The Day I Was Told I Was Loved

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I've known you since forever. Apparently, you've loved me since forever. And I never knew... Till now. I will know you forever. You might love me forever... But I haven't been there most of the time.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



Why do I have to be so curious?

She told me she knew

She told me she knew

who liked me.

My curiousity grew over me,

and I asked and asked...

Until she finally told me.

Everyone seemed to be in on it

Everyone seemed to know

except me.

You told me that day, after PE.

You told me with two friends,

after PE.

after PE

you told me you loved me.

I had known you since forever.

I will know you for forever.

You have known me since forever.

You will know me for forever.

You have loved me since forever.

You might love for forever.

How did I

not know

that you loved me for the 

seven years you did?

You amaze me at you


I wasn't even with you 

for half the time.

And yet here you are

loving me.

I now think back to 

all those times that 

we hung out.

The sleepover -

what did you think?

The time at school - 

it's a shame,

those elementary school years.

Only two I was with you

and then I left.

I'm sorry,

but for those two years,

I did love you.

For those two years, 

you did too.

But then I moved,

and you were pushed to the

back of my mind....

Until now

Another year together,

and then the next,

the truth comes out.

Ever since you told me,

I must admit: 

things have been different.


that's what everyone says.

But is it?

What if I really do like you...

and what if I don't?

I'm nearly positive 

that I don't.

You're like a little brother...

But what if there's more?

I have known you forever.

I will know you for forever.

I will know of your love


You have known me forever.

You will know me for forever.

You have loved me for forever.

If I choose to,

we could be together


 The years that you love me

are streaming by

my time is running out

do I love you too?

Or is just an illusion?

You're my little brother

that I have known forever

and I am your (taller)


whom you have known forever.

If I want,

If we could,

If you still love me,

and if I truly do love you,

then we could be together



But until then,

help me stop time.

But until then,

until forever,


will just have till wait.

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