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An Event that takes place before "In a World of Monsters."

Submitted: December 02, 2015

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Submitted: December 02, 2015



The hiss of her breathing was not far behind me. The darkness was only making it more difficult for me to escape. My foot hit something and I felt my face hit the wet, stone ground. Scrambling, I tried to get back to my feet; my life flowed at will from a fresh cut on my cheek. Back on my feet, I continued to stumble through the black, humid cavern.

"Why do you try so hard? I only want to grant you what He would not give you." She cooed. I caught a glimpse of her golden eyes as they slithered off in the obscurity. I could hear her moving gradually through the cavern. Her calm, raspy breathing was the only thing that was keeping me at a safe distance from her. Gliding my hands along the wall in desperation; I tried to find the one key that was keeping me trapped within this underworld.

Then something slithered its way around my ankle, and all hope of escape slipped from my once optimistic heart. "Found you." She said with passion. The leathery feeling around my ankle synched itself up. A brief whoosh of air, the taste of blood and dirt once again in my mouth. Then the feeling of bodily fluids rushing to my head, and even a little bit of it flowing from my cut and into my eye. Her golden eyes locked with my pale blue eyes.

Relaxed, she slides up to my body and places her hands on my cheeks and gently kisses my forehead; brushing aside my shaggy brown hair. "After all that I have done for you, you still try to run. Why?" she said in a caring tone. The leathery skin slowly slithered its way down my leg and around my small, body until it covered me enough to turn me right side up. Her piercing gaze never once left mine. This time she was serious. There was no doubt in my mind that this time I would receive punishment.

"Guards!" she wailed.

Two men wielding halberds dropped through one of the holes in the cavern roof. She gently set me down on my feet in between the two, "Take him to the pit. And wait for my orders." There was a slight choke in her voice that I barely caught.

Her beautiful yet horrifying figure faded into the darkness as she turned from me. My silent guardians towered over me, grabbed my arms and forced me to march. Through the winding tunnels, some lit with torches and others pitch black. It never seemed to end, and with all the twisting paths, it only made it feel like an eternity. That is, until a door could be seen ahead, bathed in the naked light of torches. The two guards pushed the door open and I was greeted with the railing of a balcony. My keepers shoved me forward and slammed the door behind me.

A slow glance over the room told me that I was only brought to a better lit cavern; one with another balcony across from the one that I stood on. What was this place? Sounds of splashing and what could be hissing came from below. But before I looked, a door burst open on the other side of the room and two guards forced a man onto that balcony. The man's hands appeared to be tied behind him and his mouth was gagged. Yet even with the gag, his muffled screams echoed around the room. The two guards began to prod at him with spears. Forcing him closer and closer to the edge. The distance between him and I wasn't much, maybe only several dozen feet.

His frightened gaze desperately searched the cavern until they locked with mine. I know who this person is. The man's gaze went from terror to that of a livid fury. His arms struggled at his bonds and I could see it in his eyes, the rage. He let the guards pierce his side as he solidly planted his feet into the ground. His lifeblood scattered as they ripped the spears from him, yet he remained standing. Again, the guards stabbed him; this time the man let out a howl of pain. The spearmen left their iron-heads in his body and slowly began pushing him forward again.

A soft hand fell upon my shoulder.

"He was very useful." She whispered.

The man continued to struggle until the very end. His gaze never once leaving mine. A burning memory of his scream was created when he was finally pushed off. Walking away from the hand to peer over the edge; I was barely able to get to see over the railing and I regretted looking almost immediately. I saw the snakes. His agonizing screams forever implanted in my memory. The body was not devoured but ripped apart. His arms were pulled from their sockets, and his flesh was punctured by the fangs of many snakes. Blood mixed in the already dirty water and I watched as the man's corpse was slowly pulled under the mass of writhing and wriggling flesh. I gagged, and forced the vomit back down my throat. My legs gave out beneath me, and I fell to my knees. But a set of arms caught me before I hit the ground. Her arms wrapped around my body and pulled me into her breast. I could feel the tears in her eyes. Why was she crying, she just down right killed a man and is holding me captive against my will. She's a monster, she has no feelings for humans like me and that man. We are only her playthings.

The vicious thoughts ran rampant through my mind. She only held me tighter. "You see, as the ruler, I can't show any favoritism, not even to you. Yet you continue to hurt me, and that's only going to put you in more danger. Why can't you listen to me" She cried. "I couldn't submit you to that punishment, so I had him take your spot. How could I send someone I love to that. So why won't you listen to m–"

"What do you mean in more danger" I snapped, breaking free of her arms. I ran to the ledge and turned to face her, and I gave her the hardest gaze that a twelve year old boy could muster. "I'm already in danger just being here. You parade me around like a doll. And you show me off like a trophy to rest of your kind. You're a sick being and a monster. Love, what do you know of love?" I screeched, "You only love yourself, and how you look in the eyes of others. And once you're done with me, I'll probably end up like him down there."

I gazed at her figure in the full light. Her smooth skin radiated a light tan. Her long and slender arms reaching out for me. And her golden eyes, once again nearing their limit for the tears that have welled up. The lower half of her was that of a snake, and in a way, beautiful. Long and powerful. Dark green, scales with a red trim that ran down the sides. Yet she was a monster, no matter how beautiful.

"Yes, everything is different to you here. Yes I am a monster in your eyes. But you don't know anything." Her voice quivered. She rose up on her tail and slowly slithered over to me. "We lamia's are a proud race, and yes we enjoy showing what we have." The tears continued running down her cheeks. "So why can't I be proud of the one thing that I spent years trying to find? So why can't I show you off to everyone? Why can't I try to fulfill the roll that was stolen away from me so long ago?"

"What are you saying?"

"Why can't I be the mother to my son; the son who was stolen from me?" She wept."

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