Itrenore the Dragon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
I had to write a CHAPTER for a story for school.We were learning about the middle ages, and we had to write a story about, we got to choose from 3 different story lines (kinda). I chose the one where a dragon was terroizing a nearby village and a knight had to slay it. Keep in mind that this was only supposed to be a chapter from a book so there is a little before (which is the middle part) and some after... i hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



The Dragon




Hear ye, hear ye by order of Arthur Pendragon, High King of Britain:

King Arthur is in need of a brave knight to slay the dragon that is terrorizing a village in northern Britain. He is asking his knights to uphold the honor of Camelot by riding out on this noble quest to free the people from the fire-breathing beast.


Sir Stephen had accepted at once. He had never been one of the King’s favourite knights and he was eager to prove himself. At about age seventeen he was tall, blond, muscular, and clumsy. He could barely take five steps without tripping over something (usually his own feet). Sir Stephen was excited about his quest, many of the other boys his age had already been on small quests, not Stephen. No one dared hand him a sword, because they feared getting their head or limbs chopped off.

When Stephen had gone away for his knight training, his mentor (Sir Edmund) had handed him a sword, being the first and so far the only to do so. His mentor had known he was clumsy and had decided to take the chance anyway. When Sir Stephen had gripped the sword something had taken over, some instinct, he was amazing. Sir Edmund was impressed; he said he had never seen such talent and that with training he could become almost unbeatable. Still when Stephen arrived home, a knight, no one believed he was any good with a sword, probably because he was still as clumsy as he always was. It also didn’t help that when he rode into town and jumped off his horse (which he had been doing since he was eight)… he fell and landed face down in the muddy street.

Lord Edgar was the complete opposite, at age 34 he was short, skinny (still strong though) and he had hair as dark as the darkest of nights, to match his heart. He had been known to work at least two horses to death every year since he was twenty. He had more land than most knights of his status, and protected it with an army of two-thousand lesser knights clad in black armour mounted on black mustangs and ten-thousand archers on top of the walls surrounding the land. He hated the king and often tried to stop his knights from succeeding in their quests. Lord Edgar never went against the King in person though, for Arthur still thought him loyal.

* * * * *

Sitting in a cave on the rocky hillside, looking back down on the village, Sir Stephen wondered, how he would kill the dragon when he found it. Stephen shivered, he was cold and hungry, and he doubted he could find any dry wood in the downpour and he didn’t want to venture out to find any food either.

* * * * *

Sir Stephen awoke two days later to the sun shining in his face. He still had not been out of the cave due to the fact that is hadn’t stopped raining since he got there. Stephen ventured out looking for a berry bush or a rabbit, seeing neither he began to gather wood to make a fire. After he had the fire roaring he went out looking for a meal again. He looked all around and seen a deer nibbling on some grass a little way to his left.  Stephen drew his dagger, took aim and threw! Hit it! Hit it! Stephen screamed in his head, then, YES! I got it; this is going to be the best meal I’ve had in weeks.  Then the very happy knight went back to the cave to prepare his meal.

Stephen cam out of the cave again thinking, How am I going to find the dragon and how am I going to kill it when I do… He looked to his right and stumbled backwards, tripped over a rock and fell on his butt.

“OW!” he yelled aloud then thought to himself, That was the dragon! It had to be the dragon! Nothing else could have made a flame do that. I gotta kill it. I gotta kill it. How am I gonna kill it? I need a plan. I need a plan. Hmmm….?

Walking towards where he saw the flame, Sir Stephen was still lost in thought trying to figure out what he was going to do when he got to the dragon. Stephen tripped, gained his balanced, took a step and tripped again this time falling on to his knees. He stayed there, thinking and made a decision.

“Dear God, Thank you for leading me to the deer and showing me the dragon. Now I ask you to please help me help this village. Amen.” Sir Stephen murmured, for though he was at a loss for what to do next he knew he could always count on God. Then he started out again this time more carefully.

Two days later he realized just how far away the dragon had been and how hard it is to scale the side of a hill in full armour. He was just a couple minutes away from the dragon’s den now. I need to stop, I’m tired and I’m hungry, I think I’ll rest here for the rest of today and tonight and then attack early tomorrow morning.

* * * * *

The next morning he climbed out of the cave he had slept in, ate some leftover deer meat and started towards the dragon’s den. He was scared and he still didn’t have a plan so he was relying on his skill with a sword and God’s grace. Bravely he climbed in and looked around, no dragon. Suddenly Stephen spun around at the sound of huge wings flapping.

It was the dragon! It was huge and completely red. The shiny scales gleamed in light that shined behind the awesome creature. The leathery wings fanned out beside it and it had spikes all along its spine down to its tail which looked like the end of a morning star. Even the talons were red, probably the blood from its last meal. It had a sharp nose and pointed ears that looked like horns, its mouth was open and the teeth were pure white and appeared to be shining. The intriguing part though was the eyes thinking they would be red because of the evilness of the creature, Stephen was surprised to find them bright green. The way the thing was looking at him it seemed to Stephen as if it could read his thoughts. It unsettled him.

Without really thinking about it he drew his sword and the dragon looked almost surprised. The dragon reared and Stephen swung, the blade glanced off the shiny scales not even leaving a mark. Stephen thought Oh no, oh no, oh no! I need to hit it somewhere not protected by scales… He backed up as he thought this, trying not to be eaten or get hit by the lashing tail. He had to find a place to strike and fast. He might be able to get its eyes if the thing would hold its head still long enough. The knight drew his dagger, took aim and threw! It…missed. This time Stephen took aim with his sword, still avoiding the thing’s tail, stab, miss, stab, miss, stab, and…

Hit! He was flying through the air; the dragon had managed to get him with its tail. He landed and tumbled down the hill followed by his sword and stopped by a tree with his sword by his side.

* * * * *

Lady Matilda walked down the hill toward the knight. Who is he to think he could kill a dragon? Especially a female with eggs? She thought. Matilda had befriended the dragon when her father had kicked her out of his castle because she could wield a sword powerfully and gracefully. She had travelled far looking for a place to stay and had found it beside the beautiful red dragon she called Itrenore.

“Get up.” She told Stephen

“Who…who are you?” He asked as his eyes fluttered open, to look at the stranger’s face. She had long brown hair and looked to be a little older than him. She was skinny but had a look of strength about her. She looked down on him with authority and what looked like it might be disbelief.

“I am Lady Matilda and who might you be?”

“Sir Stephen” Stephen answered tiredly.

“Well Sir Stephen you have just tried to murder my friend”

“Your friend? You’re friends with a dragon?

“Yes.” She answered curtly.

“I was sent here by King Arthur to kill him”

“Itrenore is a girl dragon, and they are much fiercer than the males especially when they have eggs. Trying to kill her was dumb. You must leave here and never come back. Leave the dragon alone.”

“I’m not leaving until I finish my quest, tell me how to kill it, It’s not like it’s a friendly creature.”

“But she is! Everyone thinks dragons are evil or work of the devil, but there not. Breathing fire doesn’t make her a monster. But you trying to kill her makes you a monster. And I won’t tell you how to kill her.”

“But you must tell me I can’t go back to Camelot and tell the king I failed his quest I’ll be the laughing stock of the knights!”

“Please! Just come meet her! Then you can decide.”

“Why? So she can eat me?”

“NO! She won’t if you’re with me”

“Fine!” Stephen said finally giving up. He shivered for it had started to rain. I must be crazy! Listening to this woman AND going to meet a dragon? It’s going to eat me, I know it is. She must be crazy too. She lives with the thing. Stephen kept thinking trying to figure out how to kill the dragon when Matilda had taken his sword.

“We’re here.” They had reached the cave.

I wont eat you, you wouldn’t taste good with all that armour on, and besides your intentions are pure, even if they’re not the greatest. And you don’t have to think of me as if I don’t have feelings.” Said a voice in Stephen’s head, and he was pretty sure it wasn’t his inner voice.

Stephen asked slightly wary, “Who’s there?”

“It’s Itrenore” Said another different voice.

“Who else is here? And how? He asked, more worried than the first time he asked.

“I’m a dragon, we talk to others through thoughts and if we allow, others can talk to others through our thoughts too. So be careful what you think around dragons, you never know who might be listening.

“And don’t worry, we’ll listen in randomly to try and catch traitorous thoughts.” Someone else thought happily.

“Matilda?” Stephen asked.

“Lady Matilda to you. And yes.”

“Oh, well can I please have my head back and my sword”

“Sure and as long as you promise to not try to hurt Itrenore.”

“I promise,” Stephen thought and he meant it to. His head hurt though from all the thoughts bouncing around and he felt beat from when Itrenore had whacked him down the hill. He finally realized now why Matilda trusted Itrenore so much, and he fell asleep.

* * * * *

Wake up,” Matilda thought through Itrenore into Stephen’s head, “you’re a very heavy sleeper you know.”

“Huh?” Stephen asked as he sat up groggily, “Why are you in my head again?”

“Because,” Matilda answered drawing the word out, “you wouldn't wake up. I even kicked you. We have to get going.”

“Going where? And why? And how?”

“Back to Camelot of course to get Itrenore free from her death sentence and we need to get going before King Arthur sends another knight. Oh, and we’re going to walk or ride if we can find horses.”

“Why can’t we just fly?”

Matilda was exasperated and finally spoke aloud, “If we fly, Itrenore will be shot immediately, and she might die from it because she has no scales on her belly AND she has to protect her eggs.”


“Yes, two. Now are you ready?

“Oh…ya…sure, I guess.” They grabbed their few possessions and started out.

“I’ll stay in touch” Itrenore thought.

“How?” Stephen asked.

“There’s no limit on thoughts.”

“Oh.” They started down the hill toward the village in silence.

* * * * *

Two weeks later they were still walking and they hadn’t been able to find any horses. They came across a forest Stephen had traveled through on his way to Itrenore. She still hadn’t talked to them and they had had no luck at reaching her.

On their way through the forest Stephen thought he heard branches snapping and shadows moving. He voiced his worries to Lady Matilda but she told him he had an overactive imagination. They continued walking, but the pace had quickened slightly.  Suddenly there was a loud CRACK and they both spun towards the noise. There they saw two black clad knights. The one closest to them was shorter and black hair he was also wearing a purple cloak. The second was wearing only black armour and you could see the black hilt of his sword sitting on his left hip.

“Who are you?” Sir Stephen asked.

“I am Lord Edgar, a knight of King Arthur’s, and who are you?”

“I am Sir Stephen also a knight of King Arthur’s, and this is Lady Matilda.”

“I see, yes the King told me I might meet another knight out here, have you succeeded with your quest?” inquired Lord Edgar.

“Well actually there has been a slight change of plans.”

Stop talking!” Itrenore shouted through thoughts!


“Because he will kill you, he hates the king and will do anything to stop his knights.”

“Oh. Well now what do I say?”

“I’ll talk,” This time is was Matilda thinking.

“A change in plan?” Asked Lord Edgar sounding very interested.

“Yes,” answered Matilda. “We couldn’t find the stupid beast so we’re heading back to the castle for new orders.” “Sorry Itrenore” she thought.

“Shut up girl. I asked Sir Stephen, and if that’s his answer to then-

“It is.” Stephen interrupted him.

“Well then I might just have to try and find the dragon myself and of course you won’t tell the king will you?” he asked a smirk upon his face.

“ NO-”

Shut up Stephen!”Matilda and Itrenore both yelled through his head.

“Is that a problem?”

“No,” answered Stephen.

“LIER!” Edgar screamed.

“Draw your sword and get ready.”

Stephen, Matilda, Edgar and the black knight all drew their swords at the same time.

Think together!” advised Itrenore.

They were all in fighting stances, but Lord Edgar and his knight attacked first. They both swung at Stephen, each aiming for a side. Stephen stepped backwards and blocked the black knight with his sword. He waited for the blow from Lord Edgar but it never came, Matilda was by his side blocking for him.

Thanks” he thought relieved. He turned his full attention toward the knight and twisted his sword so that the tip of the knight’s sword was pointed towards the ground. He took a step forward making the black knight step back,

Matilda heard Stephen’s thanks and she pushed the Lord backwards into a bush, and then turned to help Stephen. She attacked the knight with the flat of her blade; he stumbled, fell, got up and disappeared into the forest,

“I’ll get him,” and Lady Matilda followed, “Watch Lord Traitor and be careful.”

“Drop your weapon!” Lord Edgar shouted.

Sir Stephen whirled toward him and froze; Lord Edgar was standing there with his sword pointed at Stephen’s neck. Behind him were five more black knights.

“Matilda where are you!?”


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