Dreamer part (1)

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is a normal girl, with an normal life. one day however, her entire life gets turned inside out and dipped in a whole new meening of crazy. after her parents were found dead with no clue as to why or what happened, she starts to notice that she is being followed. one night, she finds out she has an ability, she can travel to different worlds in her dreams. and its up to her to stop an evil greater than anything she has ever heard of. but can she make the ultimate sacrifice? her love, and her life for the lives of every man women and child in every world.

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011



The noise in my head was deafening. Feeling as though all I could do is scream, I knew i had to keep running. I could hear the rapid pounding of my heart in my head and I could feel it trying to break out of my chest. The cold air came into my lungs in huge gasps now, sending icy fire down my throat and into my lungs with every breath. Run! I told myself. Seeing the last window's swirl of light ahead, just a few feet away. I put the rest of my energy in my legs and ran faster. My legs however, soon betrayed me.

They gave out and I fell, slumping to the wet hard ground. Panting hard, unable to catch my breath I rolled onto my back. My body broken and tired had started to go numb. The sensation traveled across my body and was followed by the odd feeling of warmth. This is it. I laughed to myself. Forcing my eyes open I could see the faint image of the crimson moon behind the clouds. This moment was so beautifult and frightfull at the same time. I remember the first time I saw the red moon. How the the ocean's soft crashes became a gentle pull and tug of reality. A sudden sharp pain brought me back, and small cold dots began to cover my face. It started to snow. The soft white flakes fell silently to the ground and began to dust my soon to be corpse. I felt oddly relaxed at the fact that I was going to die here.

Snap! The sound of a twig nearby took me out of my peaceful state. I suddenly remembered the reason why I was running, who I was running away from. panic and fear clouded my mind as I struggled to look around. The different objects around me were becoming quite distorted. Fighting to sit up, I tried blinking but it wasn't helping. In the corner of my eye I saw a figure move around what seemed to be a tree...or another moving figure. Well well. All that fighting and you stop here? That evil hiss in his voice made it all to easy to recognize. Aw, don't cry. I didn't realize it before but now I could feel the warm salty liquid run down my cold cheeks. This was it, all my efforts to stop the end and here it was.

The dark figure approached me with a smug strut. I closed my eyes and prepared for the pain. Suddenly a bright light almost like a sun, appeared behind my eyelids. Was that it? Am I dead? It couldn't be. What?! How? I heard the fear in the warlocks voice and became instantly confused. Nothing scared him. I heard the sounds of footsteps running off into the distance. I slowly opened my eyes. He was gone. But now another dark shape took his place. It came towards me in an almost cautious movement. My eyes were still blurry and I could not recognize this person. As it came closer I very suddenly felt at ease. He leaned forward, his crystal like blue eyes were welcoming and warmed me. He brought his lips to my ear, and whispered, “Wake up.”

I opened my eyes and groaned. Is there a problem Mrs. Delmore? Is my English class really so boring that you feel the need to sleep through it? No Mr. Brahms, I haven't slept well these past few nights. I am sorry and it wont happen again. You best see to it that it doesn't. The finals are in two weeks and I would hate to see you in my class for another year while your friends move on and graduate. I laughed. I couldn't help it , I really haven't been able to sleep well lately and my temper fuse has been shortening by the minute. Well that makes two of us old man. I would rather eat arsenic than sit though another boring lesson on what dead people think good poetry is. A couple of students laughed, others gasped. Did that really just come out of my mouth? Just then the final bell rang and I ran out before Mr. Brahms could process what I just said.

As I walked to the bus stop I heard my name being called. Bridget! I sighed at the sound of my name, its such a normal name. Bridget wait up!! I stopped. The chill of the December air was colder than usual, but the sun was out and the sky was clear. A perfect day. The high pitched clicking of her high heels approaching broke my peaceful dose. Looking at her was always a surprise to me, always having a new streek of bright color through her already bleach blond hair and the exotic colorful makeup that would put any abstract to shame. Her name is Gloria Goodly. It could have been worse. We met a few months ago when I moved here. Not many people tried to socalize with me, in fact they seemed to go out of there way to avoid me. However, as sad as that seems I would rather have it that way. I'm not much for hanging out with people, it is always just so awkward. Hey! Arn't you just so happy its Friday? She sounded unusually chipper today, something happened. Why? Isn't it just like last Friday? She laughed a little louder than necessary. No! Tonight is that huge senior party down at the warehouses. She stared at me like I was missing something. So you know I don't do parties. In studying her reaction I could teel she wasnt going to let me have an excuse. Oh come on just this once will you go with me on this, I had a dream last night and something is going to happen tonight and its going to be amazing!

Another one? I should explain things, see Gloria had a gift. Or a brain glitch or something. Anyway, she sometimes gets these feelings or dreams, and they always seem to go exactly how she says. I would call her phycic or something but she doesn't like it, she says it makes her sound fake. She saved my life a couple times but we keep that between us. Once was when I went to fill up my car and she called telling me that I should stay home. Later that day on channel 5 news the report came in about a gas station that had caught fire and killed 9 people in the explosion. Another time she showed up at the pond I hang out at sometimes screaming for me to get off the dock. I didn't hear her however and tripped on a piece of lifted wood and fell in. it was a shallow pond so I slammed my head on a rock and rolled faced down in the water. If she wasn't there to pull me out, I definitely would not be here. So whenever she said that something was going to happen I believed her.

Ill think about it. Let me go to work and talk to my mom bout it. Yay! Ill pick you up around 8, that way by the time we get there we wont stand out. She started running towards another group of friends. See ya tonight! And wear something to dance in!! she called back knowingly. well I have no reason to look good for anybody so jeans and a tank-top is my usual party attire, or my anytime attire. I realized the time and started toward the city stop at a more brisk pace. I would take the school bus home usually but on days that I worked, it was just so convenient that the city stop was at my school and passed right by my work across town. Getting to it on time however has been almost impossible lately since the new bus driver started the route. Well good afternoon Bridget. Hi. I didn't really care for the new bus driver, she was nice don't get me wrong but she always stared at me and always seemed to try to pry information out of me. I didn't mind out first but when questions like how often is your father home, or What time do I leave the house in the morning, started popping up, It started getting a little creepy.

It was a 20 minute ride from my school to the diner where I worked. So usually when the weather was nice I would put on my headphones and stare out the window. It was a nice time to reflect my day or sort through any tangled thoughts. As we passed through the town a number of things came into my head. Like my dream in English earlier. Normally it would be nothing to have dreams of distant places that seemed so close. Dreams with powers and a fight between good and evil. This time however it felt so real. I shivered at the thought of that sinister man trying to kill me. Just then I noticed little dark spots on my sweater. I felt them and was shocked to find they were cold wet spots. Did it rain? No there isn't a cloud in the sky. Maybe I walked under some dripping water while getting on the bus. I shrugged it away, of all the things I could be worried about or thinking of and I am hung up on some little water droplets that are already drying.

I looked outside again. The town was busy as usual around this time. People getting off or on work. This town never seemed to sleep. There was always a job that needed to be done, whether it be down at the docks or up in the new factories. When I first moved here to the quiet little snook of Viden, I absolutely hated it. It was small and isolated so everyone knew everything about everyone else. Sometimes it even seemed like a sport or game to see who knew the most about others lives. Working in the diner had its perks. Not a lot of people cared about you or at least payed attention to you, as long as you keep the food going. You do however get to hear about everyone else. My family for example was the talk of the gossip tables for the first month we were here. It stopped after a while when everyone decided we were not interesting enough for the weekly talks. Though sometimes when the talk is slow I do still catch a couple non-meaningful words about my style or my parents undesirable working conditions. One time a group of our regulars actually started talking about how the family dog was too fluffy or something.

The bus stopped at the first stop and picked up some strangers. They greeted the bus driver like old friends though. Weird, I don't believe I have ever seen them before. There was three men, all were bald with tribal looking tattoos. No I have never seen them before. I am sure I would have heard about them though. I mean they do kinda stick out in this place. Upon entering the bus one of the men glanced at me, then leaned toward the driver and whispered something in an odd tone, or accent. I turned down my music to be a little nosy, and how could I not, Viden was rubbing off on me. The driver hissed something in an hushed tone and shut the door, nodding to the back of the bus. The men went and sat down towards the rear of the tin can. I started feeling a little awkward ill admit, I really started wishing that I would just start taking my car instead. I was saving up all of my pennies for a plane ticket to visit my cousin in Europe, but maybe I will set aside some money for gas.

Soon after the bus started to move again an intense, almost putrid smell stated to fill the close confined space. The smell out first reminded me of old potatoes or socks. Then the smell became more earthy. The smell of dirt and rotting plants, with maybe some old fruit or meat thrown in there. The smell became so repulsive, I had tears in my eyes trying to fight away the gag-reflex. At the next stop I was overwhelmed with joy when the doors opened. A sudden gush of crisp cool air flushed out the stank and eased the burning in my chest.

The only thing I could think of getting off that bus, the door went to shut. “Wait!” I yelled, probably a little louder than necessary. the stunned bus driver looked in the mirror wide eyed. This isnt your stop though Bridget.” I didn't answer her, in what seemed like one swift moment I was down the isle and almost through the door, the fresh air gave me a spark of energy that I didn't have before. I needed to run or something. Without another look at the nauseous gas tank on wheels, I headed for home. I figure ill call in sick and fake a cold, they wouldn't have any problem reducing my hours a bit this week. Its been running very slow and there is no point in paying someone to be there who doesn't need to be.

The wind started to pick up. I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to clutch the jacket closer to my body. I could hear the bus pulling away now. I stopped and turned around, and was flooded with the feelings of horror and sickness. Through the back window of the bus I saw nothing. Not the men that got on, or even the creepy bus driver. Could the bus be driving itself? No, she probably is just to short and I cant see her. But then what about the strange men? There was no one one the vacant streets at the moment and nowhere where they could have gone into for at least one mile. They didn't have enough time to get off and get there without me being able to see them.

Just then the wind stopped and the air outside started to get warmer. So much for small favors.

I relaxed my arms, taking in the warm feeling while it lasted. As I walked down the side of the road I could hear the sounds of people coming out of stores in the distance. The smell of the forest and the ocean drifted past my nose as a soft breeze eased up and quickly died down. I closed my eyes and let the gentle sounds of the town die off and morph into the sounds of the lazy ocean and seagulls. His eyes drifted back into my head. Those crystal like eyes that were from my dream. They were so warm and comforting. I opened my eyes again, trying to think about where I have seen him before. My mind isn't creative enough to come up with someone like that. Every little detail about him seemed to perfect. Stairing at the sidewalk I realized that the smell of rain started to mask the other smells.

The sun also disapeared and the warm temperature along with it. Ugh. What is with the weather today? I looked up and was a bit startled about how much clouds actually came in since I got off the bus. The thick dark clouds gave me no warning and no time to think. I was a 30 min. walk to my house, and the rain didnt plan on waiting for me to get there. I felt the first drop hit my nose, followed quickly by another one on my cheek. I started walking at a brisk pace now and decided to cut through the field just on the other side of the tree line.. It would be harder to trudge through but the trees surrounding it would provide some cover and I dont feel like showing up at my house soaked to the bone, or getting a cold. I jumped the road side ditch and into some mud, great. My sneekers were white...ill have to wash them when I get home. Thank goodness I wore pants today. The tall grass and weeds would have been a nightmare otherwise. As I started heading toward the tree line an odd smell took me off balance. It was the same smell I encountered on the bus.

I took a quick look behind, but there was nobody there. Just the tall grass and a number of other places to hide... . It wasn't until then that I realized the silence. No wind, no ocean, no gulls. Not even the sound of my steps through the grass and twigs was audible. The clouds seemed to stand still and the rain stopped. Looking around I couldn't help but notice how dead everything was. The trees and all other movement seemed to just stop. Something in the sky caught my eye. It was a bird, a seagull. Nothing seemed wrong with it, except for the fact that it was frozen in air. This both startled and fascinated me. Maybe I was dreaming.

I fell asleep on the bus, yes that sounds right. The gull wasnt the only thing frozen mid air, the rain drops were too. They were all just floating there. like hundreds of tiny crystals from a chandelier, stretched over everything. Between the silence and the mesmerizing scene in front of me, I was almost in a trance. Then I heard something, quiet out first, then it grew and grew. A thumping sound. It was the sound of my heart. The sound became more and more rapid, and louder and louder. I started to panic, I knew I was supposed to be scared. I just didn't see or hear what I was supposed to be afraid of, and that freaked me out. Without really thinking I ran. Running in no general direction really, but I knew I had to leave.

Before Irealized it I was running through the field, my silent footsteps making me feel like I was shrinking into the background, fighting to stay in this reality. Wake up bridget, wake up! I yelled at myself. With my heart poundinbd in my head I tried to concentrate. Why am I not waking up?

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