It's been years since that night that changed his life, and all Syle wants to do is forget about it and live a peaceful and uninteresting life, while doing his best to cope with the anxiety and family drama that resulted from it. Unfortunately, Inyx has entirely different plans for how Syle should live his life. Add to that a strange creature showing up out of no where and Syle's beginning to doubt his own sanity even more than he usually does.

Just a story idea for a sci fy/fantasy/mystery type story that came to me recently. I've actually had these two characters kicking around in my head for a while now, but never had a setting to put them in that seemed to suit them very well. I don't currently have any real plans to finish this story, or even any concrete ideas as to what kinds of problems these two would get roped into trying to solve, it was more just a brainstorming idea. Mystery isn't my normal go-to genre for stories, but if these two deem to offer me up more tidbits of their lives in this new setting, I'd be willing to try my hand at it. I'm always at the whim of my characters when it comes to what stories end up getting finished.

For anyone wondering how their names are pronounced, Inyx is said "in-ix", it rhymes with six, and Syle rhymes with Kyle.

Table of Contents

Scene 1

  Syle blinked awake. It took him a moment to realize he was laying face down in a puddle of something he initially thought was ... Read Chapter

Scene 2

Inyx flicked his eyes open, mildly surprised to be awake again so soon. It wasn’t like Syle to be so careless, but he didn’t even try... Read Chapter

Scene 3

This scene is from earlier in the timeline, when Syle and his family first learn of Inyx's existence. Read Chapter