Hey you got somthing on your face...

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Essay about paintballing and why people should try it

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



 Hey you got something on your face...


Do you want to get dirty? Do you want to light up people with paint? I know I do! Well if so, paintball is your game! What’s better than shooting people with paint? Well think of this, what if RHL had its own paintball team for those who enjoy the sport? You could find out what type of paintball you are interested in, and where local fields are as well. Well let me tell you a little about my experience.


When I first stepped out on that field, I couldn't have thought of anything more exciting! bunkers, trenches, flags, and other obstacles. When the Referee Blew the whistle I ran out onto the field shooting paint at the opposing players. I ran to a bunker where I watched the hill they were approaching our fort. before I knew it, the people on the other side of the fort were tagged with paint. I turned around and got shot about 5 times before they realized I was out. My mask was covered with so much paint that all I could see was a yellow blob.
Different types of paintball fields may be of interest to some people who might enjoy a different edition of the game. Woods Ball, Speed/Hyper Ball, and Scenario Ball are all for different people.


Woods Ball takes place in wooded or open fields where opposing teams play in bunkers, trenches, brush, or out in the open. Games on these fields usually are elimination, capture the flag, and V.I.P.


Speed Ball and Hyper Ball take place on a given field with obstacles littered on the ground. There is however differences between these two fields. Hyper Ball usually has pipes and wood structures throughout the field for players to take cover behind. Speed Ball has inflatable structures for the same purpose and are for quick team elimination.


Scenario Ball is a really popular game. Scenario Ball always is a big reenactment of a battle that's happend in history for example, D-Day, Iwo Jima, and other battles. Two teams compete for victory as the onslaught continues. Sometimes players even use specialized tanks in the reenactments! These are usually golf carts, ATV’s, or other  4x4s, the only drawback is you can only go 5mph and need to keep a distance from the players of 10 feet.


There are many paintball fields in the Portland/Vancouver area. These include Splat Action, Action Acres, Creekside Paintball, Lock and Load Paintball and Airsoft, Sniperz Den, Impact Action Sports, Pioneer Paintball, and BullRun Battlefields. Most of these fields have rental equipment for those who don’t have a gun yet. So instead of the school buying guns, the students can either use theirs or rent. They also have different fields within their grounds, Splat Action for example is the oldest and largest paintball field in the northwest! They have two Speed Ball and Hyper Ball fields and dozens of Woods Ball fields. They also provide rental equipment for beginners.


So why should RHL have a paintball team? Reasons such as a great activity for students as well as a new opportunity for students to meet new people interested in the same thing, the many types of paintball to experience, and local fields in the area as well for personal or group use. This is why RHL should have its own paintball team.


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