Bittersweet Bites

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I didn't want to give anything away, so just read on.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



I paced again and again, not knowing what to do. I'd lost my boyfriend just yesterday. You know what I mean. I was broken, my face was like a river. Metaphorrically. But as I took the last step near the front door, I heard a faint knock. "Alice?" a voice called. The voice was familiar, soft, and delicate. "Brandon," I said in a whisper. I thought he was dead. Had my boyfriend come back from the dead? I looked out the window, and sure enough, he was there.

"Oh my," I exclaimed. "Are you an apparation? Or are you real?" I touched his face, and he really was real. "Alice," he said. I hugged him tightly, and he kissed my cheek. "I am sorry that I worried you." 

"You died."

"That wasn't me. I swear, Alice. You didn't see me get back up?"

"No," I breathed out.

"But I do have something I need to tell you, that's why I came here." he said with a tone of guilt in his voice. "What is it? Are you breaking up with me?" I said. "No, Alice. I am a vampire. You saw blood, and me supposedly 'dying', but I was bitten. None of the venom was sucked out of my body. So, here I am, the vampire." I stared at him, open-mouthed. "Vampire. I want to be," I muttered. "I am hungry," Brandon said with a tinge of hunger in his eyes. "Oh no. You want to drink me, don't you, Brandon?" 

"Yes. I would. Right now. You mind, Alice?" I shook my head.

He bit into my skin, and blood dripped everywhere, all over the shaggy carpet. As he released me, I fell to the ground, paralyzed with hapiness. "I am one of them." I said.


We stalked around town, hungry for prey. "I see somebody over there. She looks like she has healthy blood," I said. I snuck behind her, and did my job. And sucked out the venom. She'd never notice, unless somebody saw her limp body in the pile of blood and told her once she'd wake up.



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