The Girl in the Road

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A normal Wednesday in a normal summer. Sleeping in and staying up late is normal during the summer. Calming down an over-dramatic girlfriend is normal for Kyle Williams.

After living in the small town of Brooks for all his life, Kyle was the typical hero of the school. With perfect grades, an athletic record, and a reputation as a ladies man, some would say Kyle had it all.

Lisa Robertson was Kyle's best childhood friend. They did everythign together. But when a surprising divorce splits her parents apart and her father takes her with him, the two are seperated for good.

With ten years of seperation, things change. But still, Lisa returns to her tiny home town in hopes of rekindling an old friendship only to stumble upon a terrible accident involving her beloved sister and an unfortunate teenage boy.

Table of Contents

The Accident

Submitted: June 28, 2010

"What?" My voice was icy and I answered the phone. The expected blubbering and sobbing erupted for the other side of the phone as Kayla b... Read Chapter

This Can't be Happening

Submitted: July 11, 2010

~Lisa~   Tomorrow I was going to call him. I swear I will. Then again, this was the same thing I had been telling myself sin... Read Chapter