The Experience Of Secondary School

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In this short story I am going to be talking about how people can change through time.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Year 7

?Year 7 is the time to make friends. Everyone seems to like you and you feel like the most popular one around. This is the time of year when everyone suddenly becomes cocky and thinks they are invinsable. The dogs bollocks really. The lastest bag tread = everyschool bag in the year, everyone looks the same.

Year 7 is the only school year EVER to have mobs of people in one 'friendship' group. Everyone seems to be your true friend, if only they knew otherwise...Year 7's are finding their first crushes and boyfriends. This year is filled with ALOT of awkward PDA.

Year 8

?This will possibly be the only time in your life that you have a 'party' every weekend. Everyone is turing the big 13 and wants to celebrate by having a party in the same location as the rest of the newly turned 13 year olds. As the year goes on the 'friendship' groups slowing start to decrease and this is when all the drama begins.

This year has to be the year with the most irrelevent and pathetic drama in the whole school. Accusations are being thrown back and forth between all 'friendship' groups about who said what about who. The majority of the time, the person who is to blame is the person who screenshotted a chat she had with someone behind that persons back. This year is full of karma and 'SHE'S TAKING YOU AWAY FROM ME' type of arugments. From expreience, it may be fun to join in the midst of it all but at the end of the day it is NOT worth it and gets you absolutley nowhere.

Year 9

?This is typically the year students chose 3-4 subjects they want to do for GCSE, and with this comes the classic, 'Im taking whatever my bestfriends taking' - NEVER a good idea. These subjects are the next step that allows you to move forward in life and if you decide to screw them up then good luck to you. Year 9 consistes of a few parties, small friendship groups and absloute banta. This year is the most boring but at the same time kinda important. In this year you begin to see who's a deadbeat and whos truly worth spending time on.

This is the year all the 'badboys' (and girls) come to light. In this year, these people are a waste of time. You come to discover how truly unmotivated they are to do anything with their life. If you choose to stickaround these kinds of people that have such a negative outlook on life then truth be told you will most likley end up down the drain with them, and yours won't be a better looking drain either. If you focus, you WILL do well. You will go far.

Year 10

Mock year. The year everyone is scared by the thought of taking GCSE'S next year. Even the ones that try to hide it or say they 'dont care' are probley shitting themsleves if they are honest. They just wont admit it. Kids are revising hard only to realise they are a waste of time.

Parties are limited but heavy. Drinks flowing in, aswell as all the expreimental drug heads. This is the time to chose whether you want to be assoicated with that kind of thing. People are having sex and friendships are at breaking point, no-one can trust anyone. People who dont flow with the 'popular' crowd are shunned away as they are seen as 'boring'. You are begining to see whos truly down for you and who's fake.

Year 11

GCSE'S. Everyone is frightend and worried as they have no clue what they want to do with the rest of their lives. College applications are flying everywhere as well as revison. There are VERY limited parties but if you have friendship groups outside of school, there will always be a time and place for a sesh.

People are on the final straw of paticence. People are scared for GCSE'S but excited for prom at the same time. emotions are running high, people dont know how they should feel about it all but are also worried because they don't feel anything at all. All their emothions have blended into one and have created a scence of carelessness. This year is the most relaxed and unrelaxed at the same time. People know who their friends are.

This has to be the best yet worst year of all. Best because you know where you belong and who you want to remain on the jouney with you. Almost everyone seems to unite. Worst because the amount of stress you are placed under. You just have to enjoy every moment.

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