You're Supposed To Be Gone

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I thought you were the one, the one I would love forever. Then I found out your game. So I left you, I walked miles to get away from you whether I wanted to or not. I thought I left you. But you're still here. You're not supposed to be here. Why are you here? You're supposed to be gone.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



From the start

Of the second 

I saw you, I thought

You were the one.

I thought I would

Love you forever.

I thought you were 

The one

I'd be with till college,

The one I'd marry

And raise a family with.

The One I'd have quarrels with,

The One I'd laugh with.



Things were great,

The first few months.

Or something like that.

Then your game 

became clear.

I was a settlement, 

That's what I was.

I was something to 

make you happy for a month or so

Then you would move on

And I would stay.


I figured that every time

You rolled the dice

In your silly little game,

You rolled four, 

The Death Number.

Every time I rolled the dice

In your silly little game,

I rolled a nothing,

A Zero 

In my name.


Your game is silly.

Have I not said that?

The same things happen over

and over again.

There is no end.

So I cheated.

I made my own rules to 

Your own game.

I brought illegal dice.

I rolled the dice

And moved six times.


I ran from your game

I flipped the game board over

and thrashed it.

I ran from your game

I ran miles from it,

Whether I liked it or not.

Miles away, and I can see

Your face, still. 

Miles away, I cried.

You're not supposed to be here.

You're supposed to be


I ran from you, 

didn't I?

I ran from you

I ran from your game

I never went back

You were there

I am here

But you're not gone.

You're supposed

To be gone. 

Why won't you leave?


I can still see

Your face

In the shadows,

Looking at me,


Stop looking at me.

I did not cheat.

I did not cheat

at your silly little game.

You cheated, 

if anything. 

You cheated

at your own game.


I realize now,

After the years have gone by,

when you're supposed

to be gone,

That you never cheated.

It was never your fault.

You were never a player

at your game.

It was a game you taught me

And I played myself silly. 

I did not cheat

I did not cheat you

at your own game.

You were never even a player.


I cheated myself.

And I ran.

But after all the time

You're supposed 

To be Gone.


But you're Not.

You're suppose

To be gone.

But you're not.

 Why won't you leave?

Are you waiting

For your game

to be sent back?

Or are you waiting

Me to come back?

I will not come back.

I cheated myself silly.

At the silly game 

You taught me.

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