The Lost Prey

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A girl walost. Some believe she ran away, but a stranger to her found a not saying she will be murdered. He seeks to find the truth.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



Chapter 1

He stood by the side of the forest. He stood by a rusty mountain bike. It looked as though it had been left out in the rain for a while. The rust crept up it like ivy, grasping the silver shield and ripping it away. He looked around him. His greasy blonde hair covered his eyes, as did the red cap trapping his locks. He leant on his bike that was leaning on a small oak tree. A pile of orange leaves coated the floor around him and crunched as he leant on the bike. He pulled out a small brick like phone and begain to text. The clicks from the keys echoed through the trees. He put his phone away and put in some green headphones and began to nod his head slightly to the beat of the music.

A girl stood in the distance. She looked approximately 15, similar to the boy’s age of 16. She walked towards him slowly, also with headphones in, although hers were black. Her blonde curly hair was tied up in an untidy bun, with a curl hanging down by both of her ears. She had pale skin with rosy cheeks and pink lip. Her brigh blue eyes gleamed in the sunlight. As sh reached the boy she dropped a small piece of paper that landed beside his foot. As she walked into the woods the boy looked up and caught a glimps of her face as she passed. He looked down and noticed the paper beside his foot. He bent down to pick it up. He turned to the forest shouting ‘Hey!’ in the process. As he looked for her, she was not there. She had vanished amongst the trees. He opened the folded paper. It read:

My darling Phillip,

I fear, my love, you do not want me any longer. I feel I also do not want myself. By the time you read this note I will have left this world, but not by my own hand. I have been chosen by the one we despise as the next prey. I fear I will not finish this note before I am gone. Live long my love...

Cassie Francis

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