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This book is based off Stephen Kings IT and a movie Called Badoet. This is my first horror story i written and i may make a part II or remake the story. Hope you enjoy the Short Story!

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



????? Part I by Scared.Co *Based off Stephen Kings IT, and a fan film called Badoet. This is a short version of a concept I was making*


I had just walked into a new school built from scratch, it was cold but the air was fresh. I quickly wanted to look at everything there was, I ran while my feet slapped on the cold hard marble floor. My mom was making a call with her mother telling her the new neighborhood was great and its very peaceful, she had a hard time catching up. My mother was here with me to apply for the school, I was homeschooled because my mother feared of me being bullied. Now her grandmother forced her to make me go to a public school because I never had a good friend. After my Mom hanged up on my grandmother she was out of breath and met me in the office. The office was bright, the walls were gold and the floor was wooden. Near the office, a table with a poster saying "Sign Up to Apply for the School!" so I went up to the table with my mother and waited for someone to come. After a minute an old lady with very gray hair had to check my mom's I.D and my birth certificate to prove I was her son.

"Well your set Mia, just come back in 2 weeks until its the first day of school. Were happy for your child here!" The old lady smiled.

"Alright, Hun! The first day of school! Just don't be worried, You will walk home by yourself every day and just try to make it a good year and please-" I interrupted my mom.

"Don't worry mom, it will be fine!"

"Okay. Im going into the car with your father! Check around the school and come back when you're finished!" My mom went out the door and went inside the car and drove away. She's a weird person sometimes.

I went to the lunch room and had the best pizza I ever ate. I had to use the bathroom and after I went out the restroom and I saw the most pretty women in my life. She was skinny and had a ponytail, her hair golden brown. Her eyes were the color of the sea. She looked familiar I don't know why.

"  Isn't your name Micheal?" She questioned me

Oh, shoot. She was a neighbor to me when I was homeschooled she moved away but we talked a few times and I kissed her before but we never had a date. "Hey Beverly! You still in the Area?"

"Yes, had to move cause I heard about this school being opened. So, I wanted to move closer so I won't walk far to get here." She laughed and saw I was looked like I seen a ghost. "I know im pretty, you're a good kisser!

"You know I like Hispanics!"

*2 Weeks gone by*

I met a kid named Matthew. He is a tall redhead, he plays on the basketball team and is teaching me about basketball. After school, i was walking with Beverly and Matthew and we went to my house. I was home alone so we joked around a few times, did homework and other stuff. Later after an hour, I heard banging on the door. I looked out the window and saw a clown. He was chubby, with dark skin and a big smile. He looked like my schools Principal. I never met him but I saw pictures. He picked up a Knife and started cutting his mouth. Matthew almost fainted and Beverly locked the door. I heard the window smash. In my closet, i had a Baseball bat just 3 of them. We all practiced baseball for fun. I turned off the lights and I heard footsteps and screeching. He started chopping the door with a hatchet.

"I don't wanna die!" I whispered

"Me neither"! Beverly responded

The door kicked over and the clown lunged at me and took his knife and carved a smile in my stomach and went deep. Beverly hit him in the head, but the bat broke.

"Wow. I felt that one!" The clown hissed. His head was bleeding so I knew he was human.

I groaned and laid there without moving. I clutched at my stomach I could feel my kidney.

The clown lunged at Matthew and grabbed him and threw him against the wall and he busted his head. Beverly tried hitting him but he opened his mouth and chomped on her neck. Matthew kicked the clown in the face. I remembered I hid a Shotgun under my dresser. I dug a hole with a knife and stuffed it there. Luckily the floor didn't bust. I moved the dresser and picked up the rifle and shot the Clown in the face. He was in a coma due to the whiplash but his face burnt. He was bleeding a little. I heard police sirens and I woke up in a bed in a hospital, at night. Beverly and Matthew were on the opposite sides from me. I heard buzzing and it woke me and Matthew and heard a whisper 

" The kids are Dumb, When they are feared they are Numb. I ripped their flesh after I eat they are with bless. They all get eaten but very heavily beaten. They all fall down."

Matthew and I saw the clown in the hallway smiling. He hold a large chainsaw. He said "Now you wont survive my Crown!"



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