If I Die Young, To Those I Know, Thanks

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If I die young, I wanna thank all these people for what they did, and how much I appreciate them. I'm expecting those people I'm thanking to say thanks back, but if I'm already gone, I completely understand.
Note: This is not for all booksie readers, I'm thanking the people that I actually KNOW and have made a difference in my life.

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



I was thinking about those poor children who die when they're babies and children and never got a chance to live their true life. So, in case I don't make it to my true life, I want to thank those who tried to make me live my life while I could. These people whom I thank will know who they are, and hopefullly they'll get the message. (This is in no particular order. I'm just naming people off the top of my head, so don't worry, people I'm thanking, I love you guys all equally.)

Therefore, I thank:

Elyse Y. We met in kindergarden, and we've been (girl scout) sisters ever since. If anyone were my best friend, she'd be one of the top ones. Elyse has always been there for me, wether I want her to or not. Usually she's just anywhere, just hanging out or doing whatever or talking with other friends. But if I want to talk to her, I can always trust her to make me laugh like heck or pee in my pants (chill that was when I was little) or something like that. Long story short, she's made me laugh, she's made me cry (usually from laughing to much). And I thank her for that.

Amber A. She's just plain been there for me. I want her to know that if I'm gone, she'll be with me. I know that. We've been through so much together, and if I'm gone, well, I'll always remember that. Friends since 5th grade, we met in band.... When I epically failed in playing the flute, she was always there. And she still is.

Ania W. She cracks me up, I crack her up... And together, if we were cracked by someone else... We help each other get back up. We met in third grade - and we've pretty much grown up together ever since. I am who I am partly because of her... so that's nice too.

Emily S. We've been through... A LOT. together. I like our story, because it's a little strange; we met before we became friends. We were in the same violin class when we were little, so I had seen her before... But when I saw her at my new school, I stalked her for the first few days and everntually got up the courage and asked her if she played violin or not and all that crud to see if I was wrong - I wasn't. And thus our great friendship started. We fight often, and sometimes I have to admit that I do indeed get rather pissed at her. But we always fix everything up... And if we somehow become separated, I want to thank her early rather than later. Just in case. Thanks.

Faith K. She's not the best, I'll admit it. But I know that if I ever need someone to talk to, someone to just be reassured that someone is stillthere, I know Faith is going to be there, forever and always. And I thank her for that,

Carolyn H. There's always someone in your life that's the 'bully', the big one, the one that's there but you're not quite sure if that's always a good thing. Carolyn is my epic bully. She's so much taller than me, but she's a real crack up. Friends since the second grade, I think (and yet still hope) that we'll never loose contact.

Sonja K. This girl, this girl is friggin awesome. She can kick butt. She's a little devious, super competive, and just a little evil. But hey, she reminds me to always work harder to get what I want, even though she might not notice that. But she does, she helps me so much I am honestly amazed. I help her out with the fights she has between her friends, and she repays me without even noticing. That - that, it okay. Because her doing that just reminds me that I always need to try harder, hardest, and I thank he whole-heartedly for that. Friends since third grade, and we've been growing closer since.

Mariah R. My GOD this girl is crazy. But she's been my "sissy" since third grade, and I've been hers. We claim to be twins - but we look nothing alike. But maybe we don't mean twins by looking alike, twins by personality. I think we're just alike, but some people say that she's crazier. Mariah, she'll always listen, even if it seems as though she's not. She's awesome like that. She may not give the best advice, or the best hope in the world, but you know she's listening, and that's what really matters when you talk to her. When I'm gone, or the other way around, I'm gonna miss that... But I'm gonna miss her more.

Alyssa S.Being friends since kindergarden and girl scout sisters beyond has its perks and advantages, as well as diadvantages. Alyssa - you can get to know a person so well you can predict what'll happen and when. For example, make Alyssa laugh so much, too much, she's bound to cry. When she does that it makes ME laugh so hard, I think I'm going to pee. But Alyssa - besides that laughing matter, she's different. She's serious, and yet epically awesome. Friendly, caring, funny. She's all the qualities I wanted in a friend when I was little, and when I was little I met Alyssa. Therefore, I want to thank her for everything she's done to make me laugh, even if it is just a memory, because to me, it's not a memory, it's just plain life.

Katie M. We started out as friends, then girl scout sisters, and then we grew apart, which I strongly regret. Katie's funny. Always has been, always will be. But if I leave early, I'm certainly going to miss that sense of humor that always would crack me up. Every burn, every joke, every single thing she said was brilliantly funny. Therefore, I congratulate her, and I thank her, for always making me laugh no matter what situation I'm in.

Julianne O. Julianne, well, she was never one of my cloest friends. I'm really sorry to say that she probably never will be. From what I'm told, we met when we were little - like, really little, and we didn't get along yadda-yadda-yadda, but here we are again, in middle school, going onto high school, and we're still pretty good friends. We fight, we and the group have had our differences and fights that resulted in tears and stuff, but what I want to thank Julianne for is that she taught me that sometimes people in life come back to redeem themselves... and that I should let them. Julianne taught me this, and because of this fascinating life lesson I've learned, I thank her, and her only, for teaching it to me.

Ashley W. Let me just say this: this girl can complain. Like, really complain. Bu I don't really mind her complaining, it gives me a chance to play therapist and help her out. But there's something more than just helping Ashley out. I don't deny that her life is hard. Yeah, it's pretty dang hard. But hearing all about her life gives me a chance to realize that when I think that my life is suckish or bad or whatever, that some people have got it worse. Ashley complaining, no matter how annoying it can and will get, has boost my self-esteem, and taught me that well, hey, I've got it pretty good.

Raymond G. He's small and adorable, not to mention smart and funny. He's probably my best guy friend, and though he holds secrets (that I actually knew and know, thank you very much), and I'm keeping secrets from him (he might find out sooner or later, I don't really care.) he's my best guy friend since kindergarden. Elyse, him and I, we were the trio, the trio that couldn't be divided - until I moved, moving schools, and Raymond was pretty much out of my life for the next four years. But he came back, and now we're buddies again! I just want to thank him for being in my life, for being there, making me laugh, being the stupid smart person he is, being rediculously stupid (he licked the ground for food, you can't get more idiotic on Raymond Standards), and for being Raymond. Fun size buddies do rule, after all. And may that rule live on, and I'll thank him when he keeps it going.

Ross L. We were never that close, but we were in kindergarden. Just wanted to thank him for being there in those years, the nice innocent bystanding years that were so nice and innocent. He is and was smart, and will be. Can you loose your smartness? I don't know, anyway. I just wanted to thank Ross for those two years we were buddies, we had some awesome times with Elyse in the sand pit at kindergarden.

Scott K. Diputs. That's his nickname. Because he is Diputs. In sixth grade I used to threaten him with a thermos, threatning to hit him. That was the year I met him, that was the year we found out that he was Faith's like second cousin or soemthing. In seventh grade, we just talked occasionally, playing Would You Rather (him against his will, I really liked the game and no one else would play with me), so I got on his nerves (I'm betting) and so yeah. He was amusing, I'll admit it. He's fun to mess with, and for that, I thank him.

Kyle O. Basically the same thing with Scott - he's amusing, fun to mess with. But hey, there's one more thing: he tolerates my annoyance. See, throughout the eighth grade Elyse and I would call him multiple names... Including KyLE (exaggerate the LE part), Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Vulpix (yes, those three are Pokemon, get over it.), and Happy Skirts (That one was on his shirt and we're never letting im forget that.). I am calling him a different name on every different school day, which I find amusing. I think he likes it too, but I can tell it's annoying, but I don't stop. I'd like to thank KyLE for tolerating my annoying. Snorlax, you're pretty patient. Or maybe it's your epic singing skills from being Jigglypuff, I don't know.

Jordan Y. This, Toidi is my second cousin. He's been giving me stupid long life lessons, and they are REALLY annoying, I can tell you that. They're so long, over text, and you can never get him to shut up. The only way to get him off your back is if you just stop replying to him, he'll get the picture (or at least I think he does) and moves on. Only every time you talk to him, you're pretty much risking having another pointless fight with him, where you know you'll lose because his rebuttals are just too good to come back at. But, I know these life lessons are good, and that they'll come in handy later on in my life, But if I leave too soon and not be able to use them, I'd like to thank Jordan for giving them to me, even if I seemed as though I never listened. I was, Jordan, and I plan to follow your rediculously long life lessons - but if I end up not following them, I'm hoping that you'll forgive me, and accept my thanks.

Nolan P. Making me laugh is his expertise, though it can be pretty annoying, because he teases me. But hey, that taught me to be patient (kinda like kyLE). So I thank Nolan for that too. Even though I reallydon't want to thank him.

Erik C. This guy is just plain fun to mess with. I honestly would say more... But when you're frienemies with this guy you can't say much, Except that he's left handed. Yeah, that's realllly annoying sometimes.

And now let's start hodge-podging this thing...

Kristen K. I didn't put her last name a) because that's dangerous, for all I know you guys could be stalkers... and b) I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT... It's long and I can't pronounce it. But anyway. This girl is epic at basketball, and she calls me something similiar to my name but never my name (on purpose at least she actually does know my name). We hang out in PE a lot and I just wanted to thank her for being my awesome PE buddy...

Emily N. She has such small hands but she's still pretty darn cool. She's my other PE buddy, but she doesn't like playing basketball and football and stuff because those tiny hands can't catch anything... ha ha just joking Emily you're awesome BECAUSE of your small hands...

Sheldon C. He's to tall. Period. To. Tall. But he's funny. And devious. And a little whacky in the head, but hey, that's what makes him cool too. He's an expert at math, and origami, so I'm having him make me a kirigami apple at the moment.... So I thank him for being a little more whacky than me sometimes and for making that apple... So thanks, Shelly.

Jazmin K. This 18 year old is pretty awesome... No matter how annoying and....Annoyingshe can be.

Matthew C. For making me laugh last year in PE, you were a complete crack up... Oh, and for bringing Apple to Apples once in PE, that game is awesome.

Matthew N. This particular Matthew has this really creepy smile and wave when he wants to have it... And he calls me Apple and I call him Person. Yeah, those times were pretty awesome, so thanks for those times Matt.

Matthew S. For making some of my friends particular happy. Not much more to say than that, I didn't know you that well but you made a couple of my friends really happy so thanks.

The Other Matthew C. For making one of my friends happy and an easy target to make fun of. And for rubbing it in my face when you beat me atonespelling test in English, and for being just friggin annoying. Oh, and note, there's a reason why his name is green.

Emmitt J. He's always annoying, but he's pretty funny too. As long as he stops calling 'Harry Potter' 'Harry Pothead'.

Andrew A.For being the loudest teacher ever... And the awesomest. Oh, and now he's basically rivals with the second Matthew C. I listed because that Matthwe supports the celtics instead of the Lakers and all that crud... So yeah, don't say the wrong word about the Lakers in front of this guy.

Ron B. This guy has the LONGEST last name in the world... In my opinion. It's rather hard to pronounce so we have our own nicknames for him... But he'shilariousso I thank him for making me laugh whenever I'm in his class... Even if I wasn't the best at tests.

The Walrus.Probably the worst teacher at my school in my opinion, but he was so crazy and so annoying and so mad and so weird and so.... aggrivating that he taught me whatnotto be when I grow up... So I thank him for that... I think...

I don't know who else I should thank....... But I'll update soon. To those who haven't been thanked, know that you'll be thanked one day, eventually, even if it might not be from me. But hey, it probably will. But till then... :D :D :D Thanks guys, for everything. (and BWAHAH to all you other clueless booksie readers....)


i'll do it later.

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