Out of Reach

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I don't write all that much poetry. This is another one dedicated to my daughter.

There is still so much pain inside me from this experience that writing about if helps sometimes.

I like to honour her in this way, to immortalise her in words, to prove that she was here - even if it was only briefly.

Submitted: March 23, 2007

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Submitted: March 23, 2007



Out of Reach


You came to me once in a dream.

I held you tight and you smiled at me,

Your bright baby eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

I knew it wasn't real so I tried to hang on to you;

I woke up and cried for hours.


There are so many things that I regret,

Things that I never got a chance to do with you.

I wish I had been stronger when you needed me,

And not crumpled under the pain of my impending loss.

I am a terrible mother.


Sometimes, when I close my eyes I imagine you're here,

A beautiful girl with fly-away curls,

With a smile so infectious that I have to mirror it

And laughter that is music to my soul.

But those things echo away because you were stolen to soon.


You were meant to be the beginning of our new life,

The thing that would make our happiness complete.

But in a few agonising hours our lives were changed forever,

Eternally scarred by one crushing and enduring memory;

Holding you in our arms and willing you to breathe.


Your passing left a hole that spears through everything to come,

Another battle scar to wear in this far from perfect life.

I long to dream that dream again, but it is gone.

You call to me endlessly from your peaceful resting place.

But I cannot reach you...

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