My To Do List - Before I Die

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Hello my wonderful booksie people and friends who actually read summaries!
I was thinking the other day how a bunch of people have a list on their booksie profile thingy. Usually I scroll right past it to leave one of those annoying reading requests, but sometimes I take the time to skim it. Sometimes they're just stuff about the person - but most of the time I noticed that it's like 100 or so things to do before they die. Sooooo I thought I'd make one up!
The number isn't exact... Hence the legit title... I'll probably continue adding onto it even after I publish it.. But I hope you guys enjoy my strange wishes...!

WARNING:If my awesomeness is to epic for you to handle I strongly suggest that you stop reading and go to one of my other stories or poems or something, because I'm so awesome and my wishes might be so random you might kill yourself accidentally laughing so hard. So.... just an FYI...

But if you think that you're ready,

If you think that you're awesome enough to handle this,

then, why not...

Let's start.


Before I die, I want too....

  1. Plant a tree! Gotta love being a hippie!
  2. ...Climb a tree.... Ironic I know but I'm ashamed to say that I have never climbed a tree.
  3. As much as I don't want to... Have and finisha hot dog. There is a complete difference between having a hotdog and finishing one. Trust meFinished as of July 7, 2012
  4. Spend at least a week without telling one single lie, no matter how tiny... Like, when I say "no, it's ok, I don't have to go to the bathroom". I probably do.
  5. Not be lazy for a week.
  6. Not procrastinate anything for like a month..... Ohhhhh that magic that would be accomplished...
  7. Go skydiving. Seems really scary.... But I really wanna do it....
  8. Go ziplining! Seems fun! I had the chance in Mexico like two years ago but I wimped out! Oh, that reminds me...Finished in August 2012
  9. Don't be a wimp.
  10. Work a straight 24 hours doing community service.
  11. Say "I love you" to someone I'm NOT related too - and mean it.Finished in Summer of 2012
  12. Be proud. Just in general.
  13. Get another report card of straight A's.... Yeah okay I've only had like one in like sixth grade but I've gotten Honor Roll!!! And those who are my friends who are in Buhler at my school and haven't gotten anything less than an A ANYWAY (you guys know who you are), shut up, I can't wait to see your reaction when you get like a B on your report card in high school... Oh.... That'll be funny....
  14. See one of those friends mentioned reactions when they get a B on their report card! Now I realize that's kinda mean wishing for them to do like... not BAD but like.... you know... But seriously, imagine everyone's reaction. When Raymond. Doesn't. Get. Prinicipals List (if that'll ever happen). It'll be mayhem. One of my friends did get a B this semester, but they got an A in their AP class so I guess that evens it out, but I believe it still counts - Sophomore year Semester 1
  15. Convince Mr. Buranasakorn (don't ask clueless booksie readers) THAT I'MNOTA STALKER!!
  16. Be as awesome as my cousin Grant. Oh, he's so epic.... Cough. I mean. Allie. Is epic too.... tee hee love ya Apple! (I call her Apple and she calls me 7-up. It's weird. I can't remember the last time she called me by my actual name.)
  17. Play 'Doctor-Doctor' with ALL my friends in high school. Oh that'd be so fun. If you don't know what that game is, ask me about it, I'd be happy to explain....
  18. Play Sardines AT SCHOOL. OH MY GOSHNESS THAT'D BE SO AWESOME. Finished February 7, 2014 with Paul, Kelly, Sarah, Owen (freshmen), Naomi, Erik, Minji, and myself. At night. At the middle school. It was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
  19. Do 100 spit takes in one day. They can be fake. I think I've already done this but at that time I wasn't actually counting so I can't quite be sure...
  20. Last a whole month without getting any new scars or injuries.
  21. Have my toenail grow back.... Strange I know but some idiot stepped on it while I was playing in a soccer game with their CLEAT (which really hurts, for those who don't know...), so it started to bleed underneath the nail - thus, half the nail turned black. My mom said it'd fall off - which it did, but I want 5 fully grown toenails on my left foot again...!Finished sometime last year... But then it got stepped on again... so... hmm...
  22. Go to Maine!
  23. Go to Italy!
  24. Go to Alaska (which I'm doing this summer so this will be checked off soon...)!Finished August 2012
  25. Have a picnic in an apple orchard. I love the idea of that.
  26. Go to the beach with almost all my friends.
  27. Roll myself up in a carpet. My sister's done that to me but I haven't done it to myself quite yet....
  28. (Attempt at) reading the Twilight series. I tried, I almost threw up. Not even joking. Not sure of exact date.
  29. Laugh at myself for trying
  30. Laugh at the book for it being so.... bleh.
  31. Laugh for an hour straight.
  32. Why didn't I think of this earlier? Publish a book! Duh!
  33. Publish a book of poems. Oh, like a boss.
  34. Send Seven postcards in one day
  35. Go hiking and not complain... heck yeah....
  36. Go to.... uh.... I kinda wanna go to Texas.... Not sure why.... I just wanna be able to say "I'VE BEEN TO TEXAS OOOOOOH"
  37. Wear a dress to school... by will.... And without pants underneath. Oh gosh, that's a terrifying thought.... Every time I wear a skirt or a dress or something to some school event or school or almost anything, I put pants underneath the dress. That happened at my 5th grade promotion... Halloween... My friend's birthday party... I can't remember any other times I wore a dress sadly... Oh! At my school's 8th Grade Winter Formal (which you can read about my friend Ania's experience at that event in my story 'Going Up, Backing Down' go check it out... shameless advertising for myself yay!)! I got changed in the bathroom and after I finished I like busted out of the bathroom and ran out screaming "OH MY GOSH THIS FEELS SO WEIRD I NEED PANTSSSSSS" and all my friends burst out laughing....
  38. Okay the next few are going to be a little cheesy, like romance cheesy, just saying... So if you want to like skip it skip to number like 43. Just saying. Okay for this one I really want to be asked out. I know I (hopefully) will but like I wanna be like asked out in like middle school or high school.
  39. Be asked to prom!
  40. Kiss someone that I'm not related to!
  41. Go on a a double date or something.
  42. Be nervous about talking to a guy and actually have it show. All my friends say (okay not all of them more like just AKA (she knows who she is and I bet a bunch of others do too if they're smart)) that I'm apparently good at talking to guys?! I don't know she's just like "you can talk to them so easily! How! It's like not possible! You look just like so comfortable talking to them and you don't tense up or anything!" Well let me tell you something: it helps if you forget kinda not really who you're talking too. For example: if I'm talking to a guy friend and we're having loads of fun or something, well, I'm more focused on the fact that we're having loads of fun and how much I want to keep that going as opposed to "oh my goshness I'm hanging out with a guy. Awkward." So therefore I try to keep the fun going by having it not be awkward! There's a helpful thing I guess for all those who... I don't know need it? Argh whatever.
  43. Oh! Oh my gosh okay. So when I'm like all grown up and stuff I really really really want to go to downtown LA or somewhere where there's a lot of sad homeless people. I want to go there with no money whatsoever (well mostly) except for ten one dollar bills every Sunday. Then I want to walk around town doing whatever and the first five hobos that I see I want to give two dollars to them. I know thatmight seem as though I'm teasing them or something, but I just really want to do that because those two dollars might be the difference between them having a dinner that night or not.
  44. Have a notebook full of word related STUFF. I'm working on that right now. It's got words I like, new words, uhh quotes I like, drawings that I did in spare time that I will probably rip out because my 'quotes i like' section is running out of space, and a story. Working on that now, hoping on finishing it by the end of next year! Yes long time I know but still.FInished sometime this year
  45. Cream my cousins at every single video game we play. I can pretty much do that now but the only game that I can't win at is Call of Duty and though games, because a) I can't figure out the controls they won't tell me! b) ...I don't like the game as much because it's not a Mario game or anything.... But still. I can cream them at like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, And Super Mario Bros. Grant has that last game and we played it once. It's his game. I beat him at every single minigame we played. Like a boss.
  46. Learn fluent sign language
  47. Learn Morse Code Finished February 2, 2014
  48. Stand under the Hollywood sign. I saw it once when I was working as an extra on this movie thing, and it was really cool, but I really wanna like you know, STAND UNDER IT.
  49. Stand under a waterfall.
  50. Swim in a lake.
  51. Learn to bake perfectly! I suppose that's not that hard but still!
  52. Live in Seattle for a year.
  53. Live in a place where there truly are seasons - where in summer it's really hot, where in the fall the leaves really do change color, to like red and orange and stuff, and not just green to brown to the ground. Where in winter snow falls. Where in spring you can tell its spring because all the gorgeous flowers bloom. I want to live in one of these places for a year so I can experience all of this.
  54. Save a life.

Gonna come up with more later, thanks for reading, I'll let those who comment know when there's more up! Thanks guys!

Submitted: April 22, 2012

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Courtney Fields

WARNING: My awesomness and epicness may threaten yours. Look at my awesomeness at your own risk XD Most of these are things that relate to me too :)Most of the romance ones relate somewhat to me, so does the beating my cousins at every game, I have also wanted to save someones life and I have always wanted to travel to Italy. Haha don't be ashamed of not climbing a tree I haven't either, I am bad at climbing :'( Also I am curious to know about the whole stalker thing, you're not likely to tell me but it doesn't hurt to wonder about it. XD Also what is doctor-doctor? I never played that as a kid, I might know it but under a different name O.o I would also love it if you checked out my first poem I submitted on here and share your thoughts on it.

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 6:40am


lololol it's not that i'm bad at climbing, it's that.... I don't know it just never occurred to me that i should be like 'HEYYYYY I SHOULD CLIMB THIS TREE RIGHT NOW! :D"
okay well.... there's this teacher at my school who thinks im a stalker because every day before school i used to wait on the corner waiting for my friend to come along but instead he came along so he thought that i just waited every day for HIM so he was like "O.O you stalker!" so yeah....
Doctor doctor is a game that requires at least three people. one person is the 'doctor' and goes sits in a corner or something and closes their eyes. the other two hold hands or something and tangle themselves as best as possible and say "doctor doctor!" when they can't tangle themselves anymore without breaking the link with their hands. Then the third person comes and tries to untangle them by telling them what to do and stuff and tries to get them in the position of which they started. it's really quite fun, ever played it?
of course i will! :D :D i'll be right over... OMG SEE THAT SOUNDS STALKERISH!

Sat, April 21st, 2012 11:46pm

Courtney Fields

Yeah I have never heard of it, nor have I played it. My childhood was video games and if I ever played a game like that it would be "duck, duck, goose", "doggy where is your bone" etc. Also that teacher needs to get over himself lol, thanks for your comment on my work btw it means alot :)

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 7:16am


LOL yeah not many people have played. Haha I hope he will, but it's kinda funny anyway.... No problemo! Thanks for reading my work!

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 9:12am


Oh please, dont even bother with the twilight series, the sparkles will capture you like the rest of this lost society

sounds like you crave travelling, "Adventure is OUT there!" - UP

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 9:20am


LOLLLLL okay the i suppose i won't then LOLLLLL

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 1:33pm

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