Uncovering Life - Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

*READ PART 1 FIRST* Garrett has escaped from prison, and he is after Colleen and Jude. When Garrett finds them, Jude is forced to reveal a dark secret about his past.

I had thought my life would stay normal and great like it had been.
I was wrong.
It all started when I saw Garrett’s picture in the newspaper. After I had run away from him and discovered my true past, he has been arrested for kidnapping me.
But now I saw his picture under the very last headline I wanted to see: Escaped Prisoner.
Don’t get me wrong, my parents are really good parents, but I decided not to tell them. At least, not yet. I decided to tell Jude first.
Jude had helped me find my parents. He used to be a runaway, but he became my adopted brother after Mr. and Mrs. Awkward dropped in. I’m sure they don’t mean to, but my parents can make any situation extremely awkward.
It was morning and my parents weren’t looking. I nudged Jude and handed him the newspaper. Together, we read the article.
The article had all the basic stuff: Garrett Cole, arrested for kidnapping, the number to call if you have ay information, blah, blah, blah. But one sentence caught our eyes: Authorities believe Cole may be after the girl he was arrested for kidnapping.
“This is not good,” Jude said.
“He’ll go after you first,” I told him. “He wants you out of the way.”
When Garrett had first found us after I ran away, he had realized that Jude was keeping him from me, so he had gone for Jude first.
Jude smirked. “Nah, he’s too out of shape to get to me.”
I said, “No, he looks different in the picture. Prison changed him somehow.”
It was true. In the picture on the newspaper, Garrett looked like he could run a mile. He used to be, as Jude described, fat and lazy. Now he was slim, and his eyes made him look like he was awake and alert at every moment. He looked fast and strong nonetheless.
The next day, Jude and I were walking home from school. We had been having regular lives for about a year now, and we still didn’t have friends. The problem was, everyone knew of our past. None of them wanted to be friends with a couple of kids who had been runaways, one kidnapped and raised with a lie, and now had a murderous escaped prisoner after them?
Anyway, we were walking home when we saw him.
Garrett was running at us with a knife in his hand. Jude had taken his gun the first time he’d tried to kill us, and now he had somehow gotten hold of a knife. This was no ordinary kitchen knife; this was big, sharp, and machete-like. Still, either one could kill us easily.
Garrett was fast. Like I had guessed, he was much more fit than I’d ever seen him.
Blood pounded in my ears. I could hear Garrett’s footsteps drawing nearer and nearer…
The first thing I felt was extreme pain in my leg. I collapsed, the pain weakening me enough that I could not stand. Garrett was running to me, but his knife wasn’t in his hand. It was sticking out of my leg.
Jude tried to get me to stand up, but I could hardly move my leg. The knife was deep in. He tried to pick me up, but he was too slow under my weight and Garrett reached us.
Jude set me down and pulled the knife out of my leg. The pain surged through me and I cried out. Jude tried to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on it. Then he got up, the knife in his shaking hand, and faced Garrett.
“Back off, kid. You ain’t got the guts.” Garrett’s voice was different that I remembered it.
“He does!” I said. My voice quivered, though.
“Shut up, Rachel,” Garrett rasped.
I glared at him. “It’s Colleen, no thanks to you. You lied to me my entire life.”
At this, Jude’s hand started shaking even more. A drop of blood fell to the sidewalk.
Garrett laughed. “Scared, little Judey?”
Jude’s expression suddenly changed to rage at once. “Don’t call me that anymore!” He said, thrusting forward. I couldn’t understand why he had said “anymore.”
Garrett easily dodged Jude and he stumbled. Garrett took his knife and raised it, ready to strike down on Jude’s back.
I screamed, “No!”
Garrett turned to me, smiling maniacally. He stamped his foot hard on my knife wound.
I cried out in pain again, this time much louder. Garrett just laughed and raised his knife above Jude again.
Just as Garrett was striking down, Jude grabbed his wrist. I can’t explain it, but he somehow stopped the knife. They both struggled, Garrett pushing the knife down on Jude, and Jude resisting it.
Finally, Garrett kicked Jude’s legs, causing him to collapse. This time, he succeeded in striking the knife down.
Just in time, Jude rolled to the side. The blade only grazed his shirt. He pulled Garret down, and soon we were all on the ground. Jude grabbed back the knife and stood up before Garrett got the chance.
“Nope, I’m not scared.”
And he stabbed Garrett in the leg.
I still couldn’t move, so Jude supported me home.
You can probably guess how wonderfully pleased my parents were to see their kids staggering home, one bleeding badly, the other bruised and shaking.
But of course, our greeting was a frightened gasp and “Where have you been?” from my mom.
She cleaned both of us up and bandaged my wound while we told her what happened.
When we were finished, she said, “Did you say his last name was Cole?”
I nodded. My mom looked curious, but Jude looked nervous.
“Hmm… an odd coincidence. But I suppose it’s a rather common name…”
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing,” Jude broke in. I was confused, but I said no more.
Apparently all the kids at school had heard about our little encounter. People started crowding around us, asking all sorts of questions. Sure, you’re not interesting when you’re kidnapped until you get stabbed in the leg. I wasn’t left alone the entire day. I wondered if this was what it was like to have friends.
On the way home, we passed the bloody spot where we had met Garrett. He was nowhere to be found. We made it home without spotting him.
I was on crutches now, which didn’t make my life any easier. They made my arms hurt along with my legs. It was hard to sleep.
The next day was Saturday. Jude and I knew to be cautious. I half expected Garrett to pop up again.
For once, I was right.
We spotted Garrett hiding in the forest across the street.
“I’m going out there,” Jude said.
“Are you crazy?” I asked. “You can’t do that!”
Jude ignored me. He walked out the door toward the forest. I ran after him.
Garrett saw us. He still had his knife. Grinning, he said, “This is too easy.”
Jude stepped in front of me, shielding me from Garrett.
“You’re a brave kid,” Garrett said. “Got that from me, I wager.”
“What?” I asked, confused. “What are you talking about?”
Jude hesitated. “He’s talking about heredity. You see… Garrett’s my dad.”
My mouth dropped open. “Wh…what?”
“Think about it,” Jude said. “I’m three years older than you. Garrett left when I was six and kidnapped you. You were three.”
Garrett sneered. “Hurry up so I can kill you, boy.”
Jude turned to him. “You’re no father of mine.”
At this, Garrett lunged at him. Jude jumped to the side, pulling me along with him.
“You shouldn’t have run away,” Garrett said. “Either of you.”
I stood on my crutches and watched the fight between father and son. I was still completely shocked. Finally, Garrett managed to push Jude up against a wall with the knife to his throat.
I did the only thing I could think of. I used the wall for support and hit Garrett as hard as I could with one of my crutches.
Garrett doubled back. Seizing the opportunity, Jude stabbed Garrett in the side with his own knife.
Clutching his side, Garrett fell to his knees.
“You… you two can’t escape me forever,” he croaked.
Jude looked down at him with a smirk. “Watch us.”
Once we were back home, Jude said, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. It’s just… he’s not the kind of father you’re proud of.”
“That’s okay,” I said. “So he left you when you were six?”
“And my mom took care of me until I ran away. Neither of them were good parents like yours.”
“I can tell you that much about Garrett.”
Jude laughed, then looked solemn again. “My mom was okay until Garrett left. It changed her. That’s why I ran away.”
I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him. My life with Garrett sounded really nice after being compared with his.
“So you ran away from one parent and stabbed the other?” I asked, a little jokingly.
Jude smiled weakly. “Yeah.” For the first time, I noticed how much he looked like Garret. He had the same hair and eye color, but he had a kind face.
“So you were Jude Cole before we adopted you?”
“That was the coincidence Mom was talking about.”
“Okay, now it makes sense. Do you think Garrett will come after us again?”
Jude sighed and looked out the window. “Hard to say. The best we can do is keep an eye out for him.”

Submitted: March 12, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Scarlet398. All rights reserved.

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