The Water Never Lies

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Water does more than just keep you alive. It tells you the absolute truth, if you look deep enough, no matter how much the truth hurts.

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012



If you've lost yourself
If you no longer know who you are
Look more than within yourself
Look beyond the truth.

There are few people out there
that will truly tell the truth
only inanimate objects
will tell 
the secrets within secrets.

Flowers tell your beauty
While Trees tell your bravery
The Sun tells your growth
Moon tells your spirit
Even Weeds tell your determination.

But the one thing
That will tell the truth,
But the one thing
That will tell you yourself
Will not speak,
Will only show,
For you are to find out you.

It may seem difficult
It may seem impossible
It may show a hurtful truth,
But what it shows is the truth.

It may be hurtful
To know the truth 
About yourself,
But even if you're not sure
Who you are,
Look again,
And look deeper this time,
Because so be it,
The Water Never Lies.

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