Oops, You're Late, But I Guess It Doesn't Matter

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Lisa knew that he was coming. Lisa knew everything in her classes, she knew everything anywhere. Mostly.
She didn't know he was going to say that.
She didn't know what she was supposed to do.
She didn't know what would happen next.

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



I waited by the front door, my back against the door sitting down. I was reading my novel, a novel I'd randomly picked out at the library. It was about vampires, but I kept reading, even if I did hate the creatures. I was waiting for you, I was waiting for him at the front door. We were supposed to work on our project together, the one that was due in a month or so. We were best friends, we did everything together; we made fun of people together, we did homework together, we did everything together. 

Soon enough, the doorbell rang. I sprung from my seat on the floor and unlocked the door and let him in. "Hey Jasper," I greeted, smiling. He went immediately to my room, nodding. He was holding his binder and several other papers which were falling out. I picked up some loose ones and gave them back to him once we were in my room, the door shut. I had told no one to bother us - meaning only my mom. She was the office anyway, so it was just me and Jasper.

I sighed and decided that we should get it over with. I hate projects, after all. Science, math, history, english. All subjects were a bore, I was more of the "go with the flow but let's make it big" kind of girl. Jasper was too. 

We started on the project and worked on it for two straight hours, until we couldn't take it anymore. It was still barely light outside, so we went into the backyard, taking a snack with us. We ate potato chip and apple slices together, pointing at the trees we had climbed when we were little, the trees we had climbed with missing branches, and the things we did when and where. 

"And then you fell from that branch... See? It's still hanging there, I told you it'd be there forever!" I laughed at the memory of it, and Jasper laughed along with me. "That was scary, you broke your arm, remember? Why were we climbing that high anyway?" I asked, and he shrugged We thought for a while, and he laughed out loud again. "Oh yeah, we were trying to get a kite we were flying back here. I remember that even when you had broken your arm and you were in deep terribly strong pain, you told me to get the kite first anyway and then come back down and help you."

"Oh yeah, that was rather foolish... Man, that hurt. I had to get stitches in my lip because I cut it somewhere on the way down, remember?" He pointed to the scar on his bottom lip, the scar he had had since he was eight and I was seven. We continued to name other funny moments until it got dark out. We didn't want to go back inside and start on the projet again, so we stayed out here. I turned on the porch light, which really didn't do anything, and we just lay there and stared at the stars, naming watever star whatever name we could think of. No constellations - those already existed. It was much more fun to come up with a star's name even if it was already named in a constellation or something.








Jasper paused. "Lisa," he muttered, and got up and looked at me. I barely got up. No wait, I didn't get up. I laid there looking up at him, while he was looking down at me.

"Hm?" I asked, frowning. He was blocking the star that I was about to call Annie.

"I need to tell you something." I still didn't get up, I just blinked nodded for him to continue. "Look. I know that you don't like me anymore." At that, he actually gained my full attention. Yeah, okay, I liked Jasper like a week ago. Then, for some reason, I stopped liking him and started liking someone else. I don't know why, and I don't know how Jasper found out, but somehow he did, and now I was listening to him make a speech. "I know that you don't like me anymore," he repeated, "I know that you like someone else. I don't know why you don't like my anymore or whatever... But so now I have a question: would would say, after all this time, I liked you back? Because I did. I liked you all the way back to first grade and kindergarden, I liked you when I slept over at your house because my parents were out of town. You've always been in mjy mind. I guess I've chosen to deny it... But now that you don't like me I guess the truth comes out. I don't care if this doesn't chance your mind about anything. Its good to get it off my chest. I like you. Basically for the same amount of time that you've liked me. So now, I want you to answer the question: what do you say now? What you say won't hurt me, it'll comfort me by letting me know that I finally have the truth."

I'll admit it, I was shocked. Who wouldn't be, honestly? I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to do. What was I supposed to do, get up, run inside, and lock him out? Was I supposed to kiss him under the stars? Was I supposed to say I just plain out didn't like him anymore? This was Jasper - my best friend - saying he's liked me, after all these years, after I just stopped liking him practically last week. 

I kept staring into his eyes, the eyes that I had loved for eight years. His face, the face I had loved for eight years now. I propped myself on my elbows and kissed him, kissed Jasper on the lips that I had loved and longed for eight long  years. It was just the way I had imagined it, but it was so... Different. I didn't expect you to kiss me back after I parted. I didn't expect you to take my hand into yours and squeeze it. 

Then again, I didn't expect for you to say that you loved me either.

When we parted, I stared in his eyes again and smiled. I still had no idea what I was supposed to do. Was that kiss just for pity? Was it because I still had feelings for him? Was I supposed to say yes, or was I supposed to say no, because after all this time I've been liking him, eight years, he admits he likes me now? Should I shake my head, or nodd it?

To buy some time, I kissed him, the Jasper I did indeed love right up to this point, right on the scar on his bottom lip.

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