his hands on her shoulders from behind, like he was about to push her. "Is everything alright, Miss Jackson?" Stelanie didn't even turn around, but instead she simply shook her head, tore her shoulders from the grasp of the teacher, and walked to class.

* * * * *

Sam heard a quiet knock on his bedroom door as he finished up homework that he realized he didn't have to do since it would be due after he left for Ireland. Sighing with pure annoyance, he called out "What." The knob on the door turned, and in entered his mom with a pan of cookies that looked hot out of the oven. 

"You want some cookies?" She asked, but Sam shook his head and tapped his pencil on his desk. "I thought you didn't have to do homework."

"I just realized that."

"Oh. Well, since you don't have to pack or anything, why don't you call Stelanie or something and you two can hang out over here?"

"I don't have to pack because we have a cabin up there, and for all I know, that could change in an instant can't it." 

"Yes, well, that desicion hasn't been made yet, so why don't you call Stelanie?"

"You know we're fighting, we were in the kitchen while you were cooking."

"...You sure you don't want a cookie?"

"Mom, not now." She sighed and left the room, leaving Sam clutching patches of his hair in stress. "It's not a good time."

* * * * *

Stelanie snorted as Sam laughed so hard the milk he had been drinking spouted out of his nose. He grabbed a napkin and hid his face behind it, his cheeks blushing of embarresment. "Good job," Stelanie teased, handing him another napkin as Sam's mom used a cloth to wipe of the nose milk now over the counter. "Sorry," Stelanie appologized, still laughing. "I made him laugh too much." Sam wiped his face clean with the last napkin and threw the crumpled bundle into the trash. 

"Thanks a lot, now it's my turn. Do on, drink." He pointed to the plastic blue cup, and Stelanie shrugged, unafraid, and took a mouthful of milk from the cup. 

"Oh, Sam, by the way, Jasmine said that'd she'd be here in thirty minutes or so, she called a few minutes ago." Sam's mom said absentmindedly, as if this were old news and the activity the two were doing did not bother her at all. Stelanie half dribbled the milk out of her mouth, and did a half spit take. Sam's mom tossed her another cloth, and Stelanie mopped up the mess while blushing. "Who?" She asked, pretending not to care as much as she did.

"Jasmine, you know her, from school? We're doing some project in history together."

"Jasmine Lee? The one that every guy has his eye on? Everyone, ever since like preschool? That Jasmine?" Sam nodded, and inside I wanted to throw up. "I thought you didn't like her, that's what you said like a month ago when we were talking about her."

Sam shrugged again. "Thoughts change."

"But! but! But! Sam, you can't possibly like Jasmine, she's not for you!"

"Who is?"

"Well - I mean - What would you make you think Jasmine likes you?" The 'you' had come out wrong, Stelanie knew it when Sam looked up at her, his eyes telling a million different emotions and stories. 

"What are you saying, that I'm suddenly unlikable? Or untouchable? Who are you, because you're certainly not my best friend." Sam looked away, and Stelanie sighed.

"I'm sorry, but - I mean, Jasmine Lee, of all people in the world, why did you choose her, why  not someone more sensible like -"

"Like who, Stelanie? Like you? Oh wait, you don't qualify, because you don't have any sense right now."

"Sam - "

"Stelanie, I think it's time for you to go." 

"Sam, I'm sorry..."

Then, Sam's mom stepped in. "Stelanie." She said, no usual love in her voice. "It's time."


Stelanie wanted to bang her head on a concrete wall. Maybe then, she'd loose so many brain cells they wouldn't be able to accept her at school, so she wouldn't have to go and see Sam for the next week only. Why did he have to be so cute? So smart? It was annoying really, but after being best friends with him for seven years, it was hard to get ou of your head, and it got irrestible eventually. It wasn't Stelanie's choice, it was more of her heart's. And as they say, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Stelanie tried to text Sam every five minutes, but he never replied. She had locked her bedroom door so no one would bother her, but she wished that Sam would bother her by texting to much. She prayed and prayed and prayed every time she sent out a message, but no one replied. Finally, she decided to call Sam, hoping he wouldn't avoid her and pick up for once.

But she was wrong.

She burst out in tears as a computerized voice answered the call. Not the voice for his voicemail, but another voice, one that said something even more depressing.

This number has been disconnected at the owner's request.

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