The Fall of Reach

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Review on the popular xbox game Halo: REACH

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012





The Fall of Reach

How many of you like shooting bad guys and like a great story-line to go with it? Well the Xbox game Halo: Reach has all of that and more!  New gamers need to play Halo: Reach, because it provides background details to the rest of the Halo Series, has a solid plot, courageous characters, amazing combat systems, and outstanding graphics. This will be the greatest game you have ever played.

My first reason new gamers need to play Halo: Reach is because it provides the background details that take place before all the original Halo games.  Even though it is a standalone game it ties the series together. For example, you and another Spartan are on a mission to deliver an important A.I. construct to a UNSC ship, The Pillar of Autumn. The A.I. construct is one of humanity’s last hopes for survival. Also on the Pillar of Autumn is another Spartan II, The Master Chief (Level 10, The Pillar of Autumn).Both Master Chief and the A.I. continue to combat the Covenant in the other Halo games. Halo: Reach is the beginning to an amazing series and will fill in those loose ends you may be wondering about. You should play this game to know what happened before Halo 1, 2, and 3.

My next reason that new players have to play Halo: Reach is for its story line. Planet Reach is a military strong hold for the UNSC, United Nations Space Command, and is also home of the iconic super-soldiers called Spartan II’s. In the year 2552, (Level 1, Noble Actual) an alien race known as the Covenant invades Reach and war breaks out. Noble Team, Reach’s finest and best team of Spartan II’s are sent on a mission to find some missing soldiers. Instead they find out the Covenant have invaded Reach. The Covenant sent a squad of Zealot class Elites to search for special ONI technology, and one of them gets away from Noble team after Noble Team’s leader Carter gave the command not to pursue. The Elite escaped with crucial information that could have saved the planet (Level 2, Winter Contingency). This is only a fraction of the stunning plot in Halo: Reach, which is why you have to play this game for its storyline.

My third reason to play this game is because the characters in the game are extremely courageous, they plan to defend Reach until the last Spartan remains. Noble Team, consisting of Carter, Kat, Jun, Emile, Jorge, and Noble Six battle the alien menace known as the covenant throughout Reach, both on the ground and in the skies above. You play as Noble Six, Noble team’s newest member (Level 1, Noble Actual). During the Reach campaign, you and the other Spartans fight back against the rapidly advancing covenant. In the end, you are the last remaining Spartan on Reach, and you fight to survive in the final and last days of the military stronghold known as Reach before the Covenant glass the entire Planet! Wave upon wave, you fight until you make the ultimate sacrifice for the Human Race. This courageous act brings a lot of character to each and every member of Noble Team. Doesn’t that make you want to be part of the courageous Noble Team?

Another reason to play Halo: Reach is for its combat systems. The game is a first person shooter, meaning that you see what is happening through your character’s eyes, in this case it is Noble Six’s. You can battle the Covenant with a variety of human and alien weapons, vehicles, and armor abilities. Every weapon you use has different affects and uses, the DMR for example is a Human semi-automatic rifle with a 3x zoom, but the Covenant Energy Sword is a close quarters weapon used to slice and dice your enemies (Game, Halo: Reach). Therefore, you will love the variety of the combat systems in Halo: Reach, so give it a shot, pun intended. 

My final reason people should play Halo: Reach is because, the game contains the best graphics out of the whole Halo series. The soldiers, vehicles, and surroundings all have outstanding graphics in incredible detail like no other! The game will actually look somewhat real when you are playing it. Even though there are aliens and such but you will feel like you are actually in the game. On one of the levels, the Covenant invades an UNSC installation called Sword Base and takes it over. You and a team of ODST’s are deployed on site to combat the alien threat. While on the mission, the Covenant have wiped out what little resistance remained at sword base and made it their own strong hold (Level 9, The Package).The game’s surroundings and characters  help make this seem real to the player. You actually feel as if you might be in the game fighting against the Covenant menace. Those reasons prove that people should play Halo: Reach for its graphics.

So if you like shooting bad guys, and also love a great story-line in your games you should buy Halo: Reach! Halo: Reach will be the greatest game you new gamers will ever play because it provides background details to the rest of the Halo Series, has a solid plot, courageous characters, amazing combat systems, and outstanding graphics. Halo: Reach contains all of this in one package! When you decide to buy this game, you won’t be dissatisfied!


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