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A poem for frnds

Submitted: June 23, 2013

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Submitted: June 23, 2013



A Friend like you is very rare,

The hardest gift I can share.

The precious gift I’ve ever got ,

And very rare have we fought.

I often do not call your name,

But tease you with many same.

I care for you in every ups and downs

And I will follow you in every narrow towns.

In my busy schedule I will give you space,

Just that I can see your face.

Because you’re a friend so ever true,

I am glad to have a friend like you.

More than you I feel nothing important,

Rather without you life is rotten.

People say its difficult to find another you,

And so found people are only few.

I feel lucky to be among the few,

And its all because of you.

When our friendship had a start,

You took a special place in my heart.

Our friendship is a beautiful art

And for sure we will never be apart.

Our friendship will not fade,

Because its not the breakable bond that we made.

Though we had once a serious fight,

When we joined back it made our friendship tight.

Now there is’nt a crazy fight,

Because we take things light.

This attitude may help us to set things right,

If I hurt you any after; Tarry,

Do not get upset and angry.

Tell me in what way I had hurt you,

So that I can get it right and be with you.

Share your happiness and sorrow,

And my suggestions you can borrow.

Share with me your secrets and feels.

I will keep them with me and seal.

You can share your thoughts without fear,

Because your’re my friend who is dear.

If you tease me I will bear,

Because I know it comes with care,

I know you will be there till my last breath,

As a true friends even after my death.

I want a favor after I die,

Na! na! I do not want you to cry,

Just to show you how much I care,

Because then after I will not be there.

I just want you to be brave

And one night come to my grave.

Standing on the end,

Saying missing you my idiotic friend.

Stay there for a minute or two,

I promise I will take care of you.

Even in that fearful night,

My soul will be by your side.

As my dear friend you are,

No matter distance be how far.

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