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Biography on the band Rise Against

Submitted: February 02, 2012

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Submitted: February 02, 2012




Rise Against

How many of you know the band Rise Against? If you have or haven't, you should read this. The band does what few bands have ever done in the past; teach others how to make the world a better place through rock. The band’s creation in 1999, inspirations, lifestyle, album art, and music all contribute to how Rise Against rose to popularity.

First, Rise Against’s creation plays an important role in their popularity today. Rise Against formed in 1999 when former 88-Fingers Louie’s bassist, Joe Princpie, scoped out the Chicago talent to make a new band. While looking he found vocalist Tim Mcllrath. Soon after fellow 88-Fingers Louie guitarist Dan Precision joined, followed later by Drummer Brandon Barnes. The band entered the punk rock scene and soon joined The Fat Wreak Label where they made two studio albums “The Unraveling” and “Revolutions per Minute” (Cooper,  Ryan; Loftus, Johnny). During the band’s signing at Fat Wreak label, Rise Against participated on the Vanz Warped tour. The popularity from their performance caused major labels to flood the phones to sign them. In 2003, Rise against signed with Dreamworks (Rise Against Biography). This demand shows how Rise Against’s creation played a crucial role in their popularity today.

Secondly, Rise Against’s popularity was ignited by their inspirations. The band has been inspired by many world events and the music styles of bands such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Smoking Popes, and Anti-Flag. They wanted to make their own mark while still maintaining the similarities in music Bad Brains and Minor Threat (Rise Against Biography). They decided to enter the Punk Rock scene, but also do what few bands have ever done, music with an important message. The band also writes about events happening in the world and what our job is as human beings on this Earth. On their 2011 album “Endgame”, their song Make it Stop (Septembers Children) is about homophobia and how it can cause people to commit suicide (Against, Rise).The lyrics clearly state this “Make it stop, Let this end. Eighteen years pushed to the ledge. It's come to this, A weightless step. On the way down singing. Woah, woah” (Make it Stop lyrics). The music video shows the effects on gay teens and their experiences in high school (Against, Rise).  The song makes the point that even though things may be bad now, they will get better. Their song lyrics send out a message on the bands thoughts about events throughout the world. Rise Against’s inspirations helped them to become famous.

Rise Against’s lifestyle also contributed in their popularity. In the music industry drugs, alcohol, and generally anything bad for your body is common. Members of Rise Against Joe Princepie, Tim Mcllrath, and Dan Precision however, are the complete opposite. They follow a straight edged code of no drugs, alcohol, or tobacco although their drummer Brandon Barnes doesn’t follow this code as strictly (Rise Against’s Biography). Rise Against are extreme liberals, support the organization P.E.T.A, and follow a strict vegetarian/vegan diet. The band’s goal is to teach others of how the world can be a better place if everyone plays a part (Rise Against Biography). They set an example to influence others with what they believe. Rise Against’s lifestyle contributed greatly in their popularity today.

Fourthly, many books become popular not only for the story but because the cover captures the attention of the reader. The same thing applies for album art. Rise Against’s album art captures the listener with a brief preview on the content inside and the band’s beliefs. For example, their fourth album, “The Sufferer and The Wittness” (The Sufferer & The Witness) shows their thoughts on bullying. The cover shows someone yelling or belittling their victim along with the band name and album title which provides a very strong message. Rise Against are peace seekers and do their part in making the world a better place. (Cooper,  Ryan) A lot can be told from Rise Against’s album artwork; they care about what is happening in the world we live in. The messages in their album art have helped Rise Against become more popular.clip_image002.jpg\"

Rise Against’s singles are a major part in their popularity today. They have made many hit singles over the years off of their albums “Revolutions Per Minute,” “The Siren Song and Counter Culture,” “The Sufferer and The Witness,” “Appeal To Reason,” and “Endgame.” Their first studio album “The Unraveling” however, did not produce any singles. Their 2003 album “Revolutions per Minute” produced one hit single Like an Angel. The album hit the top 40 on the Independent Billboard Charts. “Siren Song and Counter Culture” released in 2004 rose to #136 on the Billboard Top 200. Rise Against’s fourth studio album “The Sufferer and The Witness” produced hit singles such as Prayer Of The Refugee, Ready To Fall, and The Good Left Undone. The album shot skyward hitting the top 10 in the Billboard 200 Charts. “Appeal To Reason,” Rise Against’s fifth album released in fall 2008 rapidly shooting up to the top 3 on the Billboard 200 while also going platinum. “Appeal to Reason” also produced hit singles such as Audience of One, Savior, and Re-Education (Through Labor). In the spring of 2011 Rise Against released their latest studio album “Endgame” which hit #2 on the Billboard 200 while selling 85,000 copies in the first week, a first for the band (Rise Against Biography, Music News, Discography; Loftus, Johnny; Rise Against Pictures, Biography, Discography; Rise Against - Biography). With their rapidly increasing success, Rise Against’s singles play a major role in their popularity today.

Rise Against has risen in popularity since their inception. Their creation in 1999, inspirations, lifestyle, album art, and music have all brought Rise Against to where they are today. The way they express their feelings concerning our world through their music is something few bands have ever done. Rise Against might be one of the most popular punk rock bands of all time.

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