Won't You Tell Me Who I Am?

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Sometimes you lose sight of who you are really are... Like I'm starting to fall into.

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012



I'm afraid I don't know

who I anymore

I'm afriad I don't know

what I am anymore

I'm afriad I don't know

who I'm supposed to be anymore.


I can be special

I can be hopeless

I can be pathetic

I can be stupid

But I can be so much more. 

I can be smart

I can be funny

I can be an angel

I can be a friend


I've been all those things

and I thought I knew

who I was 

But now

I'm not so sure



I want to be

a good person

I want to have

a good life

I want to know

what I'm supposed to be

before  I turn into

a stranger

in my own heart.


I'm not sure

if I'll eve know again

I'm not sure

if you can help

I'm not sure

if I want to know again

But yes, 

I do wanna find out.


So please

help me

even if it won't help

I need to find myself again

I need someone to tell me. 

So won't you tell me

who I am?

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