The Roosevelt Run

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Roosevelt gets lost....what will he do to get home?


INT. bathroom - day.
SARAH, an eight year old girl. puts ROOSEVELT, a plush teddy bear with a red heart stitched onto his chest. underwater and begins to scrub the mud off of his fur.
Here we go!
Come here Sarah!
The MOTHER calls from down stairs.
Sarah jumps up and runs down stairs, leaving Roosevelt face down in the bath water.
Roosevelt jerks his head up and out of the water gasping for air.
Roosevelt... How long are you going to let her treat you like that?
K-BEAR a blue teddy bear, smaller then Roosevelt. Sits in the corner of the bathroom listening to Roosevelt's conversation.
rubber duck
You're going to fall apart.
That's fine, she's the only one for me anyways.
Yeah, you let her trash you then she'll love me.
Roosevelt jumps up and hangs on the edge of the bathtub to see who is speaking.
K-Bear stands and walks closer to the tub.
What's you're problem man?
My problem is you getting all the attention, with us other toys not get crap!
Well I get attenti--
Shut up duck.
Roosevelt and K-Bear hear Sarah running back up the stairs.
K-Bear drops flat on the floor in the middle of the bathroom.
Roosevelt inhales deeply and drops face down in the water.
The RUBBER DUCK lets out a small laugh towards Roosevelt.
Sarah runs in the room stepping on K-Bears arm.
She reaches down to Roosevelt.
You OK Rosy?
She pulls Roosevelt out of the water.
Come on Sarah, we have to go.
Come on Rosy, lets go.
Roosevelt winks at the Rubber duck as Sarah carries him off.
INT. car - day
Sarah holds Roosevelt up to the window as the mother drives to the store.
Roosevelt reads the street signs as they drive by.
They turn right at Oak Drive.
Then left at Pecan Avenue.
int. grocery store isle - minutes later.
Sarah sets Roosevelt on the bottom shelf of the isle and she reaches for a box of candy.
Mommy, can I get this?
No, come one.
The mother grabs Sarah's hand and pulls her down the isle.
Sarah tries to argue before turning the corner.
Roosevelt waits patiently for Sarah to return
INT. Sarah's room - NIGHT.
Sarah runs into her room crying. Her mother follows closely behind her.
K-bear creeps to the edge of the door, behind Sarah's mother.
You made me leave Rosy at the store!
K-Bear smiles mischievously.
Calm down Sarah, Rosy was getting old anyways, why don't you play with one of your other toys?
I don't wanna! I want Rosy!
K-bear runs out and falls in between the mother's legs, unnoticed by either of them, until K-Bear taps her foot.
Oh... here, how about this one.
The Mother grabs K-Bear off the ground and sets it on Sarah's pillow. 
Sarah points at K-bear.
I don't want Fanny.
Names K-Bear.
I want Rosy. I love her.
No one hears K-Bear.
Roosevelt still sits motionless where Sarah had left him.
Sarah will come back!
Roosevelt whispers confidently to himself, not realizing The MANAGER is near.
The manager turns back down the isle, only to notice Roosevelt resting peacefully on the shelf.
You're not supposed to be here... In fact, by the look of it, you belong in the trash.
The Manager grabs Roosevelt by the face and carries him to the nearest trash can.
After throwing Roosevelt away, the Manager turns off the light and locks the door as he leaves.
The trash can's lid swings a bit just before Roosevelt sticks his head out.
Roosevelt jumps out of the trash can and runs to the, now locked door.
Roosevelt hears something behind him. He turns to so see a small group of TOYS amassing.
batman action figure
Where did you come from?
My owner left me here on accident.
Oh, yeah right, she probably bought a new toy and didn't want you anymore.
Shut up! You don't know her. Sarah loves me.
The group of toys begin to whisper to one another. 
robin action figure
And what makes you so sure?
Yeah! Why would anyone love a beat up bear like you?
JOEY, a small action figure, steps through the crowd, dressed completely in camouflage.
Leave him alone!
The crowd goes silent.
Roosevelt looks at Joey confused.
Come on, I'll get you back to your girl.
int. janitor's closet - night
Roosevelt and Joey step into the room and examine a tall ladder, that stretches to the ceiling.
This is it...
Joey says pointing to the open air vent above the ladder.
Roosevelt sighs at the thought of climbing the large ladder but begins climbing none the less.
You're just getting after it arn't you?
Joey struggles to keep up with Roosevelt.
No time to waste.
Roosevelt reaches the top of the ladder.
I like your attitude bear. Here, throw me up to the vent, and then I'll throw down my grappling hook.
Roosevelt grabs Joey and throws him up, not giving him a moment to prepare.
Joey grabs the edge, climbs up, and turns around. He tosses down his grappling hook.
Roosevelt climbs up.
Ok, I think it's this way...
Joey finishes wrapping his grappling hook and begins walking down the dark vent.
Roosevelt follows closely behind.
I freaking hate the dark.
Yeah, I don't like it either. Sarah always had a night light.
So are you sure that it was an accident?
Joey stops and turns to Roosevelt.
Roosevelt stays in Joeys face for a moment.
Ok, ok, I was just wondering.
Joey raises his arms, then continues to lead the way.
You know if I wasn't made out of High-Density Polyethylene you would scare me.
What? What is that?
Hard plastic. I'm virtually invincible.
int. air vent - night
Joey approaches the end of the ventilation system and puts his hand on the screen. They now have to break through.
Here, this is the exit vent, it'll put us on the roof, then we'll find a way down.
All right, sounds good.
Joey runs his shoulder into the vent but it does nothing.
Wait, lets both hit it.
Joey nods as they get in a running position.
ext. alley way - seconds later.
Roosevelt and Joey burst through the vent. Unfortunately, Joey was wrong about the placement of the vent. Instead of a roof to land on, it is a 15 foot fall.
Roosevelt panics and reaches for anything to stop his fall. He catches part of a rain gutter pipe.
Joey does the same but only manages to grab Roosevelt's foot.
As they dangle from the pipe...
Good call.
I can see under the circumstances that you might be a bit-
Will you just grab the pipe already?
Oh, right.
Joey grabs the rain gutter and they both slide down.
Ext. sidewalk - night
Joey and Roosevelt are walking along the side walk.
As they approach an intersection, Roosevelt reads the signs and remembers what he had seen while riding in the car.
Come on it's this way.
Roosevelt directs Joey left, down Oak Drive.
ext. alley - night
As they pass an alley, they hear something.
Roosevelt and Joey freeze, then fall over as if being dropped by a child.
A black CAT climbs out of a trash can. The cat has a red collar, with a name tag that reads "Simon".
Roosevelt watches out of his peripheral vision as Simon gingerly jumps off the trash can and smoothly walks toward him.
Simon gets to Roosevelt and sniffs him, then moves to Joey doing the same.
Simon speaks in a female's voice as she circles around, leaving Joey and Roosevelt closest to the alley.
Really? You think I've never seen a living toy before? Those are my favorite to chase.
Joey gets nervous.
Joey uses his karate chop action and hits Simon in the eye.
Simon rears back and hisses.
Roosevelt and Joey dart behind the nearest dumpster. Joey goes in first
There isn't much room but they fit.
Simon swats at them but isn't able to fit behind the dumpster.
what are you going to do? your trapped now.
Simon continues to swipe at Roosevelt, and Joey begins to panic.
She's right! What are we supposed to do?
Quiet, give me a second.
Roosevelt examines his surroundings, seeing a pipe running along the wall just above him.
The pipe runs diagonally to the roof of the building. the pipe is only wide enough for Joey to run along it.
Roosevelt yells as he grabs Joey and throws him up, past the top of the dumpster to the pipe.
Joey panics, but grabs the pipe.
Simon looks up ready to jump up after him, when Roosevelt lunges out from behind the dumpster.
He darts under one of Simon's legs, knocking him off balance.
A look of confusion is washed away by determination as Simon realizes what they are doing.
Simon quickly turns and pounces on Roosevelt.
Roosevelt tries to crawl away.
Simon roles Roosevelt over and lowers her head close to Roosevelt's face.
Clever bear, finding the other toy is going to be tricky now.
Roosevelt swings and hits Simon in the face.
Simon rears back, her sly grin now replaced by anger.
Roosevelt cringes, ready for the worst.
When he sees a familiar grappling hook fly down and hook in Simon's collar.
Joey, lands on Simon's back and loops his rope around Simon's neck.
Joey pulls Simon off of Roosevelt, guiding Simon like a horse.
Run! Make it home! Go now!
Roosevelt hesitates, questioning what he should do.
Roosevelt get's up and runs.
Ext. Sarah's house - night.
Roosevelt crosses the street in front of Sarah's house.
He can see that her night light is on, glowing through her barely opened window.
He examines a tree that has grown, like a natural ladder, to her window. Without hesitating, Roosevelt begins climbing.
Roosevelt jumps from limb to limb, excited that he has finally made it home.
As Roosevelt gets high enough he jumps from the tree to the window ceil.
He dusts himself off, wanting to look as nice as possible.
Then he grabs the bottom of the window and, with a grunt, heaves the window wide open.
int. sarah's room - continuous.
Roosevelt steps inside the window ceil.
Examining the room, Roosevelt sees Sarah curled up in bed, he smiles.
Then Roosevelt notices K-Bear lying next to Sarah.
Roosevelt's world begins to crumble, a look of sadness washes over his face.
Roosevelt touches the red heart stitched to his chest.
The silent question echoes through the room.
Moon light shines in the window and projects Roosevelt's shadow on the floor in front of Sarah's bed.
His look of sadness fades as rage begins to replace it.
Roosevelt grips his heart, and rips it off.
He stands motionless, gripping his heart tighter and tighter.
Roosevelt hears a mumbled laugh, and turns out the window to see Simon looking up at him with Joey unconscious in his mouth.
Simon lunges up the tree, jumping from limb to limb.
Roosevelt turns and jumps to a desk with a cup of pencils sticking out.
Simon lands on the window ceil.
Roosevelt pulls a pencil from the cup, turns and gets in a fighting stance, with the sharp tip of the pencil aimed directly at Simon.
Simon drops Joey, who bounces off a toy chest and then falls behind it.
Looks like it is just you and I.
Simon smiles and gingerly jumps on the desk.
Roosevelt says nothing. He tightens his grip on the pencil, with his fabric heart still in one hand.
Now where were we?
Simon slowly steps around Roosevelt, putting Roosevelt closest to the window.
Simon lowers his body readying to pounce.
Simon lunges forward.
Roosevelt flips his pencil around and anchors the sharp point into the desk.
As Simon comes down on the pencil, Roosevelt catapults Simon over him, and out the window.
Roosevelt turns and jumps on the window ceil and looks down.
He see's Simon land on all fours.
Simon glances up.
Roosevelt slams the window shut.
Roosevelt and Simon lock eyes, then Roosevelt turns away, and jumps down onto the toy chest and then down off of it.
Roosevelt pulls the chest out a bit, grabs Joey, pulls him out, and lays him out flat.
How bad is it Doc?
Not that bad. Just a couple scratches, but you're invincible remember?
I guess you're right, help me up.
Joey struggles to get up, then lays back down after his knee gives out.
Roosevelt begins to pick Joey up.
Where are we going?
We're moving on.
What do you mean?
Sarah doesn't want me anymore, she's replaced me.
Roosevelt. No. This is just a miss under standing, if she loves you like you believe she does. She wouldn't just replace you.
What do you want me to do? climb up and ask her "whats going on?"!
A moment of silence enters the room.
Roosevelt releases a sight, acknowledging Joey is correct.
INT. SARAH'S ROOM - night.
Roosevelt climbs up Sarah's bed, his heart still in his hands.
He reaches the top, looks back down at Joey, who it looking back with a thumbs up gesture. Roosevelt dusts himself off again and turns.
Sarah is inches from his face, wide awake.
They lock eyes for a moment, Roosevelt doesn't know what to do.
Rosy you came home!
Sarah wraps Roosevelt in a hug.
Roosevelt can't help but smile.
What happened to your heart Rosy?
Roosevelt is speechless, but shakes his head.
Don't worry, we'll get that fixed tomorrow. Sound good? I'm so glad you came home Rosy!
Joey laughs, hearing Sarah call Roosevelt by the wrong name.
Roosevelt nods his head with a smile.
What was that?
Sarah leans over the edge to see Joey. he freezes for a moment. Then relaxes and waves at Sarah.
Sarah reaches down and picks up Joey.
Who's this?
Roosevelt struggles to speak.
Joey smiles.
I'm Joey, Rosy's friend.
Nice, to meet you. My name is Sarah.
Sarah scoots over, unknowingly pushing K-Bear just far enough to slide off the bed. She then pulls the blankets up and over them both.
Sarah Continues to ask Joey questions.
Where'd you come from? and how did you get here?
Joey pauses and smiles even wider.
ext. back yard - some time later / day.
Roosevelt and Joey sit in the grass next to each other in a posed fashion. Sarah plays in the background facing away. Roosevelt's red heart has been stitched back on.
Joey smiles and it begins to slowly grow, then he lets out a laugh, Remembering what Sarah had called Roosevelt.
Roosevelt swings his plush arm, hitting Joey in the chest knocking him on his back.
Roosevelt smiles ear to ear.
The end

Submitted: April 27, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Scarletskink. All rights reserved.

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