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a typical "i hate the world" attitude exhibited through words and a mean glare...

Submitted: June 02, 2007

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Submitted: June 02, 2007



  All that I am, is me.
You may look at me and think:

"here is a girl who gets good grades, has a loving family, and can gets just about everything she wants and needs; and yet, she seems cold, hard, as if she's set against the world around her and everything in it..."

But You can't judge a book by its cover,
and You definitely do not know me after a side-long glance.

You weren't there when I was frail, a fragile doll
fresh clay ready to be molded, to be shaped
You didn't see my pain and my hurt
my inability to connect with others every time I changed schools
three schools in two months
and I was only four.

You didn't understand why I was always getting into trouble
nor did You trust me when I told You the truth
You didn't believe in me when I told You that I could
You helped to break me down, to set up this barrier
whether intentionally or not, You helped
You helped to make me, me.

You don't understand how I can seemingly get good grades with little or no effort,
because You don't see me put in the time every evening.
You don't see when I am studying,
studying while my friends are shopping or watching TV
just because I don't always speak in class,
or ask unnecessary questions doesn't mean I'm not listening,
that I'm not trying.

You won't ever understand the reasons why
why every time its time to let go, to let loose,
I can't.
but I do know why.
it's because of You.
This barrier You built, it's been fortified with harsh words and glares.
You hurt me intentionally
rubbed it in my face when I didn't get the part
You spread rumors about me
You mad me who I am.

and who I am,
is all that I am.
all that I will ever be.
and its all because of You.


All that I am, is me.

The me that you made.

© Copyright 2019 Scarlett Faust. All rights reserved.

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