Michigan Central (Chapter 4) Series 1 "Just Came Back"

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This story is the fourth chapter, in the young adult novel series that, is goign to be seperated throughout the school year surrounding the students that attend Michigan Central. Michigan Central is located in Michigan Heights, which is located in rural community in Detroit, Michigan. However there is no such thing as Michigan Heights, or Michigan Central, it is made up out of my own imagination. I just could not think up a place that would fit with Michigan Central. The content is very much Rated R, there is alot of coarse language, some adult content including, sex, drug, use and alcohal. The series will also bring up some issues that young adults deal with throughout their daily lives. Such as teen pregnancy, abuse, gambling addictions, and many other things that young adults get pressured into easily. So this is a breif summary of what this series will be like.

Submitted: November 03, 2008

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Submitted: November 03, 2008



Pat get's home he puts his school bag down at the door, takes off his jacket and plops himself on the couch.He turns on the TV. When his sister Jen comes downstairs and sees he is flicking threw the channels not being able to find anything good on.She sits down beside him, she curls her knees up and looks at him and then grabs the remote from him.

“Hey," said Pat.

“Hey is for cows," said Jen.

“I was trying to find something good on," said Pat.

“That would have taken you all day," said Jen.

“Watch whatever you want," said Pat.

“Hey, it's been a long time since we had a brother to sister chat," said Jen.

“Some other time," said Pat.

My sister Jen you have to love her she is always on my side, always trying to get stuff out of me.She is right though we have not had a
Talk for awhile, the last time we did it was last May.I just grew apart from talking to her all the time, but I know she will always be they’re for me
If I need someone to talk to I have a harder time telling my parents my feelings and emotions because it is a little bit personal and I do not want
Them to worry about me

"I have a date tonight," said Pat.

"Where are you going with Ginger tonight," asked Jen?

"Just to let you know Ginger and I broke it off today," said Pat.

"Why," asked Jen?

"She was seeing someone else behind my back, she lied about it and tried to get people to cover it up so I would not find out," answered Pat.

"I'm sorry, anything I can do to help," asked Jen?

"No, it's settled now let's just leave it at that," said Pat.

The phone rings as Jen answers it.

"Hello," said Jen.

"Yes is Pat there," asked Mandi?

"Yes he is," said Jen, Pat it's for you.

"Hello," said Pat, as he takes the phone.

"Hi, it's good to hear your voice," said Mandi.

"I almost did not recognise your voice," said Pat.

"I talked to my mom, and she said it was okay, she was glad that I had made new friends," said Mandi.

"See I told you they would not give you a hard time," said Pat.

"I am happy," answered Mandi.

"So I'll pick you up around 6:00," said Pat.

"Sounds good, can't wait," said Mandi.

"Talk to you later," responded Pat, as he hangs up the phone.

"Is that your date," asked Jen?

"It's definitely my date, she just made it official," said Pat.

"Why do you always have to use contract metaphors," asked Jen?

Courtney has just got home from her first day of school, as she get's in the phone rings, she rushes over to the phone and answers it.

"Hello," answered Courtney.

"I hope you are happy," said Ginger.

"I beg your pardon," asked Courtney?

"You really screwed things up for me today," said Ginger.

"The only person you should blame this on is yourself, you knew what Pat would have done, you knew the risks if Pat found out it was very apparent that you did not care," said Courtney, I have nothing else to say to you.

"No you are going to listen to me whether you like it or not," said Ginger.

"I don't think so," says Courtney, as she hangs up the phone, what a bitch.

Courtney takes her shoes off and lies down on the couch when her younger brother comes in from school.He rushes in with his shoes on and drops everything right at the door.

"Matthew please will you pick up your stuff please," said Courtney.

"Why you’re not my mother," said Matthew.

"Don't argue with me, mom and dad are out late tonight, they left me in charge," said Courtney.

“Oh all right," said Matthew.

The phone rings she gets up and brings the phone over to the couch as she answers it.

“Hello," asked Courtney?

“Hey C, I just wanted to say thanks," said Pat.

“No problem, I would do it for you anytime; she called as soon as I got in," said Courtney.

“Who Ginger, what she said?” asked Pat.

“She is blaming me for everything again; she tried threatening me to," said Courtney.

“Don’t let her bring you down, I wish you could come with us tonight," asked Pat?

“I don't know my parents left at the last minute, and I have to baby-sit tonight also," said Courtney.

"Shoot it's going to be a blast," said Pat.

"Yeah I know," answered Courtney, I want to go really bad, it's been over a week since Kirk and I have actually done anything together.

"He was really down about it today," said Pat.

"I know, I told him I would make it up to him,” said Courtney.

“The guy just needs to relax a little bit,” said Pat.

“I told him to go with you guys tonight,” said Courtney.

"He gave me the tickets to try and sell, so I don’t think he’s going C," said Pat.

“Oh well he’ll probably just call me tonight to keep me company,” said Courtney.

“I have not hung out with Kirk in nearly three months,” said Pat.

"I know Pat, listen you me Mandi and Kirk should do something this weekend," said Courtney.

“Yeah that sounds good to me,” said Pat.

“Speaking of Mandi, what do you think of her?” asked Courtney.

"She is very nice," said Pat.

"Do you like her?" asked Courtney.

"It is too soon to tell, give it some time then ask me the same question again," said Pat.

"I may have forgotten buy then," said Courtney.

"It’s to bad you can’t be there tonight C," said Pat.

"It's only exhibition season," said Courtney.

"We always go to the exhibition season, it's a tradition," said Pat.

"I know, I’ll catch the next one I promise ok," said Courtney.

"It's a deal," said Pat, talk to you soon.

"Talk to you later," replied Courtney.

What a day, that girl Ginger just does not know when to quit she is always on Courtney's case She has been that way with her ever since the 7th grade, I am glad she finally stuck up for herself.Now I have this Kirk situation to deal with.I have not hung out with him all summer the last time we hung out togetehr was last year before school went out for the summerIt really sucks i like hanging out with Kirk he’s a lot like me just quieter..

Over at the Fox’s residence Miranda is lying on the couch reading a book when her Dad walks in.He sits down on the edge of the couch and sees she is reading her book.He is trying to get her attention he can see that she is somewhere else.He decides to leave her alone and try it again later.When her brother Chris comes down and starts making fun of her because she has a date.

"Mandi has a boyfriend, she's going to go kiss him up in a tree," replied Chris.

"Shut up you little twerp," replied Mandi.

"Really who you going out with?" asked her dad.

"He is not my boyfriend, yet anyway, I'm just going to a hockey game with him," answered Davie.

"He likes hockey?" he asks.

"He plays hockey for the school team," answered Mandi.

"Is he good?" asked her dad.

"I do not know Dad, I just met the guy, he said that I will have to find out for myself," answered Mandi.

Over at Courtney's her parents just walk in the door as the phone rings.She rushes up to answer it, as she plops back down on the couch; she is glad they are home now she can go to her baby sitting job. She answers the phone after the fourth ring; it is Kirk he is calling her from pop's hang out shop.He sounds a little bit down and she is concerned as to why he is.

"Courtney, I need to see you," replied Kirk.

"What is wrong you sound out of it," said Courtney.

"Meet me at Pop's in 10 minutes," said Kirk.

"I can’t Kirk I got to go," answered Courtney.

Kirk hangs up the phone as Jessica who was standing behind him the whole time heard everything.She looks very concerned; he completely ignores her and sits down in a booth buy himself.He plops his head down on a table and punches the table.Jessica cannot just stand there and watch him beat himself up over this.

"What is the matter with you," asked Jessica?

"Do not worry about it," answered Kirk, it's nothing.

"Yes there is something wrong, now tell me what is wrong with you," asked Jessica, you have been acting weird all day.

"I have had it, I am fed up of being Pat's puppet, I am through walking in his shadow," replied Kirk.

"What does Pat have to do with this," replied Jessica.

"The guy is a snake, he gets any girl he wants just buy snapping his fingers," said Kirk.

"That is not true, Pat has it hard you think it is easy being him, you think he likes the fact that everyone klings to him like he is glue.As a matter of fact he hates it he detests it," said Jessica.

"That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard," said Kirk, Pat loves it; getting all the attention he is always the topic of conversation.

“What does this have to do with Courtney," asked Jessica?

“Nothing, I see the way she is looking at him now that he and Ginger are not together anymore,” said Kirk.

Courtney who was concerned with the way Kirk called her walks in and sees Kirk and Jessica arguing about things she walks up to them and overhears part of what they are saying before they spot her.

"It is pointless to stay in this relationship when I know I will never be what she wants, and I doubt if she really ever did want me," said Kirk.

"You are such an idiot," replied Jessica.

"Why do you back him all the time look what the jerk did to you," said Kirk.

"Who are you calling a jerk, if anyone is a jerk it is you, Pat is only trying to be a friend to you and this is how you treat him," she responds.

"How can you sit there and say those things," asks Courtney?

"COURTNEY, he turns around quickly, shit," replied Kirk.

"Is this how you are whenever I am not around, Pat put us together as being a friend to you. All he wants to do is hang out with you, and I was going to come over here and convince you to go to the game and hang out with him," said Courtney.

“Why does he want hang out with me?” he asks.

"He’s your friend he has not seen you all summer," said Courtney.

“What is the big deal if I don’t go to this game,” said Kirk.

“The difference is I have to baby-sit Kirk, what is your reason for not going,” asked Courtney?

“There is no reason,” said Kirk.

“Exactly, you know what Kirk, I’m starting to think that we are not working out,” said Courtney.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Kirk I think we need to take a break from each other,” said Courtney.

“A break, what do you mean you want to take a break,” he responds.

“I just think we should spend some time with other people,” said Courtney.

“So you’re dumping me, just like that, because I don’t want to go to some stupid hockey game,” Kirk responds harshly.

“Kirk calm down, people are looking at us,” said Courtney.

“You’re dumping me,” said Kirk.

“Yeah, I am Kirk, your too much, you can’t just relax for one night and go out with your friends,” said Courtney.

“I just wanted to be around you tonight is all,” said Kirk.

“Well I don’t want you to be around me, if this is how you really are when I am not around,” said Courtney.

“Courtney wait, don’t go,” said Kirk.

“I have to go, I am late already,” said Courtney.

I cannot believe that just happened, but he is so not the guy i thought he was.just seeing him like that, and cussing out the guy who wanted to just hang out with him tonight.I am glad i went to see him, otherwise i would never have seen him like that.Now i know what he is like when i am not there.How long has this been like this, do my friends have to hear that all the time.i don’t need a guy who is going to attach to me like glue and me only, i need my friends to, not just a boyfriend all the time.he’s starting to get a little bit freaky on me, don’t know if i really want to be around him right now.

Over at Pat's house he is in his bedroom listening to some music, when his sister comes into his room. She sits at the edge of the bed and watches him change he looks at her and tells her to stop, because it is bugging him.She sees him trying to fix his shirt she can see he is fiddling with it alot.She get's up and adjusts it for him as he pushes away from her.

“There you look nice," said Jen.

“I did not ask," replied Pat.

“Be nice tiger, I am only trying to be a good sister," said Jen.

“I am sorry, I feel a little bit worried, I think a relationship that I put together may be on the verge of exploding," said Pat.

Suddenly the phone rings as Pat answers it quickly.

“Hello," replied Pat.

“Pat it is Courtney, and boy am I pissed," she replied.

“What is the matter," asked Pat?

“I just dumped Kirk, what a fool I am," said Courtney.

“Hang on, is this the same Courtney that wanted to make things better only about a half-hour ago," asked Pat?

"I cannot believe my ears, he is still jealous of you, he talks behind your back so much, I could not believe my ears," said Courtney.

"Calm down, I am on my way to pick up Miranda in a few minutes, I'll pick you up after, where are you," he asks?

"I am at the Lennox’s I am at my babysitting job," she answers.

"Oh yeah, well listen tell you what, after the game Mandi and I will come over and keep you company," said Pat.

"Sounds good, I’ll see you two then," said Courtney.

Pat gives Miranda a call when her Dad answers the phone, he asks who it is and he tells him its Pat.Then he starts giving him the third degree, he starts asking questions, Pat actually responds to them.He says a few good answers then something to throw him off again, so his father will ask another question. Miranda comes downstairs and asks who it is, he says its Pat, and she tries to get the phone from him.He is bugging her about it, as he finally gives up the phone to her.

"Hey, there what is up" asked Mandi?

"Not much, so I have to pick you up sooner than I expected," said Pat.

"When," asked Miranda?

"In about a half hour," replied Pat.

"I will see you then," she answers.

"Talk to you then," says Pat.

"Looking forward to it," she says, as they both hang up.

"Jen tell mom and dad that I have left already," says Pat.

"What is up," asks Jen?

"Oh nothing, just thought me and Miranda could get a bite before the gang shows up,” said Pat.

Miranda is getting ready when her father comes into her room and sits down on her bed watching her get ready.She smiles at him as she then asks, "What's wrong," her dad just shrugs and answers.
"Nothing," Miranda continues on brushing her hair. Her dad get's up from her bed and leaves the room when he says, "Have fun tonight," she smiles and answers "I will".Pat pulls up to her house, he then pulls into her driveway and parks the car beside her dads Volkswagen.He then shuts off the car and takes out the key, he then walks up to Miranda’s door and knocks.Her little brother Chris answers the door, when Pat says, "Is your sister home," he then calls out for his mom.His mom then comes to the door to see who it is.

"Hi, my name is Pat Logan," says Pat, introducing himself.

"Oh your Miranda’s friend, come on in," she answers.

"Thank you," he says.

Pat enters the house and sees that they have a very nice home that is well decorated.He makes himself at home and sits on the couch when her father comes into the living room and sees Pat sitting on the couch.Miranda’s mom let's him know who it is, as her father then says

"Hello Pat," Pat turns around and answers

"You must be Mandi's father," he extends his hand out to him.Pat grasps his hand and shakes it.

Miranda's mom shouts up to Miranda that Pat is waiting for her, she then responds

"Why did you not tell me when he came, tell him to come on up,"

Miranda’s mom tells him that Miranda wants him to go up to her room.Pat gets up and heads upstairs while Miranda's parents watch him, he smiles at them and says to them.

“I just want you both to know that your daughter is really nice and that I would have not gone through today if she had not been there".They both smile and say

" Your welcome” Pat heads upstairs and enters Miranda’s room, she has music playing and she is singing along to a Backstreet boys song, Pat then comes in and tries to imitate them singing one of the higher harmonies that she cannot reach, as she looks over at him and smiles.

"You have a nice voice," says Miranda.

"Thank you," he answers back.

"How about mine," she asks?

"It is pretty good you have a nice tone," he answers.

"So why did you have to come and pick me up so early," asks Mandi?

"Well I thought we could get a bite to eat before the gang showed up," he answers.

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