Athlete vs Me

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Professional athletes are over paid. This poem shows how other people could use their money.

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



Oh, you say you are an athlete

You say you support all equality

But I must ask how you can be both

With such difference in our life quality


Equality is defined as equal for all

But take a step out of your cleats

Leave your life behind

And spend a day in the streets


I wake up to cars overhead

If you call it wake up for I never slept

I walk out of my cardboard shed

To hear my neighbors hungry cries


I leave again with no breakfast

I walk the never ending mile

At the corner I lie down my blanket

And try to force a nice smile


I see the people walk by

Without evening sparing a dime

There I sit trying not to cry

From all the hunger left in me


By miracle I see a sign

Asking for help at a store

I walk to ask for the job

But I get turned away at the door


They think I am dirty

They call me trash

But how can I change

If I can’t make cash


So you spend the day judging

But do nothing to help me

I could be so much better

If you give a small fee


Just because you can play

You get payed millions

To throw the money away

While you don’t think twice


You don’t realize how you can help

If I had a fraction of your pay

Oh how my life would change

The day would no longer be gray


I know you don’t want to help

I can see why

But do me one favor

Look into my eye


Tell me what you see

Unless you are afraid to cry

You will see the weight of the world

All resting in my eye


But if you still want to deprive me

If you still refuse to help

If you still want to leave me be

Know that I understand


I know you work hard each day

You don't believe I deserve the money

You think I should work for my pay

But how can I?


Your money could work wonders with me

Just enough to start again

Then I will leave you be

I just need a house to sleep in


Just answer me one last time

You see the difference now

You get payed millions yet I get none

You say it’s fair but I ask how?


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