Moral Anarchy

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No morals, and no regrets.

Submitted: October 27, 2010

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



The first day of halfterm break: "let's meet up, watch a film?" he said in a voice which obviously sounded as if he was hiding the truth-as always. "Sure, i'll get there around 11.30" she replied already thinking about what lingery to wear.

Joan sat bobbing her head to Metallica on the subway to his house, thinking about what to do when they meet, -should i kiss him right away? or...just be hyper and cute? Does the cute thing still work on him? Okay, we're watching a film yeh......hmm oh oh he'll love that. Sweet.-. Old ladies looked at her boots at her tattered shirt and her leather coat and then let a disgusted expression slip out onto their face, Joan didn't care she just smiled at them, head high and hummed the tunes of "Cyanide".
A half hour later she arrived, got out and looked up to the depressing sky which looked as if it was about to burst into tears anytime, speedwalked to his house and rang the dammned bell. "Hellooo?" he said almost suprised "it's me you retard." repiled in a sour tone.

-Aw i love it when he wears that hoodie- first thought when she saw him and then the second - when's he gonna take his jeans off then?-. According to him we were going to watch a cute movie, 3 minutes in Joan had cut the whole -be cute thing- and jumped on him. "Wanna move to the bed then?" he whispered, -No, what the fuck i don't wanna move to the bed! but no i can't say that...- "Yeh baby take me" she said in the most sexy voice she could find.

Clothes were taken off. Joan was lying in his bed half naked (she made sure not to take her jeans off as she knew she wouldn't be able to say no to having a fuck) , he came back put on some reggae music and made Joan feel like a god.
She loved, absolutly loved violence in making out and eveything, she asked him for some, and to her suprise he was able to please her, loved it.
After a while she knew where he was leading her as he pushed her down and took his pants off. -oh.. okay, whatever it wasn't that bad before.....aaaaah thats rank.- a confused voice rambled in her head whilst she went down on him, a good 20 minutes in neck-and-back-breaking position and it was done. Bloody hillarious it was hearing him in pain and pleasure.

Joan, was confused he neck hurt like a bitch, but she made him happy and although Michel had hurt her so badly she didn't care because she always wanted the best for him, and it doesn't make sense but she cares for him so much. Michel was an assahole and he should deserve to die for it, but no Joan kept going back to him, always. And she loved it because he was just so... goddamn -FIT!!- she thought to herself when she saw him smile at her whist they were hugging.
"Can i have a kiss please?" she asked with puppydog eyes as she got closer to his face "Um... well i would but but.. you just ya know.. it's a bit gross for me.." he mumbled trying to find a decent excuse. -Ah fuck you Mike, Anna was so right you are a dickwad, Bitch.- the voice said again. -I just want to slap you.- and again Joan tried to regain control of the voice in her head.

"Bye." he said, a cold wind came from nowhere and ran down Joan's spine. "Bye babe. I'll um talk to you on Skype yeh?" she gave him a light kiss and he reluctantly kissed her back.
Joan ran down the stairs to catch the subway back home, and when the old ladies looked at her again she felt so dirty and disgusting she had to hide her face. -You're one dirty girl now, oh just image what you had in your mouth.. owwww thats just gross! No wonder they're looking at you! I bet you're still dirty around your mouth. Ow sick! I bet that you have a whore-face now, that's why eveyone's staring at your red cheeks and bloated lips. Owww who-re! No respect. None atall.- SHUTUP! SHUTUP! SHUTUP!!!!! the voice the voice it just wont stop! Leave me alone. Alone, Alone again.

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