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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
An epic about prince Kaedan's journey as he ventures to find out the mysteries of his reoccuring dreams and his missing mother.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012





“It’s getting late Kaedan. I hope you enjoyed your fourth birthday party!”

“I did, but daddy? Where is mommy? Why is she gone? Does she hate me? If I be a good boy will she come back and love me?”

“Kaedan, your mother is watching over you and protecting you. Though you cannot see her right now, she loves you very, very much. Here, this is your present from her. In this rectangular box she left her family’s secret treasure that has been passed down for generations. Keep it safe and near you at all times so that no harm may come to you, my son. You are so precious to both of us. Now rest and go to bed.”

“Okay daddy. Night."

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining brightly and fresh dewdrops were clinging to the tips of the tree leaves. The day was filled with crisp, fresh air in the high mountains of Asteral. Everything seemed so peaceful in the kingdom of Glorion, but the wise king sensed there was something wrong. Something was amidst that triggered insecure feelings in his heart. The evil tribes towards the North, the Cangers and Lyzincs, seemed to have stopped their futile attempts to conquer the prosperous city of Glorion. But why was there still so much fear in the King’s heart?

King Vailgrin grew up with knowledge and wisdom by his side since his youth. He never once faltered to make the right choices for his people. He was a sacrificing king who married beautiful lady Azalea at the age of 19. Though her family was of nobility from a far off land, Azalea had grown up amongst the people of Glorion as one of them. Azalea was known to be the most loving queen known to mankind, until the day she mysteriously disappeared. On that cold, dark evening, the outcries from the people seemed to drown the whole world with wails of devastation. The city of Glorion continued to search for Queen Azalea until a week after her disappearance; when a mysterious box appeared with her family’s protection buried inside…

Kaedan was turning twenty-one that bright, sunny day. He was the only prince of Glorion and was extremely suitable to be the future king. His leadership qualities and courage made him appeal to all of his subjects and his integrity was prized in the nation. Kaedan was not only attractive in his personality, but in his looks as well. He was around six feet and three inches tall with a lot of muscle. His soft straight, light brown hair and his hazel eyes attracted all of the woman of Glorion. Furthermore, he was one of the top horse riders and sword fighters.

“Father!” exclaimed Kaedan when he met king Vailgrin at the breakfast dining hall. “I had the same reoccurring dream about that cloaked being who keeps digging under the same old cottage in some part of the deep forests. This time though, I noticed that the trees were dense and taller. The cottage must be located up north near the Canger’s territory! Please let me go explore the area! I have been so curious about what that strange figure is hiding in such a place!”

“I worry for your well being Kaedan. That is the only reason why I haven’t allowed you to wander those evil woods. Beyond our land lie many forms of dangers and monsters. Do you have to go? It’s just a dream!” the king tried to reason.

“You know my dreams are always a bit strange. I only dream of places that truly exist, yet no one has ever found. When I try to seek the answers to my dreams, the closest things I discover are folk tales and legends that relate to them. This time I want to know the truth! Every night this reoccurring dream only becomes more clear and vivid in my head. Please allow me to go father! I promise I won’t disappear.” Kaedan knew his father held fears and that he blamed himself for what happened to his mother.

“I shall let you go since it is your birthday. However, you must take Alias with you.” King Vailgrin knew he could no longer keep his growing son at home all the time. “I think a little adventure and danger can do your curiosity and slight foolishness some good,” he humorously added.

Alias had been Kaeden’s closest friend since birth. He was born a month earlier and grew up in the palace as Kaeden’s companion. He too was quite popular among the ladies standing at 6 feet and 2 inches with his blond hair and deep turquoise eyes. Alias was extremely knowledgeable, while Kaedan was tremendously strong. Together as a team they were invincible and as friends their bond and love was deep and sincere.

Kaedan left at once on his black horse, Gaze, followed by Ocean, Alias’ white horse. The two rode out of the palace through the winding stone roads in the city. The people cheered as they saw their prince rush by. Kaedan, breathing in deeply, felt very loved and at peace as he rode through his kingdom beside his best friend. The markets were all set up for the day and the people were bustling with activity. The traders were walking around amusing themselves by shopping and the little kids were laughing and playing with flowers.

“I hope this journey is a quick, fun one,” said Alias. “I’d love to quickly come back home to such a beautiful, safe place like this.” As Kaedan passed by one of the last market stalls, he slowed down and jumped off of Gaze. He quickly bought two sacks, one full of bread, sweet pastries, dried fruits, and corn, and the other full of water. Then, the two rode off out of the city gates, through the farmlands, and finally out of the second gates that protected the whole territory. By the time they had left the kingdom it was almost nightfall. They rode for a bit more and decided to camp out in an empty cave.

Alias made a fire as Kaeden prepared a portion of the food they had. The two ate quickly and they extinguished the fire right after their food was warm. Fires were a form of attraction that only brought dangerous creatures lurking towards them. After they packed away their belongings, they slept behind the protection of their horses and once again Kaedan dreamed about the cloaked figure and the cottage.

In the morning, right at dawn the two set out for the mountains in the North. As they were riding up over a hill, a strange loud, shuffling noise was heard. Alias immediately motioned for Kaedan to be still and the two listened to the sound in silence. Every time they rode the shuffling noise increased and when they stopped it stopped as well. When Alias and Kaedan both realized this, they drew their swords and began rushing over the peak of the hill to avoid being at any disadvantage. Suddenly a hideous green troll bellowed at the two and grabbed the tail of Gaze. Kaeden’s horse immediately retaliated by kicked the troll with his hind legs. Kaedan turned around in his saddle with his back facing the head of Gaze and he drove his sword down, instantly killed the green, fat troll. Never before had Kaedan and Alias seen such a large troll. It was about 5 feet tall and almost 5 feet wide. It wore a ragged, brown cloth as a sash and had no weapons. “It’s quite dense to think it can kill two humans, and two horses without any weapons,” Alias stated. Kaedan, finding the dead troll disturbing to look at, buried it at the spot it died and the two continued on.

After several days of wandering the northern woods, Alias began growing unsteady with the strange voices and uninviting aura that was constantly present. “It’s just a little bit of danger that’s all,” Kaedan foolishly stated.

“Sometimes, a little bit of danger is all that is needed to end fragile lives,” Alias replied softly.

“Look!” Kaedan saw a bungalow in the distance that seemed similar to the one in his dream though it was that one. They rode towards it but as they came closer Alias commanded Kaedan to stop moving.

“There’s a strange whisper. I don’t think we should go near that cabin,” Alias said.

“It’s just a cabin. It looks a bit rundown anyways. I don’t think anyone lives in there,” replied Kaedan.

“Never mind if anyone lives there or not. We are not approaching it,” declared Alias. Remembering that his father would be insecure with too many dangers in his way, the prince decided to listen to Alias and they backed away from the cottage. As they did, the rundown cabin suddenly collapsed on its own with a loud clang. The two looked at each other with utter relief and began riding even faster away from the fallen bungalow, weird whispers, and strange aura.

As the team of two began riding on for three more days, they finally reached the cottage. Right away, Kaedan jumped off his horse and ran over to the side where he saw the strange being digging in his dream. Alias helped him dig the soil and they found a glowing stone with the engraving of a circle on it. Alias’ face turned pale. He threw the rock into the ground and implored Kaedan to go home. “Please understand that this is unwise. This stone is not something the gods would want you to become involved with,” explained Alias. Kaedan, extremely puzzled declared, “I will not leave until I know what kind of secret that stone holds!”

Alias looked up sorrowfully and said, “I always believed it was just a myth. But it seems to truly exist. That is the stone that traps all the souls who were innocently killed in the past. These souls are probably the ones causing all the whisper that floats with the wind. There are millions of souls so we heard them whispering from so far away. That being in your dream must be the wicked god of souls, Lucifer. He plays tricks on people’s lives for his own pleasure.”

“That wretched god! How dare he take the lives of my precious people!” shouted Kaedan, gritting his teeth full of rage. “I shall find Lucifer and make him release the souls that he stole!”

“Do not be foolish Kaedan! The only place Lucifer supposedly dwells in, is the dried well and its secret underground passages in the mysterious side of the Asteral mountains. The air is full of poison that instantly kills any humans who wander inside the well and there are always strange, dark creatures that lurk the thick forests. ”

“I have no fear. When I was little, Athena, the goddess of wisdom and victory, told me that she would lend me her strength at the time I needed it most. I will pray to Athena that she protects me.” With that, Kaedan ordered Alias to go back to Glorion with the news for his father and rode off towards the well. In three weeks he reached the area. Though deprived of food and water, Kaedan immediately jumped into the well letting his horse run off into the dark. Falling about thirty feet deep, he landed with a loud sound that echoed in the underground passages that surrounded him. After his eyes adjusted to the dimness, Athena whispered to his mind. “I am protecting you.” These words made Kaedan realize that some gods were on his side. Suddenly, a dark, cloaked figure floating above the ground loomed over towards Kaedan with sudden speed. It abruptly stopped in front of the prince and Kaedan began to hear Lucifer chuckle. “I knowww what you waantt,” hissed the god of souls.

“Then there is no need for talk!” roared Kaedan, filled with fury. Suddenly, a bright light shined out of Kaeden’s bag. He opened it and found his mother’s box inside. Within that box, Kaedan pulled out a sword he had never seen before. It had an Azalea flower preserved inside the handle. Using this sword, with a swift agile swing, Kaedan drove it into the shoulder of the cloaked god. Lucifer began cackling while glowing slime oozed out of the wound and dripped onto the ground. Kaeden’s instinct sparked. He shifted the sword downward through Lucifer’s rib cage. He then grabbed the stone of souls out of his pocket that he had secretly taken when Alias wasn’t looking. He forced it into the god’s open wound. Lucifer, who had been laughing the whole time and believing only in his immortality, suddenly began screaming in a shrill high-pitched voice as his body began to sizzle. The power of all the souls he had been collecting, was killing him. Kaedan saw millions of glowing figures rushing quickly away in all directions. An angelic woman loomed over towards him. Though the prince could not recognize her from within his memories, he could recall her sweet voice. His mom softly spoke the words he had yearned to hear his whole life, “I have always loved you, my beautiful boy, Kaedan.”

“Mom!” yelled Kaedan reaching out and trying to grab his mother’s hand. She, just like all the other souls, faded away into the air almost as if she had never been there.

“Thank you,” whispered Kaedan facing the sky above the well as he wished to bring his mother back to life.

“Kaedan!” yelled a very familiar voice from above the well. Alias’ face appeared as he threw down a rope for Kaedan.

“You’re here!” Kaedan said with gladness.

“Of course I’m here. Did you really believe I would go back to your father without you? Obviously not unless I had a death wish! I also found your horse and brought it back. Don’t let Gaze run off again. I think he was scared. It won’t stop glaring at the ground.

“Maybe I should rename it Glare,” Kaedan said jokingly with a laugh.

The two rode all the way home swiftly to King Vailgrin. Kaedan’s father was so happy to see him he held a huge party in the land of Glorion for the safety of their return. To the people of his land, Kaedan announced his mother had passed away peacefully. Though they were sad, the people felt happy she was in peace and that Kaedan had met her one more time.


© Copyright 2020 Scarlet21. All rights reserved.

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