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Yearning for love is a place between Earth and sky — outside the reasonable tangibility of living; outside the cosmic radiance of knowing him.

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018



All I see is starlight 

When I imagine you here

There’s a lake, steady and glistening

Against the powder glow of the Moon

An iris of lightning to break the clouds

Surrounding you in curtains of light

“I’m here.”

I see the Earth in your eyes

The colour of midnight

Its heaviness, like the ocean, holding me

“Leave with me.”

There’s a zephyr — a fragrance

A silk gust that wraps around me

Its impermanence — a reminder

“This place isn’t real.”

I am always trying to find my way

Between the deeply-cut wood of the forest

Beneath fragments of moonlight

A kaleidoscope 

Laced into the leaves of old, silent trees

Watching me 

Lose myself 

Like you — a ghost

Both here and invisible

Like the Earth — a shell 

Both whole and cracked

“I can’t find you.”

And your eyes — like comets

A laser that cuts the sky

Setting me on fire 

“I love you.”

Wait — don’t leave.

Wait — I’m dying.

Wait — for me.

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