Camp Death

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Joe goes camping only to find he's at Camp Death, the place with no return

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014




The orange luminous sun set, as the sky turned a dark shade of purple. Joe stretched out in his seat in his van and began to gaze at the trees and buildings whizzing by. Joe and his family were going camping, and were almost there. His dad pulled into a parking lot crowded with weeds and other shrubs, but no cars. They thought this was suspicious but carried on. His dad got out of the car and walked exhaustedly to the campsite registration. Joe sat up and sighed, he decided to get a breath of fresh air as he had been in the van for nearly 3 hours. Joe stepped outside and the smell of fresh pine filled lungs. Joe then went for a small walk around the parking lot. At one point, he saw a rusty worn down sign lying half-buried in the ground. Curious and slightly apphrehensive, he carefully picked up the sign and read it. It said, "Welcome to Camp Death, place with no return". Joe dropped the sign as it made a soft "clang" on the forest ground. Dazed by the sign, he gathred his thoughts and realized that this could be a ghastly prank by local hippies. Joe then decided to head back to his warm and cozy van, away from the chilled forest air. Just as he entered his van, his dad came with the registration papers and the keys to their cabin. They got cabin 13 which wasn't that far from the registration office. Joe was glad because he was already sleepy, and didn't want to walk that much. He opened the van trunk and took out his bag, his dad then closed the trunk and locked the van. They then began their journey to cabin 13...


After 5 minutes of long luggage dragging, they reached their cabin. His dad sighed and unlocked the door with the keys. The door slowly creaked opened and revealed the horrors inside. Joe peered inside, and what he saw was beyond imagination. All of the cabin walls were lined with pictures and pictures of hideous, ghastly, demented clowns. Joe cried out in fright, franticly moving his eyes. Some clowns were small, some were big, and some were just frightening. Joe's dad consoled everyone by saying this might be a prank by local hippies. After much consolation Joe, his mom, and his sister, agreed to stay and ignore the pictures. His mom slowly unpacked and started to settle in. Right after his mom, Joe too started to change and settle in. Soon everyone was lying in their bed or mattress. Joe lay in his bed and thought about everything that happened today. This slighty disturbing thought lulled him to sleep.


Joe woke up the next day, eager to get out of the so called "Camp Death". He threw his covers off and sat up in his bed. Joe then stared in awe at his cabin walls, this time not in fear but in amazement. The welcoming, golden light from the sun seeped through numerous windows now in place of all the clown pictures. Excited and relieved, Joe woke up his parents and his sister. They all gazed in awe at the miracle. Relieved and happy they started packing up. Soon, after rigorous packing they were all set to go. Just as they were leaving, a thought came to Joe's head. He thought the only way that the pictures could be gone and windows replaced by them was if ACTUAL clowns were staring through the windows. When Joe expressed his thoughts, his family panicked. Even his dad got scared and decided that they should leave this place at once. At a relatively fast pace, Joe and his family left the cabin...


When they reached the registration office, they decided to talk to the manager directly. When they entered, they were surprised to find 4 clowns waiting for them. Each of them had out-grown nails, teeth, and a crooked smile. Joe started backing away towards the door. He let out a cry as one clown dove towards his dad. Bright red blood splashed over him as the clown drove his teeth into his dad's neck. The other 3 clowns shrieked in menacing laughter as they murdered his mom and sister. Joe started wailing, but the clowns didn't stop. The last one advanced towards him. He whispered in his ear,"Welcome to Camp Death", and stabbed his nails into Joe's heart. Joe fell limp, to the floor. His entire family groaned as their souls rose into the air and left the room. The 4 clowns shrieked in laughter and left the room.


Sometimes people have nightmares so bad, it keeps them awake through the night. Those ones are always the worst. That's what happened with Joe. He and his poor family happened to end up in Camp Death. Execpt that wasn't a dream, but a reality. So next time you end up in cabin number 13 at Camp Death, be sure to watch out, not for the clowns but for the angry souls of Joe and his family. 










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