In the Beginning - Scars

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A teenager who goes by the name Scar, has made a contract with a demon named Bo. They share souls, and in return, she is given powers to defend herself from diseased humans.

And In The Beginning - Scars
shall I keep working on it?
I’m Scarlet, but everyone calls me Scar. I was named for my hair, since it’s red, but that’s over with. People call me Scar now. It came from the scar I have on my left cheek, and it was also a way to just shorten my full name. It fits my personality well. Anyway, just know, I’m Scar. Long ago, our planet was taken over by a new form of disease. It turned the living into cannibalistic creatures. We call these things the Lifeless. We call the time period before the world was contaminated the Once Was, and the time after the Now Is. It’s simple enough to understand.The human race was turned into bloodthirsty creatures, having no control over their own body or urges. These things still have part of their human selves in them. They are aware of what they are doing, but have no way of stopping themselves. This is where the disease comes in. We haven’t discovered how this happened, or really anything about how to stop them without slaughtering them. The disease did something more than just take over the person’s mind. It changed them externally. The creatures have only slits for eyes and a thin mouth positioned in a grin that stretches from one end of its face to the other. The things walk awkwardly, hunched over. They move with incredible speed and have grey, leathery skin. Black beady eyes and to-the-bone skinny are other characteristics of the Lifeless. Out of all of this, there is still something even more unnerving about these things that really cause any remaining people to freak. They chuckle when they have targeted their prey and can even cause their victim to be unable to move. I’m different from any other normal human being though. I can do things that no other human can do.
It’s daybreak, gusts of cold wind brush against my flushed face, bringing chills throughout me as it hits the decaying scrapers of this once populated city. It rustles the dead leaves and waste from the Once Was, blowing through the empty city. Grocery bags take flight, then limp back, not far from where they had begun. I, a survivor, feel like those plastic bags. Once I finally make progress, find something that helps, I’m pushed backwards by the same force that had helped me to begin with. I’m investigating the area, seeing if I can scavenge anything that may help me survive. I enter a carport that must have been in construction in the What Was. I reach the second level, passing cars on my way, and come to a sudden stop. I hear a chuckle. A group of the Lifeless must be in here. They usually come out from hiding at noon, but I knew this would probably happen. Without the sun, they are weak. Since the sun hasn’t shone itself completely, I have a better chance of surviving. I crawl to the wall of the building and freeze, hoping they don’t notice me. Sadly, they have already sensed my presence and are now coming towards me. I can’t run the opposite way, considering there’s a wall behind me. I’ve been surrounded now. They latch on to me. My arms and legs are tangled in the crowd of bodies grabbing at me. I sink to the ground. My legs feel like bags of sand. The Lifeless are holding me down, trying to force me to lay down and stay put, to become one of them. I take a deep breath and seize the longing idea of breaking free. The Force begins to work it’s magic. With one final exhale, my body begins to vibrate, flaking off the Lifeless and positioning me back on my feet. I begin to float off the ground, the Force throwing me several feet. My stance changes while I’m airborne, and I land gracefully on my feet. It takes less than a second for the first of the several Lifeless to catch up to me. This time, I’m prepared, and throw a violent kick directed towards the speeding creature. It catches my leg with incredible speed. Before it can get a tighter grasp, I hit it’s head with my Reaper. The blade cracks the monster’s skull and sends it toppling to the ground.  A silky, silver liquid oozes out of the creature, and It’s eyes role back. There isn’t any time to spare, as much as i would like to closely examine this thing. I have a life to live. I sprint down the ramps and to the exit of the lot before the rest catch up to me. I run as fast as I possibly can out the door and into the street. The beasts have already sensed me and are coming towards me, picking up pace. I’ve been surrounded. Behind me, the group from before has already caught up to me, and the remaining space has been replaced with several groups, equaling up to at least 1OO. I imagine being back to base, and focus on that lone thought. My attention stays on that single thought for what seems like hours. I finally float into the darkness, unable to see anything around me. The dark is choking me, squeezing me slowly as I gasp for breath. Then everything comes to a clenching stop.
I come back to reality and am back in the camp, exhausted. Everyone is staring at me, gaping. Bank, our director, gives the exact response I had expected him to.
“How did you just appear here? I could have sworn you weren’t there a second ago.” Oh, it’s nothing, I just time travelled with my super human abilities. Now in actuality, I did just appear here out of no where, but the truth would get me killed.
“I came in a few minutes ago. You must not have noticed.” 
“I must not have noticed.”
Bank replies with a puzzling look on his face.His responses amuse me when I am messing with his mind. This is one of the many skills that come in handy. Mind control really is one of my favorite gifts, but I have to pay a price. Sacrifices have to be made for true power.
 I have a demon, he’s my Keeper, I call him Bo. I give him my soul to share, and in return he gives me superhuman abilities. There are rules that apply though. In order to keep this bond strong, rituals have to be done. This involves black candles, satanic symbols, and the usual crimson blood formations. Now, I know what your thinking, demons are horrible. They are evil and will take over you. That isn’t true, not all demons are evil. Black magic, and other powers, all supplied by Bo, is something I’ve used for so much of my life. I couldn’t imagine losing my little demon friend. Ha, little, as if. He has a short temper at times, but, that is to be expected. He has given me knowledge as well as power, which is really helpful.

Submitted: August 23, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Scarlet Way. All rights reserved.

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Laurie loo

Keep up the great writing. You are very talented!

Sat, August 24th, 2013 8:02pm

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