The Diary Of The Misunderstood

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Submitted: January 12, 2010

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Submitted: January 12, 2010



Dear diary,

Thinking about what has happened in life I can easily say it has been bad. never really realized how much difference my life made me feel untill i actually sat down thought about it. how can you feel love for someone if it isnt there? how can you know the differences between the truths and the lies.

Does it matter what I have to say or not? they say im just a kid and my voice doesnt matter but other people tell me my voice does matter. so which is it? my mom tells me that i can speak to her about anything but when i do she just screams at me. she says what im saying isnt true and that i should quit making up lies to get attention.

But im not making this stuff up and I dont want attention. in fact I wouldnt care if i got attention. I cant really be myself to my mom otherwise she'd put my butt in a place were mental people go or a place where people have porblems go. I dont want to go there. So i try to hide my feelings by only telling my friends. they dont get it either!

sometimes I really think they dont really care... well some do anyway. maybe like two or three. but anyway. my mom thinks i lie too much and that i should stop and she even slapped me three times! and a few minuties later shes like oh im sorry well you forgive me and I live you. im so scared of course i give her what she wants to hear.

But how can I love someone who does that? how can i dare look them in the eye and tell them the truth without feeling strength and pride inside? i dont know diary. I dont know. a lot of my friends dont like me so i try to stay away from them even though they continue to make stuff up about me..

I wonder if I can trust anyone any more. i mean i know my mom doesnt trust or believe in me so what should I do?  I dont feel like i should trust any one...

I got to go my mom is home..

~~ friens for always, Judith

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