And yet, there was Hope

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This poem tells the story of a ship, fighting for the safety of a city in her homeland when an unexpected twist and miscommunication make it difficult to defend the country.

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




It never should have been,

That step with which she fell,

To have fostered such a ship,

And brought upon true hell.


To keep, a dream far flattened,

The element of surprise,

And not to be un-curtained,

The power on the rise.


Allies in to fold,

We stumbled into battle,

And after it unwound,

The hull began to rattle.


And yet, there was hope.

And yet, there was reason.

While still she presses on,

Through hour and through season.


The axis on the offense,

We simply could not win,

For a force of such brute strength,

It had to be worth the sin.


But we were not here for honor,

We were not here because we wanted medals,

We were here to defend our people,

Through use of guns and pedals.


The mast which once flew high,

A darling of a ship,

Would in moments appear no more,

Taken out, as if by whip.


Unbeknown to us,

Our fight was futile,

The people of this city,

Knew fondly of the rile.


People of the area,

Had fled weeks before.

If only we had known,

Never would have come and tore.



So on we pressed,

To fight to the bitter end,

But we knew not what would come,

That life itself was to spend.


A shot, we heard from the far north,

Whither our enemy would find a mate,

And plunge we did headfirst,

Into an all-out battle for the state.


From the north, the east, the west,

Ships of all shapes and sizes began a descent on us,

Although she was strong and mighty,

Ships of this caliber could definitely cause a fuss.


To the south our island,

Pristine, yet not for long,

The ships would soon become one with the land,

As we could not take them strong.


A second shot,

Straight from the east,

Hit her squarely in the chest,

And forth came the real beast.


A ship, with a hull of pure steel,

Shifted its sites once again on the only opposition

But we worked hastily to miss that one,

With the use of a very slight reposition.


And just as we dodged that lethal shot,

Our stern blew to smoke,

A shot from the west,

Made the crew and the like choke.


With our final cannonball rested on the beast of the east,

We prayed one last time,

For the safety of our fatherland,

Although hopeless we were for sublime.


We shot out our last weapon,

Just as the opposition hit our bow,

To see our last kill,

Time would simply not allow.


So to Earth we said goodbye,

And to home we wished luck,

But any amount of chance,

We knew the axis to suck.


The fatherland fell the very next day,

Despite our greatest intent,

The axis took the land and annexed,

And placed our king in a pent.


So as I write this tale to you, dear reader,

Remember the fallen who have fought for you,

I am the last of the allies,

Are you an axis too?

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